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Who, from sin's contagion free,
Lifts his willing soul to thee.
3 He who thus, with heart unstained,
Treads the path by thee ordained,
He shall towards thy chosen seat
Turn, O Lord, his favored feet;
He thy ceaseless care shall o
He shall share thy constant love.

409. L. M. MontgomeRY, Who shall stand in his holy Place 3 Ps. 24. 1 THE earth is thine, Jehovah; thine Its peopled realms and wealthy stores; Built on the floods by power divine, The waves are ramparts to the shores.

2. But who shall reach thy holy place,
Or who, O Lord, ascend thy hill?
The pure in heart shall see thy face,
The perfect man that doth thy will.

3 He who to bribes hath closed his hand,
To idols never bent the knee
Nor sworn in falsehood,—he shall stand
Redeemed, and owned, and kept by thee.

410. L. M. SIR. H. Wotton, The independent and happy Man.

! How happy is he born or tau ht,
Who serveth not another's wif:
Whose armor is his honest thought,
And simple truth his highest j.

* Whose passions not his masters are ;
Whose soul is still prepared for death;
Not tied unto the worlä with are
o, onces ear or vulgar breath;

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3 Who God doth late and early pray
More of his grace than goods to lend,
And walks with man, from o to day,
As with a brother and a friend.

4. This man is freed from servile bands
Of hope to rise, or fear to fall;
Lord of himself, though not of lands,
And having nothing, yet hath all.

411. C. M. ANoNYMoUs. The true Riches. Ps. 37.

1 WITH mines of wealth are sinners poor,
Unblessing and unblessed;
But rich the man, whate'er his store,
Of inward peace possessed.

2 At tender pity's urgent call
His mite is gladly given;
Though poor #. ift, the offering small,
Its record stands in heaven.

3 Ne'er shall he be, in life, bereft
Of God's protecting care;
Nor yet his duteous offspring left
Unsolaced ills to bear.

4 And mark the Christian's dying hour!
No fears, no doubts annoy;
His trust is in his Father's power,
His end is peace and joy.

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Eager the doubting heart inquires,
“O who will show us any good?'

2. But happy they who serve the Lord,
And in his holy name believe;
They know, from his all-gracious word,
That he will every want relieve.

3 When humbly offering at his shrine
The grateful io of the heart,
The Lord will hear, and grace divine
In rich and copious streams impart.

4 Worldlings, who wealth and honors love,
Full many a weary vigil keep ;
But he whose treasure is above,
Shall rest secure, and sweetly sleep.

413. L. M. *Montgomery. The Christian JWarrior.

1 THE Christian warrior, see him stand
In the whole armor of his God;
The spirit's sword is in his hand;
His feet are with the gospel shod.

2 In angply of truth complete,
Salvation's helmet on his head,
With righteousness, a breastplate meet,
And faith's broad shield before him spread.

3 With this omnipotence he moves;
From this the alien armies flee;
Till more than conqueror he proves,
Through Christ, who gives him victory.

4 Thus strong in his Redeemer's strength, Sin, death, and hell he tramples down,Fights the good fight; and takes at length, Togo. mercy, an immortal crown.

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2 Here danger like a giant stands,
Mustering his pale, terrific bands;
There pleasure's silken banners spread,
And willing souls are captive led.
3 See where rebellious passions rage,
And fierce desires and lusts engage;
The meanest foe of all the train
Has thousands and ten thousands slain.
4 Thou tread'st upon enchanted ground;
Perils and snares beset thee round :
Beware of all; guard every part;
But most the traitor in thy heart.
5 Come, then, my soul! now learn to wield
The weight of thine immortal shield;
Put on the armor from above
Of heavenly truth, and heavenly love.
6 The terror and the charm repel,
And powers of earth, and powers of hell;
The Man of Calvary triumphed here:
Why should his faithful followers fear?

415. C. M.

The Christian Race.
1 Awake, my soul! stretch every nerve,
And press with vigor on ;
A heavenly race demands thy zeal,
And an immortal crown.

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2 A cloud of witnesses around
Hold thee in full survey:
Forget the steps already trod,
And onward urge thy way.

3 'Tis God's all-animating voice
That calls thee from on high;
'Tis his own hand presents the prize
To thine aspiring eye;—

4 That prize with peerless glories bright,
Which shall new lustre boast,
When victors' wreaths and monarchs' gems
Shall blend in common dust.

416. L. M. AnonyMOUs, Rising with Christ. 1 YE faithful souls, who Jesus know,If risen indeed with him ye are,

Superior to the joys below,-
His resurrection's power declare.

2 Your faith by holy tempers prove;
By actions show your sins forgiven;
And seek the glorious things above,
And follow Christ, your Head, to heaven.

3 To him continually aspire,
Contending for your native place;
And emulate the angel-choir,
And only live to love and praise.

4 Your real life, with Christ concealed, Deep in the Father's bosom lies; And, glorious as your Head revealed, - Yoon shall meet him in the skies.

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