Thug Mentality Exposed Book: California Gang Members Speak Out from Prison

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Thug Mentality Exposed was written by Rayford Johnson, a retired correctional counselor for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, where the book takes center stage. Johnson is a credentialed and certified gang specialist, a life skills instructor, a Christian minister who specializes in praying for healing and deliverance for people and a photojournalist for over thirty years while freelancing for entertainment publications, celebrity award shows and television entertainment outlets, such as BET.

Johnson brings his wealth of knowledge and eye-opening experiences that reveal the satanic, ritualistic, dark side of the entertainment industry and introduces compelling, spiritual solutions in this book, which encompasses introducing principles and truths that give the reader hope in good overcoming evil.

This book will give you a deeper understanding and revelation of the scientific and witchcraft methods being utilized by big corporations for profit, thus, driving mainstream humanity to crave for more of the immorality that is promoted in the compromised entertainment industry.

You will hear about seventy graphic, genuine inmate stories that capture raw, honest footage from a mixture of gang members, Satanists, pimps, drug dealers, former honor students and pastor's kids. Their testimonies are compelling, revealing and worth its weight in gold!

Thug Mentality Exposed takes the reader all the way back to the ancient root of Thug Mentality-to India's infamous and notorious Thuggee Tribe. As you familiarize yourself with the way a thug thinks and operates through the hearts and minds of these inmates you will gain a greater understanding of this wayward lifestyle that deceives so many young people and leaves them broken and emotionally bankrupt. Your journey will take you to the current gang, street, and drug trends.

You will learn dark, occultic truths about the music industry that are hidden from the general public. You will delve into how the entertainment and ad industry utilizes scientific and occultic information and methods to manipulate and change one's belief system without the individual even being aware of it.

Other riveting topics featured in this mysterious book include:

- The occult's historical roots
- Music's influence on human behavior, including back-masking
- Learning about how pimps think and operate
- The influence of the homosexual movement in thug culture, and much more!

The book also has a life-skills, personal development segment, which has been utilized as curriculum by correctional, drug treatment and youth programs across the United States.

Book Reviews:

"Powerful!" says Ernest Royal, Co-founder of the Mexican Mafia
Nationally Renown Gang Specialist Mike Ramey says
"As a College Instructor on the subject of Modern Street Gangs, I have been blessed and proud to use this book as the textbook for my course."

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Rayford L. Johnson-CERTIFIED GANG SPECIALIST Founder/Director Rayford L. Johnson-Certified Gang Specialist & Trainer is the director and founder of ThugExposed.Org and author of the book Thug Mentality Exposed. ThugExposed.Org is a gang and drug prevention organization/ministry, which provides workshops, on-line guidance and a gallery of gang and drug prevention videos at no cost to the community. Johnson, a licensed minister was a Youth Correctional Counselor for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 13 years and has been a counselor for at risk youth for over 20 years.

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