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specifically the tendency of Bishop Blomfield's influence, was to raise the Clergy to the mental stature requisite for such an encounter with the giant growth of man's intellect, and to train them to the use of that spiritual armour which alone can avail to the "pulling down of strong holds,” to the “casting down of imaginations, and of every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God,” is another fact which invests the history of that period with uncommon interest.

Forasmuch, then, as God, in the spiritual as in the natural world, works through a gradation of consecutive operations, every successive growth and display of life in the progress of His purpose being the fruit of an antecedent development of the same life, it did appear to the author of these pages that a retrospect of the Church's history during the Episcopate of Bishop Blomfield,—forming an important link between the past and the future of the Church,-might be of no small service. Having undertaken it under the influence of these views and convictions, he now sends forth the result of his labours, albeit not insensible of the contrast between the loftiness of his theme and the humble character of his performance, yet with the earnest hope and fervent prayer, that it may not prove altogether useless to those who have a mind to “ discern this time."

Roehampton, June 1857.


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of the Cholera-Its ravages in the Metropolis – Cholera

Prevention Bills—Their Godless Character-Impiety in the

House of Commons- National Recognition of the Provi-

dence of God-General Fast, Bishop Blomfield's Direc-

tions to the Clergy–His Sermon at the Chapel Royal

Divine Government of the World-Nations Instruments

in God's Hand- The Church of Christ and the Kingdoms

of the Earth-Retrospect of the Recent History of the

World—The War with France - Success dearly Bought

— Poisoned Cup of Prosperity — Sagacity of Bishop Blom-

field's Mind - Its Hesitation and its Boldness — Con.

fession of National Sin-Searching Questions-Neglect of

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