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MESSIAH. 7s, 8 lines.




Out of darkness, at thy word,
Issued into glorious birth,

Gen. 1 31. Is. 6: 3.

HOLY,Hosts! when heaven and earth

holy, holy Lord

2 Holy, holy, holy! thee,

One Jehovah evermore,
Father, Son, and Spirit! we,

All thy works before thee stood,
And thine eye beheld them good;
While they sung with sweet accord,
Holy, holy, holy Lord.



Dust and ashes, would adore:
Lightly by the world esteemed,
From that world by thee redeemed,
Sing we here with glad accord,
Holy, holy, holy Lord!


3 Holy, holy, holy! all

Heaven's triumphant choir shall sing,
While the ransomed nations fall

At the footstool of their King:
Then shall saints and seraphim,
Harps and voices, swell one hymn,
Blending in sublime accord,
Holy, holy, holy Lord!



Psalm 84.

LEASANT are thy courts above,

of and love;

Pleasant are thy courts below,
In this land of sin and woe:
Oh, my spirit longs and faints
For the converse of thy saints,
For the brightness of thy face,
For thy fullness, God of grace!
2 Happy birds that sing and fly

Round thy altars, O Most High!
Happier souls that find a rest
In their Heavenly Father's breast!
Like the wandering dove that found
No repose on earth around,

They can to their ark repair,
And enjoy it ever there.

3 Happy souls! their praises flow,
Even in this vale of woe;
Waters in the desert rise,

Manna feeds them from the skies;
On they go from strength to strength,
Till they reach thy throne at length;
At thy feet adoring fall,

Who hast led them safe through all.

Te Deum.


HEE to laud in songs divine,
Angels and archangels join,
We with them our voices raise,
Echo thine eternal praise:
Holy, holy, holy Lord,
Live, by heaven and earth adored;
Full of thee, they ever cry,
Glory be to God on high.

PRAISE the name of God most high,
Praise him, all below the sky,
Praise him, all ye heavenly host,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
As through countless ages past,
Evermore his praise shall last.



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Psalm 84.

TOW pleasant, how divinely fair,


With long desire my spirit faints,
To meet the assemblies of thy saints.
2 My flesh would rest in thine abode;
My panting heart cries out for God:
My God! my King! why should I be
So far from all my joys and thee!
3 Blest are the souls who find a place
Within the temple of thy grace;
There they behold thy gentler rays,
And seek thy face, and learn thy praise.


Ps. 63: 1-4.

4 Blest are the men whose hearts are set
To find the way to Zion's gate;

God is their strength; and through the road
They lean upon their helper, God.

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5 Cheerful they walk with growing strength,
Till all shall meet in heaven at length;
Till all before thy face appear,
And join in nobler worship there.


Thy saints behold thy smiling face;
And oft have seen thy glory shine,
With power and majesty divine.


2 Come, dearest Lord, thy children cry,
Our graces droop, our comforts die;
Return, and let thy glories rise
Again to our admiring eyes;

3 Till filled with light, and joy, and love,
Thy courts below, like those above,
Triumphant hallelujahs raise,

And heaven and earth resound thy praise.

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Where Christ, the Ruler, is confessed!
Oh, happy hearts and happy homes,
To whom the great Redeemer comes!
2 Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates!
Behold, the King of glory waits:
The King of kings is drawing near;
The Saviour of the world is here.


3 Fling wide the portals of your heart:
Make it a temple set apart

From earthly use for heaven's employ,
Adorned with prayer, and love, and joy.
4 Redeemer, come! I open wide

My soul to thee; here, Lord, abide!
Thankful and glad my song I raise,
And give to thee a life of praise.

Ps. 27: 5.

NORTH from the dark and stormy sky,

Forth from the world, its hope and fear,
Father, we seek thy shelter here.


2 Long have we roamed in want and pain,
Long have we sought thy rest in vain ;
Weary and weak, thy grace we pray;
Turn not, O Lord! thy guests away.

3 Wildered in doubt, in darkness lost,
Long have our souls been tempest-tossed;
Low at thy feet our sins we lay;

Turn not, O Lord! thy guests away.



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Arr. from BEETHOVEN.

2 My heart grows warm with holy fire,
And kindles with a pure desire:
Come, my dear Jesus! from above,
And feed my soul with heavenly love.
3 Blest Saviour! what delicious fare,
How sweet thine entertainments are!
Never did angels taste, above,
Redeeming grace and dying love.

John 6: 31-35.

AR from my thoughts, vain world, begone!

Fain would mine eyes my Saviour see;
I wait a visit, Lord, from thee.

4 Hail, great Immanuel, ali divine!
In thee thy Father's glories shine:
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest One
That eyes have seen, or angels known!

Ps. 139: 23, 24.




Distinctly marks each deep recess ;-—-
In these sequestered hours draw nigh,
And with thy presence fill the place.

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