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For he's my strength and righteousness,

My Surety, and my All. 2 Allow me, Lord, to fall and ly

At thy dear pierced feet, . "To spread out my complaints and griefs,

And taste thy mercy sweet.
3 With shame and grief I do bewail

That my heart is not foft, .
For all the wounds my fins gave Chrift,

Which made him bleed so oft. 4 Alas! I oft turn cold and dead,

And backward to obey ;
Yea, slow to praise the Lamb of God,

And negligent to pray.
s Backsliding hearts thou seeft we have,

Which wander and grow cold :
Lord, bring again thy Itraying sheep

Into thy happy fold.
6 Whatever cross thou lay'st on us,

Give strength to bear the load ;
Let it be pain or poverty,

We'll not refuse the rod.
9 But, Lord, we dread inward decays

Of love and holiness;
From these our souls relieve and keep,

And with thy presence bless.
8 My Lord, betwixt my soul and thee

The breaches all make up : . No cold nor dryness let there be ;

Withhold this bitter cup.
9 Let Jesu's blood bring mountains down,

And distance all remove :
Make me, like Enoch, walk with God,

And spend my time in love.

N. B. I advertise now (as I did before the 13th, hyn

that the fourteen following Hymns are composed in ferent Measures. See the Reason given before.


; FATHER, behold, thy fon,
A waod'ring prodigal, ..


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By fin and folly quite undone,

Now at thy feet doth fall.
2 Alham'd of all my ways,

My wand'rings I confefs ;
I fce great need of Jesu's blood,

And his pure righteousness."
3 Open thine arms to me,

And take the wand'rer home':
By gospel-offers I'm affur'd,

Thro' Christ to me there's room. 4 I felf-condemned ly;

O hear my humble pray’r :
Thou feed'st the ravens when they cry,

Soul-food for me prepare.
5 Father of mercies, hear;

Thy blessing now bestow :
For this I cry, and wrestling ly,

And will not let thee go.
6 O say, " This is my son,

Once dead, but now doth live, : ..
Once loft, but now in Christ is found;
, I do him home receive."?
7 O great Immanuel,

Accept my new-born cry;
Behold the travail of thy soul

Which doth thee satisfy.
8 By faith I thee embrace,

Thy blood I do apply:
O send thy Spirit with his grace,

My soul to fan&tify.

Weak Faith not rejected.
I SEE Christ's bleeding fide ;

Lord, hide me in thy wounds:
Thy sheltering such helpless fouls

Unto thy praise redounds.
2 Into thy arms I fall,

In free love me embrace :
In weakness great on thee I call,

O few thy smiling face.
3 I wait at thy command,
Until the pool fall move,

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When thou wilt send thy healing pow'r

To cure me in thy love.
4 Thou know'st my feeble voice,

Which I to thee direct :
The gospel method is my choice,

All others I reject.
5 Thou know'st my hearts desire,

My doubts and fears dost see :
Thy founding bowels caufe me hear,

And kindly say to me,
6 “ Poor foul, of little faith,

O wherefore dost thou doubt ?
Whoe'er he be that comes to me,

Him will I not cast out.”
7 On thy word I depend,

Thou faithful art and true;
My weak faith strengthen and defend,

My unbelief subdue.
8 Teach me to know thy name

Jesus, and it to bless ;
Thy title also to proclaim,

• The Lord our Righteousness.”

The Remembrance of Christ in the Supper.
I CHRIST in that night he was betray'd,

Took bread, gave thanks, it brake, and said,
" My broken body here you see ;

" Take, eat it, and remember me." 2 Thus also he the cup did take;

“ Here sealing blood fhed for your fake, " Which doth my test’ment ratifie :

" Let all drink and remember me."
3 Your pardon, with what's for your good,

Is purchas'd by my dearest blood :
My blood to you makes pardon free; ..

. In drinking, then, remember me.
4 For hungry fouls here's manna rare,
God sends from heaven for your fare ;
This manna falls now plenteouily ;

In eating, then, remember me. 5 Here God fits on a throne of grace,

Where sinful men may see his face :

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My blood procures your access free;

In drinking, then, remember me. 6 See here the Tree of Life with fruit,

And leaves which heal, and strength recruit; These I shake down, poor soul, to thee :

Eat freely, and remember me. See Jacob's ladder "here set up,

A covenanting God at top:
Climb, and God will tranfact with thee;

In doing this, remember me.
8 Here runs of Life the river pure,

Which our soul-wounds doth cleanse and cure; It freely runs to all, you fee :

By faith drink, and remember me

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Admire the Lamb sain.
I COME here, admire, and gaze a while ;

Behold Christ pierc'd for sinners vile :
Who can this glorious truth explain!

Th' immortal God, the Lamb is sain. 2 Look not aside to dung and dross,

But glory only in the cross;
And always in your thoughts retain

These melting words, the Lamb is Rain. 3 Draw near the cross, that bloody tree;

Rich fruit it bears for you and me.
Help, Lord, to know, and still maintain,

The Lamb of God for me was pain. 4 Thy fuff'rings, Lord, I weep to see,

These stripes and wounds I brought on thee :
From fins of all kinds I'll abstain,

These nails by which the Lamb is fiain.. 5 The cross is now a tree of life

That men relieves from finking grief,
Yea, life to dead fouls doth regain ;

Draw life from this, the Lamb is slain. 6 No flaming Tword doth guard this tree,

Its fruit is to all finners free : «
Good news this is to fallen men; .

Come eat and live, the Lamb is sain. 3 Dear Lamb, thine evečjaiting love

Draws men from hell to heav'n above :

Thy love doth us to fing constrain

This heav'nly song, the Lamb is slain. 8 The Lamb redeems us by his blood,

And makes us kings and priests to God :
All praise and honour doth pertain

Unto the Lamb for finners sain.


Trace Christ's Sufferings.
1 LET's trace Christ's steps, like foll’wers brave,

From the blest feast unto the grave;
Nor leave him when to Calv'ry led,

Like those who him forsook and fed. 2 First to Gethsemane we'll go,

There floods of wrath him overflow;
Both fears and foes beset him round,

Our fins him press down to the ground. 3 There he lies in a bloody sweat,

Which him o'erspread from head to feet ; • He's bruis'd, he pours out prayers and cries

With floods of tears from both his eyes.
4 His friends prove false ; one him betrays,

Another him with oaths denies :
Men seize and bind him like a thief,

His friends him leave without relief. 4 Amidst his foes he's left alone,

He's buffeted and spit upon,
His head is crown'd with wreaths of thorn,

His body is with scourges torn.
6 He's load with scoffs and blasphemies,

Basely insulted, charg'd with lies;
Found innocent, yet doom'd to die,

And bear his cross to Calvary.
7. For us a shameful death he dy'd;

Between two thieves he's crucify'd : .. He's naild, and jeer'd by cruel men;

With ling'ring torments pierc'd and flain. 8 His God, his sun, withdrew their light;

Earth, rocks, and men, were in a fright ;)
Yet he by death subdu'd his foes,
And from the grave in triumph rose.


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