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So, to the Jews, old Canaan stood,
While Jordan rolled between.

4 But timorous mortals start and shrink,
To cross this narrow sea,
And linger, shivering on the brink,
And fear to launch away.

5 O, could we make our doubts remove, –
Those gloomy doubts that rise,
And see the Canaan that we love
With unbeclouded eyes;

6 Could we but climb where Moses stood,
And view the landscape o'er,
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood,
Should fright us from the shore.

488. L. M. MRs. STEELE. The glorious World on High.

1 THERE is a glorious world on high,
Resplendent with eternal day;
Faith views the blissful prospect nigh,
And God's own word reveals the way.

2 There shall the servants of the Lord
With neverading lustre shine;
Surprising honors large reward,
Conferred on man by love divine!

3 The shining firmament shall fade,
And sparkling stars resign their light;
But these shall know no change nor shade,
Forever fair, forever bright.

4. No fancied joy beyond the sky,
No fair delusion is revealed;
'Tis God that speaks, who cannot lie,
And all his word must be fulfilled.

5 And shall not these cold hearts of ouro
Be kindled at the glorious view?
Come, Lord, awake our active powers,
Our feeble, dying strength renew.

6 On wings of faith and strong desire
O may our spirits daily rise; , .
And reach at last the shining choir,
In the bright mansions of the skies.

489. C. M. +DoDDRIDGE. Farewell to Life, in View of Heaven. 1 Ye golden lamps of heaven! farewell, ith all your feeble light: Farewell, thou ever changio; moon, Pale empress of the night! 2 And thou, refulgent orb of day, In brighter flames arrayed Mo which springs beyond thy sphere, o more demands thine aid. 3 Ye stars are but the shining dust Of my divine abode, The o of those o courts. Where I shall reign with God. 4 The Father of eternal light Shall there his beams display; Nor shall one moment's darkness mix With that unvaried day. 5 No more the drops of piercing grief Shall swell into mine eyes; Nor the meridian sun decline, , Amid those brighter skies. 6. There all the millions of our race Shall in one song unite; And each the bliss of all shall view No. infinite delight.

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490. 8s M. ANoNYMous. Prospect of the heavenly Jerusalem.

1 Away with our sorrow and fear,
We soon shall recover our home;
The city of saints shall appear,
The day of eternity come.
From earth we shall quickly remove,
And mount to our native abode,
The house of our Father above,
The palace of angels and God.

2. By faith we already behold
#. lovely Jerusalem here;
Her walls are of jasper and gold,
As crystal her buildings are clear:
Immovably founded in grace,
She stands, as she ever hath stood,
And brightly her Builder displays,
And flames with the glory of God.

3 No need of the sun in that day,
Which never is followed by night,
Where Christ doth his brightness display,
A pure and a permanent light;
The Lamb is their light and their sun;
And, lo! by reflection they shine,
With Jesus ineffably one,
And bright in effulgence divine!

491. C. M. STENNETT, Prospect of the promised Land. 1 ON Jordan’s ‘. banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye To Canaan's fair and happy land, Where my possessions É.

2 O the transporting, rapturous scene
That rises to my sight!
Sweet fields, arrayed in living green,
And rivers of .
3 There generous fruits, that never fail,
On trees immortal grow ;
There rocks, and hills, and brooks, and Vale,
With milk and honey flow.

4 All o'er those wide-extended plains
Shines one eternal day;
There God, the sun, forever reigns,
And scatters might away.
5 No chilling winds or poisonous breath
Can reach that healthful shore;
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death,
Are felt and feared no more.

6 When shall I reach that happy place,
And be forever blest ?
When shall I see my Father's face,
And in his bosom rest ? .

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1 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings,
Thy better portion trace;
Rise from o things,
Towards heaven, thy native place:
Sun, and moon, and stars decay,
Time shall soon this earth remove;
Rise, my soul, and haste away
To seats prepared above.

2 Rivers to the ocean run,
Nor stay in all their course;
Fire ascending seeks the sun, -
Borced them to their source:

So a soul that’s born of God
Pants to view his glorious face,
Upward tends to his abode,
To rest in his embrace.

3 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn,
Press onward to the prize;
Soon our Savior will return,
Triumphant in the skies:
Yet a season, and you know
Happy entrance will be given,
All our sorrows left below,
And earth exchanged for heaven.

493. C. M. WATTs

Triumph in the Assurance of Heaven. 1 WHEN I can read my title clear To mansions in the skies, Ibid farewell to every fear, And wipe my weeping eyes. 2 Should earth against my soul engage And hellish darts be hurled, z Then I can smile at Satan's rage, And face a frowning world.

3 Let cares, like a wild deluge, come,
And storms of sorrow fail 3
May I but safely reach my home,
My God, my heaven, my all;
4 There shall I bathe my weary soul
In seas of heavenly rest;
And not a wave of trouble roll
Across my peaceful breast.

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