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By his avenging Wrath expos'd,
which fiercely rag'd that dreadful Day.


1 ^TPHE Lord d stended from above,

* and bow'd the Heav'ns high:

And underneath his Feet he cast

the Darkness of the Sky.

2 On Cherub.s and on Cherubims

full toyally r.e rode:

And on the Wings of mighty Wind's
came flying ail abroad.


1 'T'HE Heav'ns declare thy Cilory, Lord,

* which that alone can fill;

The Firmament and Stars express

their great Creator's Skill.

2 The Dawn of each returning Day

freth Beams of Knowledge brings:

From darkest Night's successive Rounds
divine Instruction springs.

3 Their pow'rful Language to no Realm

or Region is confin'd:

'Tis Nature's Voice, and understood
alike by all Mankind.

4 Their Doctrine does its sacred Sense

Thro' Earth's Extent display;

Whose bright Contents the circling Sun

does round the World convey.

5 From


5 From East: to West, from West to East, his restless Course he goes: Aud, thro' hi? Progress, cheerful Light and vital Warmth bestows.


1 f** OD's perfect Law converts the Soul, ^* reclaims from false Desires; With sacred Wisdom his sure Word

the Ignorant inspires.

2 The Statutes of the Lord arejust,

and bring sincere Delight His puTe Commands in Search of Truth, assist the feeble t bight.

3 His perfect Worship here is fix'd,

on sure Foundations laid: His equal Laws are in the Scales of Truth and Justice we gh'd.

4 Of more Esteem than golden Mines,

or Gold resin'd with Skill; More sweet than Honey, or the Drops, that from the Comb distil.

5 My trusty Counceliors they are,

and friendly Warnings give; Divine Rewards attend on those, who by thy Precepts five.


I HpHE Lord himself, the mighty Lord, •"- vouchsafes to be my Guide;

B 2 Tbe

The Shepherd bv whose constant Care my Wants are all lupply'd.

2 In tender Grass he makes me feed,

and gently there repose; Then leads me to Coji Shades, and where refreshing Water flows.

3 H • does my wand'nng Soul reclaim,

and to his endless Praise, Instruct with humble Zeal to walk in his most righteous Ways.

4 I pass the gloomy Vale of Death,

from Fear and Danger free;
For there his aiding Rod and Staff
defend and comfort me.

5 In Presence of my spiteful Foes

he does my Table spread; He crowns my Cup with cheerful Wine, With Oil anoints mine Head.

6 Since God does thus his wond'rous Lovg

through all my Life extend, That Life to him I will devote, and in his Temple spend.


t A/fY Shepherd is the living Lord,
-*,*,*' nothing therefore I need:
In Pastures fair, near pleasant Streams,
he sctteth me to feed.
2 He shall convert and glad my Soul,
and bring my Mind in frame;

To walk in Paths of Righteousiiese,

for his most holy Name. 3 Vea, tho' 1 walk in Vale of Death, yet will I fear no sl1;' Thy Rod and Stasf do comfort me, and thou art with me still. 4. And in the Presence of my Foes my Table thou shalt spread: Thou wilt fill full my Cup, and thou anointed hast my Head. 5 Thro' all my Life thy Favour is so frankly shew'd to me, That in thy House for evermore my dwelling Place shall be.

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The World and they that dwell therein, by fov'reign Right are his.

2 He fram'd and fix'd it on the Seas;

and his almighty Hand, Upon inconstant Floods has made the stable Fabric stand.

3 But for himself this Lord of all

one chosen Seat design'd: O! who shall to that facred Hill deserv'd Admittance sind?

4 The Man whose Hands and Heart are pure,

whose Thoughts from Pride are free; Who honest Poverty prefers To gainful Perjury.

5 This, this is he, on whom the Lord shall show'r his Blessings down; Whom God his Saviour shall vouchfafe with Righteousness to crown.



The King of Glory: see! he comes
with his celestial Train.

2 Who is the King of Glory? who?

the Lord for Strength renown'd, In Battle mighty, o'er his Foes eternal Victor crown'd.

3 Erect your Heads, ye Gates, unfold,

in State to entertain The King of Glory: see ! he comes with all his mining Train.

4 Who is the King of Glory? who?

the Lord of Hosts renown'd: Of Glory he alone is King, who is with Glory crown'd.


j 'TpHY Mercies and thy Love,
*. O Lord, recall to mind;
And gracioustv continue still,
As thou wert ever, kind.
2 Let all my youthful Crimes
be bio ted out by thee:
And, for thy wond'rous Goodness fake,
in Mercy think on me.

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