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29 BRIGHT was the guiding star that led,

With mild benignant ray,
The Gentiles to the lowly shed

Where the Redeemer lay.
2 But lo! a brighter, clearer light,

Now points to his abode;
It shines through sin and sorrow's night,

To guide us to our God.
3 O gladly tread the narrow path,

While light and grace are given !
Who meekly follow Christ on earth

Shall reign with Him in heaven.

30 B Thy birth and early years;

By Thy griefs, and sighs, and tears ;
By Thy fasting and distress
In the lonely wilderness;
By Thy vict'ries in the hour
of the subtle tempter's pow'r ;
Jesus, look with pitying eye,

Hear and spare us when we cry: 2 By Thy woe intensely great,

Agony, and bloody sweat;
By Thy robe and crown of scorn,
Rudely offer'd, meekly worn;
By the scandal and the shame
Cast upon Thy honour'd name;
Jesus, look with pitying eye,
Hear and spare us when we cry:

3 By Thy passion, cross, and cries ;

By Thy perfect sacrifice;
By Thy power from death to save ;
By Thy triumph o'er the grave;
Jesus, Saviour of the lost,
Giver of the Holy Ghost;
Look on us with pitying eye,
Hear and spare us when we cry.

31 O COME, Thou wounded Lamb of God!

Come, wash us in Thy cleansing blood ; Give us to know Thy love; then pain

Is sweet, and life or death is gain.
2 Take our poor hearts, and let them be

For ever clos'd to all but Thee;
Seal Thou our breasts, and let us wear

Thy pledge of love for ever there.
3 How can it be, Thou Heavenly King,

That Thou shouldst man to glory bring ?
Make slaves the partners of Thy throne,

And deck them with a glorious crown? 4 Ah, Lord ! enlarge our scanty thought

To know the wonders Thou hast wrought;
Unloose our stammering tongue to tell

Thy love, immense, unsearchable.
5 First-born of many brethren Thou !

To Thee both earth and heaven must bow;
Help us to Thee our all to give ;
Thine may we die ; Thine may we live.

32 O LORD, turn not. Thy face away from

them that lowly lie, Lamenting sore their sinful life with tears

and bitter cry;

Thy mercy gates are open wide to them

that mourn their sin; O shut them not against us, Lord! but

let us enter in.

2 We need not to confess our fault, for

surely Thou canst tell ; What we have done, and what we are,

Thou knowest, Lord, full well; Wherefore to beg and to entreat with

tears we come to Thee, As children that have done amiss fall

at their father's knee.

3 And need we, then, O Lord, repeat the

blessing which we crave, When Thou dost know before we speak

the thing that we would have ? Mercy, O Lord! mercy we seek :-this

is the total sum : For mercy, Lord, is all our prayer;

O let Thy mercy come!

33 How blest the

man with mercy crown'd, Whose sins have all forgiveness found; Whose deep transgressions, cover'd o'er With pard’ning blood, are seen no more.

2 How blest the man to whom the Lord

Doth his own righteousness afford;
Whom mercy clears from ev'ry sin;

Whose heart conceals no guile within. 3 I said, “My sins I will confess,

And seek his grace and righteousness.
Scarce had my heart the thought conceiv'd,

When God my anxious fears reliev'd. 4 O boundless grace, the rich display

Shall teach the trembling lips to pray ;
And contrite souls with godly fear,
Shall plead, while mercy waits to hear.

34 ALMIGHTY Father! God of grace !

We all, like sheep astray,
In folly from thy paths have turn'd,
Each to his sinful

2 Sins of omission and of act

Through all our lives abound:
Alas! in thought, and word, and deed,

No health in us is found !
3 O spare us, Lord, in mercy spare ;

Our contrite souls restore,
Through Him who suffer'd on the cross,

And our trangressions bore !
4 And grant, O Father, for his sake,

That we, through all our days,
A just and godly life may lead,

To Thine eternal praise !

35 OUT of the depths of misery,

Lord, I lift up my cry to Thee :
My flesh is weak, my spirits faint:

Hear, Lord, the voice of my complaint. 2 If Thou should'st mark iniquities,

And all our sins and trespasses,
Lord, who shall stand ? the sons of men

Shall plead before their Judge in vain. 3 But fly, ye shades of dark despair,

Sweet sounds of mercy reach mine ear :
There is forgiveness with my God,

And Jesus bears the sinner's load : 4 His grace my drooping heart shall cheer,

And move to watchfulness and fear;
While, resting on his promis'd word,

My longing soul waits for the Lord. 36 O JESUS, full of truth and grace,

More full of grace than I of sin :
Yet once again I seek thy face,

Open Thine arms and take me in. 2 Thou know'st the way to bring me back,

My fallen spirit to restore :
Oh for thy truth and mercy's sake,

Forgive and bid me sin no more.
3 The stone to flesh, O Lord, convert;

The veil of sin once more remove ;
Sprinkle Thy blood upon my heart,

And melt it by Thy dying love. 4 Give to mine eyes refreshing tears,

And kindle my relentings now:
Fill my whole soul with filial fears, ,

And to Thy yoke my spirit bow.

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