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176 HEAR, O Lord! on Thee I call;

Prostrate at Thy feet I fall;
O, make haste, to Thee I cry;
Hear in mercy, and draw nigh.

2 Keep me from each tempting snare,

Make and keep my conscience clear ;
While surrounding foes despise,
On Thy truth I fix my eyes.

3 All my trust is in Thy Word;

Cast not out my soul, O Lord ;
Guard me till the danger 's past;
O receive my soul at last.

177 AS pants the hart for cooling streams,

- When heated in the chase :
So longs my soul, O God, for Thee

And Thy refreshing grace.

2 For Thee, my God, the living God,

My thirsty soul doth pine :
O, when shall I behold Thy face?

Thou Majesty divine.

3 Why restless, why cast down, my soul?

Hope still, and thou shalt sing
The praise of Him who is thy God,
Thy health's eternal spring.

178 O

LORD! I would delight in Thee,

And on Thy care depend;
To Thee in every trouble flee,

My best, my only friend.
2 When all created streams are dried,

Thy fulness is the same;
May I with this be satisfied,

And glory in Thy name!
3 Why should the soul a drop bemoan,

Which has a fountain near ?
A fountain that will ever run

With waters sweet and clear.
4 No good in creatures can be found,

But may be found in Thee;
I must have all things, and abound,

While God is God to me.
5 O, that I had a stronger faith!

To look within the veil,
To credit what my Saviour saith,

Whose word can never fail.
6 O Lord ! I cast my care on Thee :

I triumph and adore :
Henceforth my great concern shall be
· To love and please Thee more.

Y only Saviour, when I feel

O’erwhelm'd in spirit, faint, opprest, 'Tis sweet to tell Thee, while I kneel Low at Thy feet, “ Thou art my rest.”

2 When with a trembling heart I try

My state by truth's unerring test,
Oft it condemns me; then I fly

To Thee for pardon, Thee for rest.
3 I'm weary of the strife within ;

Strong powers against my soul contest; 0, let me turn from self and sin

To Thy dear cross ! there, there is rest.

180 O THOU, from whom all goodness flows,

I lift my heart to Thee;
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,

O Lord, remember me!
2 When on my aching, burden'd heart

My sins lie heavily,
Thy pardon grant, Thy peace impart,

In love remember me!
3 When trials sore obstruct my way,

And ills I cannot flee,
0, let my strength be as my day,

For good remember me !
4 If on my face, for Thy lov'd name,

; Shame and reproach shall be,
All hail reproach, and welcome shame,

If Thou remember me!
5 When in the solemn hour of death

I wait Thy just decree,
Be this the prayer of my last breath,

O Lord, remember me!

181 O GOD of Bethel, by whose hand

Thy people still are fed,
Who through this weary pilgrimage

Hast all our fathers led,
2 Our vows, our prayers, we now present

Before Thy throne of grace !
God of our fathers, be the God

Of their succeeding race !
3 Through each perplexing path of life

Our wand'ring footsteps guide;
Give us each day our daily bread,

And raiment fit provide !
4 0, spread Thy cov'ring wings around,

Till all our wand'rings cease,
And at our Father's lov'd abode

Our souls arrive in peace !

182 TO heaven my restless heart aspires !

1 O for a quickening ray
To wake and warm my faint desires,

And cheer the toilsome way!
2 My Guardian, my Almighty Friend,

On Thee my soul would rest;
On Thee alone my hopes depend;

Be near, and I am blest.

183 COME, my soul, Thy suit prepare,

Jesus loves to answer prayer;
He himself has bid thee pray,
Therefore will not say thee nay,

2 Thou art coming to a King,

Large petitions with thee bring ;
For his grace and power are such,

None can ever ask too much.
3 With my burden I begin;

Lord, remove this load of sin;
Let Thy blood, for sinners spilt,

Set my conscience free from guilt.
.4 Lord, I come to Thee for rest,

Take possession of my breast;
There Thy blood-bought right maintain,

And without a rival reign.
5 While I am a pilgrim here,

Let Thy love my spirit cheer;
As my Guide, my Guard, my friend,
Lead me to my journey's end.

184 WHEN, overwhelm'd with grief,

' My heart within me dies, Helpless and far from all relief,

To heaven I lift mine eyes. 2 O, lead me to the Rock

That's high above my head,
And make the covert of Thy wings

My shelter and my shade!
3 Within Thy presence, Lord,

For ever I'll abide;
Thou art the tower of my defence,

The refuge where I hide.

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