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ting To thy free love I flee, O Lamb, i .

For scarlet finners flain,
To free me of my loads of guilt,

And ease me of my pain. .,'
8 Thou say'st, believe, and on me reft, : ;

And you shall find relief:.
Thy promise sweet I would believe ;

Lord, help my unbelief. 9 On thy blood only I rely,

As doth thy gospel call :
The great atonement I receive, ,'.
Which saves believers all."


The Angels Song
HOW sweetly did the angels fing

At Chrift's nativity!
Let Adam's race take up their hymn,
And praise God chearfully.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Hallelujah, AMÉN.
2 All glory be to God on high,

And peace be on the eartb:
Henceforth good-will from heav'n to men,
Because of Jesu's birth. .

Hallelujah, &c.
3 We more than angels ought to praise :

For, tho' they fee God's face,
With ransom'd men they have no share

In God's redeeming grace."
* Hallelujah, &c. !
4 Hofanna to king David's Son,

And to king David's Lord,
Our dear God-man, our glorious Prie
Who heaven to us restor'd.

Hallelujah, &c. ! .
s Let men and angels praise the Lamb, .

Ev'n Jesus Christ our Lord;
Let men his stripes and wounds for them
With thankful hearts record. '


verwen i Hallelujah, &c. : invio

; .

- 4 D 2


6 Because he dy'd, God hath him rais'd

And glorify'd on high :
Him all the heav'nly hosts adore!
And praise eternally.

Hallelujah, &c. ...,
in Christ's rising doth us justify;. ,

And his ascent to God is
Doth find us room with saints to fing,
And ever praise his blood.,

Hallelujah, &c.
8 We see thee now at God's right hand :

Lord, draw us up to thee,
To triumph ever in thy love,
And all thy glory fee,

Hallelujab, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, Amen.


Address to the FATHER. . 1 O HEAVENLY Father, we thee blesse i Who gave the Lamb to men: . . The Lamb we bless, who did submit, si

To be for finners slain..
2 Thou pity'd worms, and them did spare, ,

Yet spared not thy Son, .
But him did wouud and bruise to death,

For our sins to atonę. : .
3 Father of mercies, thro? Christ's death, i

Thou pardon'st enemies,
And fend'ft thy Spirit to their souls'

With faith and rich supplies. .
4 Forgive them, Father, Christ once cryd,
B: Ihey know not whai they do: .
Forgive us, Father, we now cry; .

Christ's blood cries for us too...) , 5 O Father, thou dost men pursue

With offers of thy grace ;
And, when refus’d, thou oft repeats ,

Thy gospel terms of peace......, 9 With many motives thou haft try'd ..

Our backward hearts to win : ;. Thy Sp'rit with patience strives to fave

Men from the pow's of fin.

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7. Of thy forbearance and free grace :

A monument I am ;
And still thou call'st me to embrace

Thy facrificed Lamb.
8 Great love! that I who spurn'd thy grace!

Thy pow'r and wrath defy'd,
Should mercy have proclaim'd to me,

Thro’ thy Son crucify’d.
90 let not men abuse thy grace, .

To Gn because thou'rt good: .: Fill all our hearts with grief and shame

That we thy grace with tood.

N. B. The seven following hymns are composed mainly for young persons.


A Song for Young Ones•
I AWAKE, ye little ones, and fing

The honours of the Lamb ;
Let every child prepare a fong

To God our Saviour's name. 2 Our glorious Redeemer is

Most worthy to receive
Our thanks and praise continually,

Yea, more than we can give.
3 May his great love sink in our hearts,

And evermore abide ; ;
Since for us children, finners vile,

The great IMMANUEL dy'd,
4 How hot and flaming was his love,

That made him interpose
His naked breast, to take the stroke

For us who were his foes !
5 May our hearts burn with love to him

Thro’ all eternity;
Since out of burning love to us,. .

Christ on the cross did die.
6 We bless the Lord, who bath to babes

This glorious truth reveal'd, : Salvation throChrist crucifyd, From wiser minds conceal'd.

..... 7 From From many is this treasure hid ; · But thou kast led our eyes Unto the pleasant gospel field,

Where this blest treasure lics. 8 By faith and meditation

Here will we walk and dig,
Till we make rich, and ne'er be put

From creatures more to beg.


A Song for Children.
I A LITTLE child, O Lord, I am ;

I ftrength and wisdom want :
I come to thee, who canst them both

In little children plant.
2 A willing child that comes to thee,

Thou say'st, thou'lt not cast out:
Thou vowels haft of God and man,

Why therefore should I doubt ? 3 Thy gospel-offers reach to all, .

And namely to the young;
Thy words left on record are sweet,

How charming is thy tongue !
4. O come to me, ye burden'd souls,

" With guilt and fears opprest; 6 By faith your burdens on me cast,

" And I will give you rest. s“ Your willing necks bend to my yoke,

"6 Yield to my government, “ And imitate my holy life;

" And this you'll ne'er repent. 6 6 I'm meek and lowly, learn from me

“ A meek and lowly mind; 66 And thus your weary restless fouls.

“ Shall rest and quiet find. « My yoke to you shall easy prove, ' " My burden also light : - For wisdom's ways are pleasantness,

" And all her paths are right.”. 8 Lord, I believe thy faithful words,

· Thy offers I embrace ; Thine offices I do accept,

And thank thee for thy grace,



A Song for Young Persons. I WE mourn that converts are so few i n

Cause fouls like doves flee home,
Make converts fall like morning dew;

O let thy Kingdom come. . 2 0 Spirit of conviction, strive :

With those of tender year,
And cause thy darts pierce all our hearts,

And melt us into tears, I'm ; 3 Discover fin in its black hue,

That we may it detest;
And let us fee God's' remedy,

Christ's wounds, wherein to rest.
4 Thou empties firft whom thou dost fill;

Casts down whom thou doit raise ; Thou quickens whom the law doth kill,

And glorifies free grace. 5 Lord, make thy light unto me shine, - To fhew me what I am ; . That I am loft, without the blood

Of Christ, the worthy Lamb.
· 6 Take this rebellious heart of mine, .

And bathe it in thy blood :
In it fet up thy throne and reign ;

Pull down what thee withstood. 7 O com'rades dear, bring all your hearts

While young unto the Lamb;
No longer keep him from his right,

Since for our hearts he came.
8 Who else deserves our love but he,

His blood that freely spilt,
To fave our souls from justice' sword,
And purge away our guilt ?


A Song for Children.
1 I READ my Saviour did come down

A little child to be,
And on the cross did shed his blood

For children such as me;

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