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Likewise, in the foresaid oath and covenant, there are some things ambiguous, obscure and doubtful, which great numbers of the takers know oot the meanir g of, and so cannot swear them “in jui'gment and righteousness ;" as, for instance, ahen they abjure Independence and Latitudinarian Tenets, these are words very general, dark aud dubious, to which the imposers may affix any meaning they think proper. Now, sceing it is commonly granted that the words of an oath ought to be very clear and plain, and these which are dubious may be refused; what a cruel thing muft it be to excommunicate all these fincere Christians and tender consciences who may scruple to swear either to or against what they know not! I am sure there are many valuable ministers of Jesus Christ, and precious sons of Zion, whom Christ doth honour and admit to pear communion with himself, who will not adventure to {wear such an oath; and will our brethren, notwithstanding, take it on them to reject them as earthen pitchers, and refuse all communion with them? Oh, where have they their Masters warrant to act so, or to exclude his redeemed ones from his table, and the food he hath provided for them, for refuging an oath of their framing, containing so many things false, uncharitable and daik? when in the mean tinie these excluded per. fons appear evidently to be the Friends of Christ, whom he himself invites most heartily, saying to them, Cant. v.1. - Eat, o friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved.”

I acknowledge that our brethren appear and declare for many things valuable and excellent, for which I wish there were a true universal zeal throughout the land; but, when they mix so many other things choke ing with these in their Testimonies and Covenants, how can they expect that people of tender consciences thould swallow them? Nay, by this way they give occalion to many to flight and speak evil of the precious things they ftand up for. My reverend brethren may believe (iš they please) that I write not these things with any ill-will against them, but out of love to them and others, to prevent more fin in the land, and to

bring them, if possible, to a more moderate, charitable and Christ-like temper, that they may be willing to break down these partition walls they are setting up bee : tween themselves and others of Christ's, ministers and people. O how lamentable a thing is it, that orthodox and zealous preachers of Christ should be carried away to such extravagant heights, by the intemperate zeal and headstrong humours of others who join with them! that they should go about in this manner to divide and distract the flock of Christ, and to rend and tear the members of his body one from another ; yea, and to rear up partition-walls in the midst of his church so high, that these upon one side cannot get over them to hold communion with the other ! Is this good service to the Lord Jesus Christ! Is this the way to promote his cause and interest in the world? Is this the way to heal breaches and promote union among the true friends and lovers of Christ, which he makes the duty of all faithful gospel ministers; Is not our glorious Master “ the Prince of peace ? Hath he not said, " Blessed are the peace-makers ?” Was it not he that prayed for the union and peace of his church? Was it not he that recommended peace to us, and injoined us to “ pray for the peace of Jerusalem ?" Let' none mistake me, as if I were for peace on any terms; for they may see by the foregoing Tefimony I am for truth as well as peace, and desire through grace to be zealous for both.

Some, who have seen this Testimony, object, That it is not impartial with respect to Mr Whiteñeld's success while he was in Scotland. The plain truth is, several things were said relative to it, where he is mentione ed, which were dropped to gratify some of the subfcribers, who were not then satisfied as to the facts narrated. But, since that time I am well informed of the lasting good effects of his ministry upon not a few in and about Edinburgh and elsewhere, who once were careless and profane, but now are wonderfully changed and reformed, and still living as becometh Christians, persevering in the ways of the Lord; though at the same time I know no reaVOL. IV.

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fon to make him the instrument of that extraordinary work at Cambusang, Kilsyth and other places, but to ascribe it, under God, to the ministry of their own worthy pastors, whom God made inftrumental both to begin and carry on that work a good time before Mr Whitefield came to preach at any of these places. But seeing God had honoured Mr Whitefield's ministry in other nations and countries (though ordained a minifter of the church of England) and also had opened his eyes so far, as to become Calvinist and found in the doctrine of grace, and to witness against several cor. ruptions of the English church, for which he was per. fecuted and under process; and seeing he had conforme ed to us in doctrine and worship, professed to lye open to instruction as to our constitution and government, and was come at length to assert openly « Christ to be the King and Head of his church, and that the church of Scotland was the best constitute national church in the world ;" and also had wrote and said some other things that gave ground to hope that his eyes might foon be opened to see the evil of Prelacy; and in the mean time he was most indefatigable in preaching Christ to finners, and remarkably owned of God in his ministry : To have refused a kind reception to a strane ger and persecuted man, in'fuch circumitances, when he came among us, had neither been charitable nor generous. Now, for the brethren to make this reception such a sin, that none can be admitted to baptism or the Lord's supper without condemning it by a folemn oath, is most surprising ; especially confidering they were the first themselves who recommended him to the peo. ple of Scotland, and that in very strong terms ! Surely it becomes us to be filent, and adore the sovereignty of the great God, in employing whom he will to promote his interest and kingdom in the world. If God think fit to make use of Mr Whitefield or other Methodists, to turn Guners from their evil ways, to feek after a Saviour, and God through him, we should not oppose it, but let them alone, left haply we be found fighting again God We must not limit an Agent, that is infinitely wife and sovereign, in his glory from what churches and


