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65 THOU art gone up on high,

To mansions in the skies;
And round Thy throne unceasingly

The songs of praise arise.
2 But we are lingering here,

With sin and care oppressed ;
Lord, send Thy promised Comforter,

And lead us to our rest.
3 Thou art gone up on high ;

But Thou shalt come again,
With all the armies of the sky

Attendant in thy train.
4 Oh! by Thy saving power,

So make us live and die,
That we may stand in that dread hour

At Thy right hand on high !


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66 O THOU, that once in fiery tongues Cam'st down in

Come visit ev'ry heart that longs

To entertain Thee too :
2 And though not like the mighty wind,

Nor with a rushing noise :
May we Thy calmer comforts find,

And hear Thy still small voice :
3 We pray to be renew'd within

And reconcil'd to God:
To have our conscience purg'd from sin

With the Redeemer's blood.

67 WHEN the blest Spirit of our God,

Came down his flock to find ;
A voice from heav'n was heard abroad,

A rushing mighty wind.
2 Nor doth the outward ear alone,

At that high warning start ;
Conscience gives back th' appalling tone,

'Tis echo'd in the heart.
3 It fills the church of God, it fills
The sinful world around

Only in stubborn hearts and wills,

No place for it is found.
4 Come, Lord, come wisdom, love, and power;

Open our ears to hear,
Let us not miss th' accepted hour,

Save, Lord, by love, or fear.

68 SPIRIT of mercy, truth, and love,

O shed Thy influence from above;
And still from age to age convey

The wonders of this sacred day.
2 In every clime, by every tongue,

Be God's amazing glory sung ;
Let all the listening earth be taught

The wonders by the Saviour wrought.
3 Blest Comforter and heavenly Guide,

Still with the Church of Christ abide ;
Still let our souls Thy blessings prove,
Spirit of mercy, truth, and love.

69 COME, Holy Spirit, come ;

Let Thy bright beams arise :
Dispel the darkness from our minds,

all our eyes.
2 Revive our drooping faith;

Our doubts and fears remove ;
And kindle in our breasts the flames

Of never-dying love.


Convince us of our sin,

Then lead to Jesu's blood;
And to our wondering view reveal

The secret love of God.


'Tis Thine to cleanse the heart,

To sanctify the soul,
To pour fresh light on every part,

And new create the whole.


Dwell, therefore, in our hearts;

Our minds from bondage free;
Then shall we know, and praise, and love,

The Father, Son, and Thee.

70 HOLY GHOST! inspire our praises,

Shed abroad a Saviour's love ;
While we chant the name of Jesus,

Deign on ev'ry heart to move.
Source of sweetest consolation !

Breathe Thy peace on all below;
Bless, O bless this congregation,

Bid our hearts with influence glow.

2 Come with heav'nly inspiration,

Jesus in our souls reveal ;
Manifest his great salvation,

As Thine own our spirits seal.
Light Divine, on darkness shining,

Deign the light of truth to give ;
Every grace and joy combining,

May we to Thy glory live.

3 Hail, ye spirits bright and glorious,

High exalted round the throne !
Now with you we join in chorus,

Lord we call our own.
God to us his Son hath given,

Saints, your noblest anthems raise !
All in earth and all in heaven,

Shout the great Jehovah's praise !

71 COME, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,

And lighten with celestial fire!
Thou the Anointing Spirit art,
Who dost Thy sevenfold gifts impart:
Thy blessed unction from above
Is comfort, life, and fire of love.

2 Teach us to know the Father, Son,

And Thee of both, to be but One ;
That, through the ages all along,



song : Praise to Thy eternal merit, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit !

be our

72 SPIRIT Divine! attend our prayer,

And make this house Thy home;
Descend with all Thy gracious power, -

O come, Great Spirit, come!
2 Come as the Light,-to us reveal

Our emptiness and woe;
And lead us in those paths of life,

Where all the righteous go. 3 Come as the Fire,-and purge our hearts

Like sacrificial flame;
Let our whole souls an offering be

To our Redeemer's name.
4 Come as the Dove,-and spread Thy wings,

The wings of peaceful love ;
And let the Church on earth become

Blest as the Church above.

73 GRACIOUS SPIRIT, Love divine,

Let Thy light around us shine !
All our guilty fears remove,

Fill us with Thy peace and love !
2 Pardon to the contrite give,

Bid the wounded sinner live;
Lead us to the Lamb of God,

Wash us in his precious blood !
3 Earnest Thou of heavenly rest,

Comfort every troubled breast;
Life, and joy, and peace impart,
Sanctifying every heart.!

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