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PSA L M I. row bleft is he, who ne'er consents

by ill Advice to walk;

Nor stands in Sinner's Ways, nor fits where Men profanely talk! 2 But makes the perfect Law of God

his Business and Delight ; Devoutly reads therein by Day,

And meditates by Night. 3 Like some fair_Tree, which, fed by Streams,

with timely Fruit does bend,
He still shall flourish, and Success

all bis Designs attend.
4 Ungodly Men, and their Attempts,

no lasting Root shall find; Untimely blasted, and dispers'd

like Chaff before the Wind. 5 Their Guilt Thall strike the Wicked dumi

before the Judge's Face: No formal Hypocrite shall then

amongst the Saints have Place. 6 For God approves the just Man's Ways,

to Happiness they tend ; But Sinners, and the Paths they tread, shall both in Ruin end.

O Lord, thou art my righteous Judge,
to my Complaint give ear;


Thou still redeem'st me from Distress,

have Mercy, Lord, and hear.
2 How long will ye, O Sons of Men,

to bot my Fame, devise?
How long your vain Dehgns pursue,

and ipread malicious Lies?
3 Contider, that the righteous Man

is God's peculiar Choice; And when io him I make my Pray'r,

he always hears my Voice.
4 Then stand in Awe of his Commands,

flee ev'ry Thing that's ill;
Commune in Private with your Hearts,

and bend them to his Will. 5 The Piace of other Sacrifice

lec Righteous ess luppiy And let your Hope, tecurely fixt,

on God alone rely.


Thou to whom all Creatures bow

within this earthly Frame; Thro' all the World how great art thou!

how glorious is thy Name! 2 In Heav'n thy wond'rous Acts are sung,

nor fully reckond there; And yet thou mak'At the Infant-Tongue

thy boundless Praise declare. 3 Thro' thee the Weak confound the Strong,

and crush their haughty Foes; And so thou quell'st the wicked Throng,

that thee and thine oppose.

4 When Heav'n,thy beauteous Work on high,

employs my wond'ring Sight;
The Moon, that nightly rules the Sky,

With Stars of feebler Light; 5 What's Man, O Lord, that thus thou lov'ft

to keep him in thy Mind? Or what his Offspring, that thou prov'ft

to them so wond'rous kind 6 Him next in Pow'r thou didft create

to thy celestial Train; Ordain'd with Dignity and State,

o'er all thy Works to reign. 7 Othou to whom all Creatures bow

within this earthly Frame, Thro' all the World how great art thou ! how glorious is thy Name !


O celebrate thy Praise, O Lord,

I will my Heart prepare ;
To all the lift'ning World thy Works,

thy wond'rous Works declare.
2 The Thought of them hall to my Soul

exalted Pleasures bring; Whilft to thy Name, thou most High!

triumphant Praise I sing. 3 All those who have his Goodness prov'd

will in his Truth confide; Whofe Mercy ne'er forfook the Man,

that on his Help rely'd. 4 Sing Praises therefore to the Lord, from Sion his Abode; A 2

Proclaim Proclaim his Deeds, 'till all the World

confess no other God.

PSA L M XI. 1 THE Lord hath both a Temple here,

and righteous Throne above; Where he lurveys the Sons of Men,'

and how their Counsels move. 2 If God, the Righteous, whom he loves,

for Trial does correct;
What must the Sons of Violence,

whom he abhors, expect ? 3 Snares, Fire, and Brimstone, on their Heads

fall in one Tempest show'r ; This dreadful Mixture his Revenge

into their Cup shali pour. 4 The righteous Lord will righteous Deeds

with signal Favour grace ; And to the upright Man disclose

the Brightness of his Face.

I SINCE godly\Men decay, O Lord,

do thou my Cause defend;
For scarce these wretched Times afford

one just and faithful Friend. 2 One Neighbour now can scarce believe

what t'other doth impart : With flatt’ring Lips they all deceive,

and with a double Heart. 3 But Lips that with Deceit abound,

can never prosper long;


God's righteous Vengeance will confound

the proud blaspheming Tongue. 4 For God, who hears the suff ring Poor,

and their Oppression knows, Will soon arise and give them Rest,

in Spite of all their Foes.
5 The Promise of his aiding Grace

shall reach its purpos’d End;
His Servants from this faithleis Race,

he ever shall defend.
6 Then shall the Wicked be perplex'd,

nor know which Way to fly; When those whom they despis'd and vex'd,

shall be advanc'd on High.

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How long wilt thou forget me, Lord ?

Must I for ever mourn ?
How long wilt thou withdraw from me,

oh! never to return ?
2 Since I have always plac'd my Trust

beneath thy Mercy's Wing, Thy saving Health will come, and then

my Heart with Joy fhall spring, 3 Then shall my Song, with Praise inspir'd, ,

to thee, my God, ascend; · Who, to thy Servant in Distress

such Bounty didft extend.

PSA L M XIV. SURE, wicked Fools must needs fuppose that God is Nothing but a Name;


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