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He shed his blood our souls to wash:
We'll to his glory live.


The believing Soul's Feaft. 1 HERE faith may spy our Saviour's flesh,

Upon the table ly: · Salvation flow in streams of blood,

To drive our fins away.'
2 Grant, Lord, thy presence at this feast,

And make it a good day :
Give to each guest what thou seest beft;

Empty send none away.
3 To thee we look for living bread :

We languish and are faint; ' '
If fasting thou shalt us dismiss,

Our fouls will die for want.
4 Thy heav’nly manna, Lord, rain down

Our sp'ritual strength repair ; Give food, till we shall get above,

And feast with Jesus there. " ; 5 While in this defert we sojourn,

Send us grace from above;
Our souls refresh, our faith increase. .

And warm our hearts with love. ."
6 Thine ordinance, Lord, countenance;. ,

Shew us thy smiling face : " Cause streams of living waters flow

In channels of thy grace. " 7 Thy people, Lord, lament for thee ;'.

O comfort them that mourn; ::: Meet with them as in former days,

To gospel-feasts return.
8 Charge not on us our former fins ;

Let all thine anger cease :
Look to the cross on Calvary, .

And bid us go in peace. He is

HYMN XLII. - Tbanksgiving after a Gospel-Feast. I ! BLESS God for the food he gave

To me a worm to eat,


And that himself did condescend
To fit with me at meat.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah,

Hallelujah, Amen., 2 He made me share immortal cheer,

And sweetly talte his grace ; My hungry foul he did refresh, And loose my tongue to praise.

Hallelujah, &c. .
3. “ What shall I render to my God.

For all his gifts to me,”
And for this gift unspeakable,
His Son for me to die?

Hallelujah, &c.
4 He from his fulnefs did me feast

With riches of his grace; ; He took me in his loving arms, And shew'd his smiling face.

Hallelujah, &c. 5 My heart when faiņt he did support,

Dispell'd my guilty fears : He fet my feet upon the rock, And wip'd away my tears.

Hallelujah, &c.
6 His pard’ning voice makes me to fing:

And doth infiame my love;
His spirit lifts my thoughts from earth
Unto the things above. ,

Hallelujab, &c. .
7 I praise thy name, who pity'd me,

Poffeft my heart as thine, Restor'd me thy falvation's joy, Filld me with love divine,

Hallelujah, &c.
8 In heav’n thy faints feast on thy love,

Where living streams do flow;
They praise their Head in hymns above,
And we in hymns below.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, Amen.



Suitable Walking after a Gospel-Feaft.
I TO Christ we now devoted are, it is n

By solemn oath we're thine : romani
Give grace and strength now to obey,

And love thy law divine. 2 Since for us thou hast bled and dy'd,', i

To thee our all we give; † rom And for our sins haft fatisfy'd,.,.

To thee we'll only live. Indven' na . 3 Help us to grow in faith and zeal,: ;'si

And thrive in every grace; .,' si
And let Christ's love constrain us still ini,
To run our Christian race. .

. 4 O let us walk with tenderness,

m e sin And with humility : Lord, break the power of unbelief, was

Our heart fins mortify. s We'll make them our familiars,

Who our dear Lamb do love, We'll travel in their company,

Who seek the land above.
6 But loose companions we will flee,

Who would lead us astray :
To finful thoughts and tempting snares

We will no more give way. 7 May I the Lamb now imitate,

And in his footíteps tread, And still grow in conformity

To my exalted Head. 8 Lord, give more faith, more love and hope,

That I may live to thee, And by my conversation thew

The Lamb hath dy'd for me. ;
Thou meetest them who do rejoice

In thy sweet ways to go,
Who would their days spend to thy praise .
While they are here below. .,



Revive Primitive Christianity. .
I BLEST Spirit come with mighty pow'r, .

And melt men's hearts in tears;
Thy work revive throughout the lands

In these declining years....
- Let yet God's ordinance be lov'd,..

Christ's dying words thought on; .in Let cold and careless fouls be mov'd ,

To honour God's dear Son. 3 When the first faints oft broke thy bread

With love and life divine, camera They drank the spirit of their Head,

As well's their sacred wine. 4 Their meek and pure livęs did proclaim,

They liv'd and walk'd with God : To aliens they endear'd the Lamb,

And spread his fame abroad.
5 Their zealous hearts would nothing know

But Telus crucify'd ;
Him they confefs'd while here below,

And martyrs for him dy'd
6 Their love to Jesus was so strong,

All tortures they endur'd:
While they the flain Lamb made their song,

Thus strangers they allur'd. 70 where's that ancient holy flame

That in their hearts abode,
Which made them witness for the Lamb,

And suffer for their God?
8 0 God, fend fhow'rs of grace, and cause

· Men's backward wills to yield, And turn us from a wilderness

Unto a fruitful field. 9 Cause numbers.flee to Jelu's wounds, .

Convince them there is room ; Rebels subdue, reign in their souls :

let thy kingdom come.


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Revenge the Death of Cur:st upon Siro

1.- QUESTION. . 1 O HARMLESS undefiled Lamb,

What caus'd thy wounds and pain ?
Thou knew'st no sin, thou did'st no wrong ;
What caus’d thee to be slain?

2 " Of all my wounds and anguish fore,

My pressures and complaints, And of my racking bloody death,

Your fins were instruments. 3 To you these bitter pains belong'a,"

On you they would been laid; But love to you made ine them bear,

That God's wrath might be stay’d.” 4 O monstrous fin, thou murderer!

Can I be reconcil'd
To suffer thee to lodge with me?

No more to this I'll yield. 5 I bitterly bewail my fins,

Which gave my Saviour pain :
I them abhor, and cast to door; “

They shall no more remain.
6 I'll fin pursue the Lamb that slew;

All lufts I'll crucife,
By nailing them to Jesu's cross,

. Till they expire and die.
7 Subdue my heart, O mighty king;

Let no corruption live :
Kill passion, pride, and all thy foes,

Let none of them survive.
8 Tear up the roots of inbred fin,

And let it rage no more ;
All fatan's plenishing break down,

And turn it to the door.


The Complaints of serious Souls.
I WHEN doubts and fears oppress my soul,

In Christ's arms let me fall;
Vol. VI. . 4 A


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