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Is founding abroad
TheLanguage of Mercy-Salvationthro'Blood.


Thrice happy are they
Who hear and obey,
And share in the Bieffings of thisGofpel-Day.

5 The People who know
The Saviour below,

With burning Affection to worship him glow.

6. The People are blest
Who lean on his Breast,

And have a rich Foretafte of his promis'd Reft.

7 This Bleffing is mine
Through Favour divine:
But, O my Redeemer, the Glory be thine!

8 The Work is of Grace; Thine, thine be the Praise! And mine to adore thee and tell of thy Ways.


1 COME, ye Sinners, poor and wretched, God's free Bounty glorify!

True Belief, and true Repentance,
Ev'ry Grace that brings us nigh,
Without Money, without Money, &c.
Come to Jefus Christ, and buy.

2 Let not Conscience make you linger,
Nor of Fitness fondly dream;
All the Fitness he requireth


Is, to feel our Want of him:

This he gives you, this he gives you, &c, 'Tis the Spirit's rifing Beam.

3 Come, ye weary, heavy laden,
Loft and ruin'd by the Fall;
If you tarry 'till you're better,
You will never come at all.

Not the Righteous, not the Righteous, &c.
Sinners Jefus came to call.

4 View him grov'ling in the Garden;
Lo! your Maker proftrate lies;
On the bloody Tree behold him;
Hear him cry, before he dies,
It is finish'd; it is finifh'd; &c.
Sinner, will not this fuffice?
5 Lo! th' Incarnate God afcended,
Pleads the Merit of his Blood:
Venture on him, venture wholly ;

Let no other Truft intrude:
None but Jefus, none but Jefus, &c.
Can do helpless Sinners good.

6 Saints and Angels join'd in Concert,
Sing the Praises of the Lamb;
While the blifsful Seats of Heaven
Sweetly echo with his Name.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah !
Sinners here may fing the fame.



ZION, arife, thy Garments shake,

Of thy dear Saviour's Worth partake;


Oh! call his Bleffings down!
Thy Wants are great-but Jefus dy'd,
He loves to fee them well fupply'd,
He makes thy Cafe his own.

2 Strangers in Heart we lately were,
Till our Redeemer brought us near
By his attracting Pow'r;
Break out all ye in Songs aloud,
Who feel Redemption through his Blood,
And our High-Priest adore.

3 O Jefus, Lord, we humbly pray,
Be gracious to thy Church to-day,
Thy faving Health impart!
The Dew of Heav'n on us diftil,
With Love each empty Vessel fill,
And cheer the drooping Heart!

I WELCOME, welcome, bleffed Servant, Meffenger of Jefu's Grace!

O how beautiful the Feet of

Him that brings good News of Peace.
All hail, Herald! all hail, Herald ! &c.
Priest of God, thy People's Joy!
2 Saviour, bless his Meffage to us,

Give us Hearts to hear the Sound
Of Redemption, dearly purchas'd
By thy Death and precious Wounds.
O reveal it! O reveal it! &c.
To our poor and helpless Souls!

3 Give Reward of Grace and Glory To thy faithful Labourer dear; Let the Incenfe of our Hearts be

Offer'd up in Faith and Pray'r.
Blefs, O bless him; bless, O bless him ;&c.
Now, henceforth for evermore.



BLOW ye the Trumpet, blow
The gladly-folemn Sound;
Let all the Nations know

To Earth's remotest Bound,
The Year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ranfom'd Sinners, home!

2 Extol the Lamb of God, The great-atoning Lamb! Redemption in his Blood,

Throughout the World proclaim: The Year of Jubilee is come; Return, ye rantom'd Sinners, home!


Ye who have fold for Nought
Your Heritage above;
Shall have it back unbought
The Gift of Jefu's Love:
The Year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ranfom'd Sinners, home!

4 Ye Slaves of Sin and Hell,
Your Liberty receive;
And fafe in Jefus dwell
And bleft in Jefus live":"


The Year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye raniom'd Sinners, home!

5 The Gofpel-Trumpet hear,
The News of heav'nly Grace,
Ye happy Souls, draw near,

Behold your Saviour's Face:
The Year of Jubilee is come;
Return to your eternal Home.


ILET every mortal Ear attend,
and every Heart rejoice;
The Trumpet of the Gospel founds
with an inviting Voice.

2 Ho! all ye wre ched ftarving Souls,
that feed upon the Wind,
And vainly strive with earthly Toys
to fill an empty Mind:

3 Eternal Wisdom has prepar'd
a Soul-reviving Feaft,

And bids your longing Appetites
the rich Provifion tafte.

4 Ho! ye that pant for living Streams, and pine away and die;

Here you may quench your raging Thirst, with Streams that never dry:

5 Rivers of Love and Mercy here,
in a rich Ocean join;
Salvation in Abundance flows,
like Floods of Milk and Wine.

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