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NATIONAL. 139 GREAT King of nations, hear our prayer,

while at Thy feet we fall. And humbly, with united cry, to Thee for

mercy call;
Though guilt is ours, yet grace is Thine, ,

O turn us not away.
But hear us from Thy lofty throne, and

help us when we pray.
2 Our fathers' sins were manifold, and ours

no less we own, Yet wondrously from age to age Thy good

ness hath been shown; When dangers, like a stormy sea, beset our

country round, To Thee we looked, to Thee we cried, and

help in Thee we found. 3 With

one consent we meekly bow beneath

Thy chastening hand,
And, pouring forth confession meet, mourn

with our mourning land;
With pitying eye behold our need, as thus

we lift our prayer, “ Correct us with Thy judgments, Lord,

then let Thy mercy spare."

140 O LORD, before Thy gracious throne,

We, sinners, humbly bend:
On Thee we trust; on Thee alone

For succour we depend.

2 The gath’ring clouds upon our land

Their threat'ning pow'r display:
Our eyes look up at Thy command,

While yet we live to pray.
3 Turn, turn us, O Thou mighty Lord,

Convert us by Thy grace;
We rest upon Thy promis'd Word;

We humbly seek Thy face.
4 Then should disease or death invade,

Or foes in strength appear,
Thou, Lord, wilt give us needful aid,

And free from ev'ry fear.

141 O KING of kings! Thy blessing shed

On our anointed sovereign's head;
And, looking from Thy holy heaven,

Protect the crown Thyself hast given.
2 Her may we honour and obey,

Uphold her right and lawful sway;
Remembering that the powers that be

Are ministers ordained of Thee.
3 Her with Thy choicest mercies bless,
To all her counsels give success :

in peace, Thy succour bring;
Thy strength command ;-GOD save the

4 And, oh! when earthly thrones decay,

And earthly kingdoms fade away,
Grant her à throne, in worlds on high,
A crown of immortality,

In war,

142 0 ISRAEL'S Shepherd, Joseph's Guide,


to Thee vouchsafe to hear ! Thou that dost on the cherubs ride,

Again in solemn state appear!
2 Do Thou convert us, Lord ! do Thou

The lustre of Thy face display!
And all the ills we suffer now,

Like scatter'd clouds, shall pass away.
3 O Thou, whom heavenly hosts obey,

How long shall Thy fierce anger burn?
How long Thy suff'ring people pray,
And to their prayers

have no return.
4 Do Thou convert us, Lord ! do Thou

The lustre of Thy face display!
And all the ills we suffer now,
Like scatter'd clouds, shall pass away.

143 JESUS, hail! we sing of Thee,

Welcome to Thy house of prayer !
Let our hearts Thy temple be,

Lord, set up Thy kingdom there.
2 Make us wise, Thy name to know,

Let us feel Thy power and love;
Ours to serve Thee here below,

Ours to dwell with Thee above.
3 There we'll sing hosannas loud,

To a Saviour's praise we'll sing :
Mix with yonder joyful crowd,
And for ever praise our King.


COME, Holy Spirit, come;

O hear my feeble prayer,
Stoop down and make my heart Thy home,

And shed Thy blessing there.

2 Thy light, Thy love impart,

And let it ever be
A holy, humble, happy heart-

A dwelling place for Thee.

145 GLORY to Jesus! Glory!

Let little children sing,
Who know the blessed story

Of the eternal King ;
How He came down from heav'n above,
To save the people of his love.


A little child he came,

For children to atone;
Sing praises to his name, ,

Who did so love his own
As to redeem them with his blood,
And make them holy, just and good.


Jesus, the Prince of Peace,

Gives pardon, joy, and life,
Bids sin and sorrow cease,

And puts an end to strife;
Glory to God, and peace in heav'n !
To Jesus' name let praise be giv'n!

146 ALMIGHTY Lord, with joy to Thee

Our infant voices rise;
Accept, O God, our feeble praise,
And humble sacrifice.

Glory, honour, praise, and power,

Be unto the Lamb for ever:
Jesus Christ is our Redeemer;

Hallelujah! praise ye the Lord. 2 We glorify, we bless Thy name,

For all Thy mercies given ;
But most for Jesus Christ, who died
To raise our souls to heaven.

• Glory, honour, &c. 3 O bless the Lord, our gracious God,

Whose mercies thus we prove;
Who bids the infant tongue proclaim
The wonders of his love.

Glory, honour, &c.

147 GLORY to the Father give,

God in whom we move and live, Children's prayers He deigns to hear,

Children's songs delight his ear.
2 Glory to the Son we bring,

Christ our Prophet, Priest, and King :
Children, raise your sweetest strain
To the Lamb, for He was slain.

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