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5 The rolling ocean'

60 let us to

* The depths of earth are in his hand— Montoons" **

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syast abyss
# the same sovereig right is his;
'Tis moved by his #. hand,
That formed and fixed the solid land.
his courts re air,
And bow in adoration i. -
ith joy and fear, devoutly, all
Beforé the Lord, our Maker, fall.

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3 Come, Worship at his throne;
Come, bow before the Lord.

We are his Works, and not our own:
He formed us by his word.

*To-day attend his voice,
Wordåre provoke his rod; -
Come, like the people of his choice,
o own your gracious God.

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1 CoME, thou almighty King,
Help us thy name to sing-
#. us to praise. *
Father all-glorious,
O'er all victorious,
Come and reign over us,
Ancient of days.

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6, 7s M. - Humble Worship. ! WHEN before thy throne we kneel y

Filled with awe and holy fear,

Teach us, O our God, to feel *All thy sacred preSence near.

? Check each Proud and wandering thought When on thy great name we cais, * Is nought—is less than nought: hou, our od, art all in all. 3 Weak, imperfect creatures, we In this vale of darkness dwell 3 *Presume to look to thee idst thy light ineffable. 49, receive the praise that dares eek thy heaven-exalted throne;

less our offerings, hear our ayers Infinite and Holy One : pr >



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4 While in thy house of prayer we kneel
With trust and holy fear,
Thy mercy and thy truth reveal,
And lend a gracious ear.
5 With fervor teach our hearts to pray,
And tune our lips to sing;
Nor from thy presence cast away
The sacrifice we bring.

8. - C. M. *TATE. Going to Church. Ps. 122. 1 O’Twas a joyful sound to hear Our tribes devoutly say, • Up, Israel, to the temple haste, * keep your festal day.” 2 At Salem's courts we must appear With our assembled powers, In strong and beauteous order ranged Like her united towers. 3 'Tis thither, by divine command, The tribes of God repair, Before his ark to celebrate His name with praise and prayer. 4 O, ever pray for Salem's peace; For they shall prosperous be, Thou holy city of our Goa. Who bear true love to thee. 5 May peace within thy sacred walls A constant guest be found — With plenty and prosperity Thy palaces be crowned. 6 For my dear brethren's sake, and friends No less than brethren dear, I'll pray, ‘May peace in Salem's towers A * guest appear.’

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