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Russia engages them (they two now making one power-Persia) to assist in the under, taking.

I have said in the 19th page, that the latter part of the 26th verse, and the last, (in the 9th chapter)points out the time of the end” in a very peculiar and strong manner.”

I have now to request notice may be taken of the first clause of the last verse, shall confirm the covenant (of course a covenant made) with many for one week.” Let the word covenant he compared with the covenant so often mentioned in the 11th chapter. In the 26th verse of this 9th chapter, it is said, “and the people of the prince (not the prince himself) that shall come shall destroy the city.” Observe, the city cannot be Jerusalem as mentioned in the preceding verse for “ the com. mandment is to restore and build Jerusalem to (or for) the Messiah Prince” which must be the restoring of Jerusalem to its ancient grandeur upon the second advent.

I have said in the 20th page, that the minor prophets are particular upon the Jews restoration, my Readers must likewise examine the major ones, the passages there are innumerable respecting their being restored in the “latter days'. " latter times", &c. See likewise the figurative Paul to the Romans, 11th chapter.

The first time that the gathering of the people (of course they having been dispersed) is mentioned, may be found in a detached pas sage of the 49th chapter of Genesis, where

That passage

Jacob is speaking to his sons. (10th verse) must be taken in connexion with the last clause of the first verse, and a proper explanation will be, that- In the last days a Shiloh (the messenger of the covenant) shall corne observe it does not say be born, but shall come) and unto him shall the gathering of the people (of Israel) be.” The sceptre, or rad, (Rollin says, the Hebrew signifies both) is not to depart from Judah, nor a law-giver from between his feet; until Shiloh come, &c. The law is still given, and the rod has not yet departed.. Remember neither the rod, nor the law is to depart until Shiloh come; that is until the second advępt, when they will “acknowledge him as their Messiah.” See the 19th page in.. troduction.

Compare the 13th and the two/ last verses of the 10th chapter of. Daniel, with the 20th and 21st verses of the 8th chaneler; and remember that in the 14th verse of the said iOth chapter it is, "what shall befal thy people in the latler days..".

In the former, part of the 22d page, will be found " Abadon has nore but he adopts" He, when the passage was wrote, had no "posterity.”. Read the verse, the 4th of the ilth chapter, with care, and compare it with the 8th verse of the 8th chapter, as a corroborating repetition ; particularly observe the word “broken," and the passage " toward the four winds of heaven." The meaning of the Yerse is, that when he stood up, or was esta



blished, (the mighty king as in the 4thverse,) his kingdom mas broken and divided, or sepaparated by the four notable horns who were situated toward the four winds of heaven ; and not to his posterity as he wished, nor according to his dominion which he ruled, for his kingdom has heen plucked up, thrown down, or taken away, eren for others besides those

-himself, and those he had intended to rule. -The verse has been literally fulfilled. for & Ludovicus has been recalled, and the kingdoms given to him..

NOTk. And how a second time, in consequence of a second dication, given to the said Ludovicus. These are no common events, therefore must be preparatory to the awful period of what a Commentator calls the great crash.'

The"mighty king" in the 3d verse of the Hth chapter of Daniel, is the same monarch as the fourth king" in the preceding verse, who is to“ stir up alt (by his policy and craft) against the realm of Grecia," the realm of Grecia meaning, I should suppose, in this case, the whole of the Turkish Empire.

My Readers must examine, with care, the 2d verse of this 11th chapter, they will find it a detached one; there is a strange intermix. ture in various parts of prophecy, which makes it very difficult to be properly elucidated. Prophecy țs enigmatical! á Behold (see, or obserye) there shall stand up YET three kings in. Persia, (take notice-not three Persian kings) and the (or a ) fourth (of course connected with the three) shall be far richer (the word has a

very extensivesignification) than they all: and by his strength (or power) throughi (or in consequence of) his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.” See the 18th page.

It must be remembered, that this is to be in the latter days,A reference must be had to the 20th and 21st verses of the 8th chapter, respecting Persia and Grecia.

Whatever my Readers may think respecting my opinion, that France and Spain were the .. kings (or kingdoms) of the north and south, (see the 22d and a few following pages) it is certain, that the king of the south has come

into his kingdom, and returned into his own .land” (Dan. 11-9); but it is probable they may suppose that that part of the chapter is more applicable to Russia and France, as kings of the north and south, than as I have explained it in the elucidation to be. France and Spain, bnt which ever, or if both of them are. taken, it does not in any degree alter the ex-' planation I have given of the 14th verse.

It may be seen in the 24th and 25th pages of the introduction, that" Mr Martin declared in the House of Commons, on Monday the 8th of May, 1809, that the Public Expenditure was, last year, 77 Millions !" It will likewise be found, that the national debt was then about 800 Millions! and that 30 years prior. it was 180, and it is said to be now, (upon the entrance of the year 1814) upwards of one thousand ! an addition of two hundred millions in three

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years; and it was then apprebended, a han dred millions more must be added to make np deficiencies. It is held out to the public, by 'the venal prints, that the nation has 6 paid off 123,607,000 pounds, and this, during a pe. riod of expensive war. But I ask how inuch has it borrowed ? What a tuh to the whale, or what a false light, causing the ship to be dashed upon the rocks !

Note. From what lias already been borrowed, and what may be wanted, perhaps not less than one hundred millions more may be added to the National Debt, in the present year, 1816. Total £1.200,000.030 !!! And the expenditure for the same year is antie ipated at £130,000,000 !!!!

I need not enumerate the various Gazettes Extraordinary to prove that Britons have

EXALTED THEMSELVES, (observe it is to exalt themselves, not to be exalted by others, or 0ther nations) to establish the vision(see the 25th page,) for there has been a public. gladsome, cheering, mania, particularly in the spring, "1814, at the time when the “atrocious usurper of France” was “ broken;" with now a lengthening of the exalted mania upon the ratification of peace (and HE by peace, shall destroy many"), and the arrival of an Emperor, (the " magnanimous Alexander the Liberator of Europe") and a King in the Holy City, when for the period of about a fortnight during the monarch's stay, every species of extravagance aud luxurious dissipation was carried on, to gratify a depraved taste, and shew our exultation, and almost every town and petty village


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