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56 O JOYFUL sound! O glorious hour !

Jesus, by his victorious pow'r,
Revives, and quits the silent grave,

Almighty to redeem and save.
2 Behold Him rising from the dead :

Behold Him ris'n, his people's Head:
They too, like Him, shall yield their breath;

Like Him, shall burst the bands of death. 3 Why should his people fear the grave, ,

Since Jesus will their spirits save,
And raise their slumb'ring bodies too,

And build their scatter'd dust anew?
4 Why should his people now be sad ?

None have such reason to be glad :
Ye ransom'd, let your praise resound,
And in your Master's work abound.

57 THE Lord is ris'n indeed:

He lives, to die no more :
He lives, the sinner's cause to plead,

Whose curse and shame He bore.
2 Hail! mighty Saviour, hail !

Who fill'st the throne above;
Till heart and flesh together fail,

We will declare Thy love.
3 And when these tongues no more

theme can move,
We hope to sing Thy love and pow'r

With other tongues above.

58 THE happy morn is come :

Triumphant o'er the grave,
The Saviour leaves the tomb,

Omnipotent to save :
Captivity is captive led ;

For Jesus liveth that was dead. 2 Who now accuses them

For whom their Surety died ?
Who now shall those condemn

Whom God hath justified ?
Captivity, &c.
3 Christ hath the ransom paid;

The glorious work is done;
On Him our help is laid ;

By Him our victory won.
Captivity, &c.

59 OUR Lord is risen from the dead,

Captivity is captive led;
For us the victory is gain'd,
For us eternal life obtain'd.

2 Triumphant o'er the powers below,

O'er sin, the source of all our woe ;
Through death's dark vale Hesmoothes our way

To realms of everlasting day.
3 Who shall presume to charge with guilt

The man for whom Christ's blood was spilt ?
For man He came from heav'n to die,
And him He rose to justify.


4 When the last trump is heard on high,

And shouts of angels fill the sky,
The dead in Christ shall rise and sing

Loud Hallelujahs to their King.
60 THE Saviour lives, no more to die

He lives, the Lord enthron'd on high ; He lives, triumphant o'er the grave;

He lives, eternally to save.
2 He lives, to still his people's fears ;

He lives, to wipe away their tears ;
He lives, their mansions to prepare ;

He lives, to bring them safely there.
3 Ye mourning souls, dry up your tears,

Dismiss your gloomy, groundless fears ;
And let your hearts with this revive,
That Jesus Christ is yet alive.

61 HARK, the loud triumphant strains :

God, the King of glory reigns:
All the kingdoms own his sway:

Hail the happy, happy day;
2 Hark, the sound of sacred mirth,

Jesus reigns in heav'n and earth;
War, and strife, and tumult cease :

'Tis the time of love and peace.
3 Zion's King makes known his name;

He asserts his lawful claim :
His the kingdom, his the pow'r,
His the glory, evermore.

62 GLORY, glory to our King;

Crowns unfading wreathe his head :
Jesus is the name we sing :
Jesus risen from the dead :
Jesus conqueror o'er the grave ;

Jesus mighty now to save. 2 Jesus is gone up on high ;

Angels come to meet their King;
Shouts triumphant rend the sky,
While the Victor's praise they sing :
Open now, ye heavenly gates !

“ 'Tis the King of glory waits.”
3 Now behold Him high enthron'd;

Glory beaming from his face;
By adoring angels own'd
God of holiness and grace.
O for hearts and tongues to sing

“Glory, glory to our King!”
4 Jesus, on thy people shine ;

Warm our hearts and tune our tongues ;
That with angels we may join,
Share their bliss and swell their songs.
Glory, honour, praise and power,
Lord, be thine for evermore !

63 JEJUS is gone up on high,

But his promise still is here:
He will all our wants supply,
He will send the Comforter.

2 Let us now his promise plead ;

Let us to his throne draw nigh :
Jesus knows his people's need;

Jesus hears his people's cry.
3 Send us, Lord, the Comforter,

Pledge and witness of Thy love;
Dwelling with Thy people here,

Leading them to joys above.
4 Till we reach the promis'd rest,

Till Thy face unveil'd we see,
Of this Comforter possess'd,
Teach us, Lord, to live to Thee.

64 TH'atoning work is done!

The precious blood is shed !
And Jesus now is gone

His people's cause to plead.
He stands in heaven their Great High Priest,
And bears their name upon

his breast. 2 No temple made with hands

His place of service is ;
In heaven itself He stands ;

A heavenly priesthood his.
In Him the shadows of the law

Are all fulfilled, and now withdraw. 3 And though awhile He be Hid from the

eyes His people look to see

Their Great High Priest again : In brightest glory He will come, And take his waiting people home.

of men,


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