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societies he pleases, and sometimes glorifies his free grace the more by bringing them from those airths it could have been least expected. And frequently God doth honour and employ some to awaken, convince, convert and reclaim finners from their evil ways, who yet remain unenlightned all their days as to several points of truth themselves : witness Luther and many of our reformers. To confine an infinitely sovereign Lord to our ways and means of working in advancing his kingdom, is a fin most grieving and provoking unto God. He makes it one of his greatest quarrels with his professing people in the wilderness, that “ they tempted God, and limited the holy One of Israel,”. Psal. lxxviii. 41. It is fit then that we lay our hands upon our mouths, and adore him that, 6 doth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth : And none can stay his hand, or say unto him, what dost thou ?” Dan. iv. 35.

I doubt not but some may quarrel me and this Testie mory, for making too free with the Affociate Brethren: but they may see I have been as plain and free with others, and even with the established church, relating to things I judge wrong; and this seemed to be necefo sary to render the Testimony the more impartial. But, after all, when I look inward, and view the sins of my own heart, and the sad corruption of my pature, bea fides outward defects ; I have reason to blush and be ashamed to take notice of the fins and failings of om thers; and even to ly in the dust, and cry, Unclean, una clean; and with much self abhorence to look to to. wards the blood of Jerus, that cleanseth us from all Gn. May the holy Spirit apply it to me and the whole land !

I shall now conclude with my earnest wishes and prayers, that the Lord mayexčite a praying remnant, to wres. tle and be importunate with him for sparing mercy to these guilty nations, and that he would revive a cove. nanted work of reformation through Britain and Ire. land, and the dominions thereto belonging, from which these lands have wofully departed; and uphold and ena courage all who breathe after reformation, and the comling of Christ's kingdom in the world, and even countenance more and more those instruments who, according to the light given them, labour with earnestness to ao waken perishing finners from their loft natural estate, to flee to a crucified Jesus for safety from fin and wrath; and, wherein any of them remain unenlightned, that the Lord would send out his light and truth, to lead them, and graciously deliver them from all mistakes, errors and corruptions whatsoever : That what they fee not, the Father of lights may teach them, that so they may be honoured more and more to bring multitudes from following sinful courses, to the ways of true religion and gospel holiness; and from resting on their own righteousness, or a form of godliness, to come and embrace him who is the Lord our righteousness, and follow him whithersoever he goeth." ;

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And particularly,“ That the Lord would come and revive his work in Scotland, that once was famous through all the churches, and esteemed one of the most bright and shining Candlesticks of Christ in the world, but now under a lamentable decay of zeal for pure religion and reformation, and that he would cause us remember with godly sorrow from whence we have fallen, repent, and do our first works. That he would pity those who, Gallio like, are indifferent and unconcerned about our defections, and the grounds of the Lord's controversy which he is pleading with the land, and awaken those who are at ease in Zion, in such a time, and would fain sit down, Isachar-like, and couch under the burden. That he would come suddenly to his temple, even in a national way, and fit as a Refiner and Purifier of silver, and purify the sons of Levi, and cast out buyers and fellers out of his house. That he would in mercy shut that door whereby a corrupt ministry enters into the church, and raife up a faithful, zealous and reforming ministry through the land, and make all ranks among us concerned to attain to the reforming spirits and dispositions of our fathers. Oh! when ihall we come their length in reformation!

“ That the Lord would help us to bless him for his astonishing kindness to this land, in such a backsliding, withering and decaying time, in vouchsafing to water


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