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2 That to this fountain all may come,

Their souls to cleanse from fin,
Lord, grant me faith t’apply this blood,

And bathe my soul therein.
3 'Tis little that I know of thee,

My crucified Lord,
Thy Spirit send to teach me more

Out of thy blefied word.
4 Lord, in thy word thou calls us all

To come to thee and live :
I come to thee with all my guilt;

My soul cleanse and forgive. . 5 My nature change, my heart renew;

No good can I perform ; ',
I'm weak, but yet my Surety's strong;

O help the feeble worm.
6 Lord, in thy ftrength I'll change my course :

O plant grace me within, i And purify my little heart

From ev'ry lust and fin.
7 Thou art my Shepherd ; lead me ongi,

Let me not go aftray : ,
In thy sweet ways cause me to walk,

And thee with love obey.
8 A humble, meek and loving frame

Into my heart implant :
Help me by faith on thee to lean

For ev'ry grace I want.

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A Song for Young Ones.
I THE gospel sound doth reach our ears,

Let young ones all rejoice :
The words are charmiog we do hear,

'Tis Jesu's melting voice :
2 " Come unto me, incline your ear

Hear, and your louls shall live : A covenant l'll make with you,

And all your fins forgive." 3 My streaming blood thall purge away

The guilt of all your fin; · My Spirit's warm enliv’ning beams,

Shall life beget within.

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4 1'11 be your righteousness and frengths .i i

I'll lead you on the way,
Till you arrive in heav'n at length, in

And dwell with me for ay.
5 We gladly hear our Saviour's voice,

Which bids us finners live : Cause our dry bones begin to ftir,

To us thy Spirit give. '
6 There's none our souls do trust but thee;.

On earth there is not one,
Our panting hearts desire to fec.

But God in Christ alone. '
7 That creatures got our thoughts in youth;

We heartily bemoan :
Now we thee chuse, receive, and love,

To thee we live alone.
8 What shall I render to my God is .

For all his gifts to me, 1,
And for his gift unspeakable, siis

The Lamb for us to die? i . open my ore

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A Song for Young Perfonsa . | To Jesu's hand we do commit iwia

The light and love we have : i Preserve and cherish that in us

Which thy guod Spirit
2 New-lifted soldiers we're to thee, ...

Our Captain wise and ftrong:
We're sworn to fight against thy foes ;

To thy camp we belong.
3 For us Christ fought; he pull'd us from

Sin, satan, death and hell; • The battle cost him many wounds;

But lo! it ended well.
4. His garments were all stain'd with blood;

But ne'er did quit the field :
His love hath overcome our fouls, . .

And caus'd our wills to yield.
5 Let foldiers all their Captain praise,

Their General fo brave,
Who fought and dy'd, and rose again, '.

Their precious souls to fave.
Vou. IV.

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6 Our Lamb alone hath vanquished

Hell's roaring lions all :
Unto him then let thanks be giv'n

By young ones great and small. .
7 O that I knew how to the Lamb
· My thankfulness to shew! ...
Then do his will, and in no ill

Or fin yourself allow. .
8 May to the Lamb that once was flain,

Be praise and glory giv’n
By all that dwell upon the earth,

And all the hosts of heav'n. .'


A Song for Young Converts. 1 DEAR Lamb, thou hast thy mysteries

Unto us babes reveal'd:
The weak thou takes, and keeps thy truths -

From wiser minds conceal'd. 1 2 The nat’ral man cannot conceive

Things which the Spirit teach;
But us thou makes know and believe

The truths thy fervants prèachi''
3 More bleft than many righteous men u

Are we in gospel-days; What things they fought, we find in Christ 3.

To his free love be praise.
4 With other children in the road in

To hell we lately went : , : ,
From pity, thou thy Spirit. sent, in

Our ruin to prevent.
s To upper worlds we're help'd to go,

With those of heav'nly birth; While others chuse to stay below,

And seek their bliss on earth.
6 May we each tempting vice avoid,

And no more entertain
Those fins and lusts by which the Lamb

Was crucify'd and slain.
7 If in our youth thou call'It us off

From this uncertain stage,
O give us now of heav'nly bliss.

A foul comforting pledge.

8 If longer thou wilt keep us here,

Be with us all our days;
Fit us to honour thee on earth,
And fing in heav’n thy praise.


Blood and Water from Christ's side. :
I AS our Redeemer undertook, .. - . .

For us he satisfied : '
On Calvary he bore our guilt,

There on the cross he dy'd.
2 There we may fee from his pierc'd fide

The mixed current flow
Of blood and water, for to wash

Black finners white as snow. ' ss
3. It needful was Chrift's fide and heart 'po

Should pour a double flood :
By water we are purify?d,

And pardon'd by the blood.
4 O pierced Lamb, with pity view ...

My woful spots and stains ; '
And with that flood them overflow. .

Which from all fin doth cleanse." ; 5 May I get faith to use that blood

That stream'd from thee, my Lord : No comfort have I in the earth.

But what thy wounds afford.
6 Grant saving taith, thee to receive;

My unbelief remove :
May I thy suff'rings all record,'.

· With faith that works by love. y Let faith be waxing stronger still,

To count the world but dross,, ;
To hate the most beloved fin,

And nail it to the cross. . si 8 Author of faith, to thee we look,

For faith we send our cry :
The gift of faith unto us grant,
Qur souls without it die.
4 E 2 se'


A Dialogue betwixt Pilgrims,

I TELL us, 0 women sojourners.".

Unto what place ye go!
And why you do not feem content,
To stay on earth below?

WOMEN. : 2 All creatures here we empty find

They can't supply our wants : We go to Christ above, our bliss, To praise him with the saints.

M. 3 Have you not many friends on earth

Who with you fympathize ?. Cannot your earthly comforts here Your hearts to stay entice ?

W. 4 We're pilgrims here, earth's not our home ;

Which makes us long to be i. Where Christ our friend dwells with his faints And they him glorifie.

M. 5 Why don't you seek your treafure here,

With others in the land, eru Who seem well pleas'd with sensual things, And something in their hand?

6 Our treasure Christ laid up above,

He dearly bought our bliss ;
His blood's' the price; nay, Chrift himself
Our blefled treasure is,.'.


7 Since Christ your treafure is in heaven,

Your hearts must mount above :
Things earthly will not suit your minds .
You must be where you love.


. . 8 A fight of Jesu's love, and blood

Down streaming from the cross,
Makes all things to us here below

Appear as dung and dross

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