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2 Blest hour! when God himself draws nigh,

Well pleased his people's voice to hear,
To hush the penitential sigh,

And wipe away the mourner's tear.
3 Blest hour! for, where the Lord resorts,

Foretastes of future bliss are given,
And mortals find his earthly courts

The house of God,—the gate of heaven !

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Behold the form I love so well,

And all his tender words repeat!
2 The world shut out from all my soul,

And heaven brought in with all its bliss,-
Oh! is there aught, from pole to pole,

One moment to compare with this ?
3 This is the hidden life I prize-

A life of penitential love!
When most my follies I despise,

And raise my highest thoughts above.
4 Thus would I live till nature fail,

And all my former sins forsake;
Then rise to God within the vail,

And of eternal joys partake.

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NEED thee every hour,

Most gracious Lord ;
No tender voice like thine,

Can peace afford.
2 I need thee every hour ;

Stay thou near by ;
Temptations lose their power

When thou art nigh.
3 I need thee every hour,

In joy or pain;
Come quickly and abide,

Or life is vain.
4 I need thee every hour;

Teach me thy will ;
And thy rich promises

In me fulfill.





The sweet Hour.

WALFORD. | WEET hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer !


And bids me at my Father's throne
Make all my wants and wishes known;
In seasons of distress and grief,
My soul has often found relief,
And oft escaped the tempter's snare

By thy return, sweet hour of prayer.
2 Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer!

Thy wings shall my petition bear,
To him whose truth and faithfulness
Engage the waiting soul to bless ;
And, since he bids me seek his face,
Believe his word, and trust his grace,
I'll cast on him my every care,
And wait for thee, sweet hour of prayer.

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YOME, my soul, thy suit prepare,

Jesus loves to answer prayer;
He himself has bid thee pray ;

Rise, and ask without delay.
2 With my burden I begin ;-

Lord, remove this load of sin ;
Let thy blood, for sinners spilt,

Set my conscience free from guilt.
3 Lord, I come to thee for rest,

Take possession of my breast;
There, thy sovereign right maintain,

And, without a rival, reign.
4 While I am a pilgrim here,

Let thy love my spirit cheer ;
Be my guide, my guard, my friend :-

Lead me to my journey's end.
5 Show me what I have to do,

Every hour my strength renew;
Let me live a life of faith,
Let me die thy people's death.


1 John 4: 19.

AVIOUR, teach me day by day,


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Sweeter lesson cannot be:

Loving him who first loved me.
2 With a childlike heart of love,

At thy bidding may I move,
Prompt to serve and follow thee-

Loving him who first loved me.
3 Love in loving finds employ-

In obedience all her joy ;
Ever new that joy will be:

Loving him who first loved me.
4 Thus may I rejoice to show

That I feel the love I owe;
Singing till thy face I see,

Of his love who first loved me. 125.

Eph. 5: 18–20.
VEET the time, exceeding sweet !

When the saints together meet,
When the Saviour is the theme,

When they joy to sing of him.
2 Sing we then eternal love,

Such as did the Father move :
He beheld the world undone,

Loved the world, and gave his Son.
3 Sing the Son's amazing love ;

How he left the realms above,
Took our nature and our place,

Lived and died to save our race.
4 Sing we, too, the Spirit's love:

With our stubborn hearts he strove,
Filled our minds with grief and fear,

Brought the precious Saviour near.
5 Sweet the place, exceeding sweet,

Where the saints in glory meet ;
Where the Saviour's still the theme,
Where they see and sing of him.

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