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2 Before the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and blessed, and brake;
What love through all his actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace he spake! 3 'This is my body, broke for sin ;

Receive and eat the living food;'
Then took the cup, and blessed the wine :

« 'Tis the new covenant in my blood.' 4. Do this,' he cried, 'till time shall end,

In memory of your dying Friend;
Meet at my table, and record

The love of your departed Lord.' 5 Jesus ! thy feast we celebrate;

We show thy death, we sing thy name,
Till thou return, and we shall eat
The marriage supper of the Lamb.

L. M.

ANONYMOUS "This do in Remembrance of Me.' 1 "This do in memory of your Friend.

Such was the Savior's last request,
Who all the pangs of death endured,

That we might live forever blessed. 2 Yes, we'll record thy matchless love,

Thou dearest, tenderest, best of friends!
Thy dying love the noblest praise

Of long eternity transcends.
3 'T'is pleasure more than earth can give,

Thy goodness through these veils to see;
Thy table food celestial yields,

And happy they who sit with thee. 4 But 0, whát vast transporting joys Shall fill our breast, our tongues

3 Com


When, joined with the celestial train,
Our grateful souls thy love admire !
5 When these vile bodies, all refined,

Perfect and glorious as thy own,
Unwearied shall our minds obey,
And join in worship near the throne.


As fa 4 Com

Ther Subd And


532. C. M.

Christ's Law of Love.
1 YE followers of the Prince of peace,

Who round his table draw!
Remember what his spirit was

What his peculiar law.
2 The love which all his bosom filled

Did all his actions guide;
Inspired by love, he lived and taught;

Inspired by love, he died.
3 And do you love him ? do you feel

Your warm affection move ?
This is the proof which he demands, –

That you each other love.

1 F V M G 21 M H H 31




533. L. M.

Commemoration of Christ's Death.
1 Thus we commemorate the day

On which our dearest Lord was slain :
Thus we our pious homage pay,

Till he appear on earth again.
2 Come, great Redeemer, open wide

The curtains of the parting sky';
On a bright cloud in triumph ride,
And on the wind's swift pinions fly.

2 He

Apt And 'The

3 Come, King of kings, with thy bright train,

Cherubs and seraphs, heavenly hosts;
Assume thy right, enlarge thy reign

As far as earth extends her coasts. 4 Come, Lord, and where thy cross once slood,

There plant thy banner, fix thy throne;
Subdue the rebels by thy word,
And claim the nations for thy own.

534. 8s & 7 M. ANONYMOUS

Desiring to imitate Christ. 1 From the table now retiring,

Which for us the Lord hath spread,
May our souls, refreshment finding,

Grow in all things like our Head. 2 His example by beholding,

May our lives his image bear;
Him our Lord and Master calling,

His commands may we revere.
3 Love to God and man displaying,

Walking steadfast in his way,
Joy attend us in believing!
Peace from God, through endless day!

L. M.

The Memorial of our absent Lord.
1 Jesus is gone above the skies,

Where our weak senses reach him not;
And carnal objects court our eyes

To thrust our Savior from our thought. 2 He knows what wandering hearts we have,

Apt to forget his lovely face;
And, to refresh our minds, he gave
These kind memorials of his grace.



3 Let sinful sweets be all forgot,

And earth grow less in our esteem;
Christ and his love fill every thought,

And faith and hope be fixed on him. 4 Whilst he is absent from our sight,

'Tis to prepare our souls a place, That we may dwell in heavenly light, And live forever near his face.

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C. M.

Room at the Lord's Table.
1 Millions of souls, in glory now,

Were fed and feasted here;
And million's more, still on the way,

Around the board appear.
2 Yet is his house and heart so large

That millions more may come ;
Nor could the whole assembled world

O'erfill the spacious room.
3 All things are ready; come away,

Nor weak excuses frame; Crowd to your places at the feast,

And bless the Founder's name.

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Christ's Love our Examples 1 JESUS, the Friend of man,

Invites us to his board ;
The welcome summons we obey,

And own our gracious Lord.



2 Here we survey that love,

Which spoke in every breath,
Prompted each action of his life,

And triumphed in his death.
3 Here let our powers unite

His honored name to raise ;
Let grateful joy fill every mind,

And every voice be praise.
4 One faith, one hope, one Lord,; !

One God alone we know;
Brethren we are ; let every heart

With kind affections glow.
5 Warmed with our Master's love,

And thy unmeasured grace,
Lord! let our thankful hearts expand,

And all mankind embrace.

S. M.

Invitations to the Table.
1 Our heavenly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near;
With both, our friendship shall be sweet,

And our communion dear.
2 God pities all our griefs ;

He pardons every day;
Almighty to protect our souls,

And wise to guide our way.
3 Jesus, our living Head,

We bless thy faithful care;
Our Advocate before the throne,
And our Forerunner there!

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