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Prayer. Deus, a quo.


counsels, and just works, give to thy servants that peace, which the world cannot give ; that our hearts being disposed to keep thy commandments, and the fear of enemies taken away, the times, thro' thy protection, may be peaceable. Thro'. R. Amen. V. May the Lord, &c.

V. Do

tus, &c. R. Et R. And with, &c. V. Let cum, &c. V. Benedicamus us bless the Lord. R. Thanks Domino. R. Deo gratias, be to God. V. May the V. Fidelium animæ per mi. souls of the faithful de- sericordiam Dei requiesparted, thro’ the mercy of cant in pace. R. Amen. God, rest in peace. R. Amen.

When Complin is not said immediately after Vespers; after the V. May the souls, and our Father in Secret, is said:

V. May the Lord grant V. Dominus det nobis us his peace, R. And life

suam pacem.

R. Et vitam everlasting. Amen. æterpam. Then is said the proper Anthem of the B. V. Mary, as

at the end of Complin.



The Reader Begins : RAY, Sir your UBE, Domine, benediblessing.

THE BLESSING. AY the Lord Almighty grant us a quiet night, and a happy end. R. Amen.



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sary, the Devil, goeth about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour ; whom resist ye strong in faith. And thou, O Lord, have mercy on us.

R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias.

V. Our help is in the V. Adjutorium nostrum name of the Lord. R. in nomine Domini. R. Who made both heaven Qui fecit cælum et terram. and earth. After Our Father in Secret the Celebrant says the

Confiteor ; after which the Choir answers : V. May almighty God V. Misereatur tui omnibe merciful to thee, forgive potens Deus, et dimissis thee thy sins, and bring peccatis tuis, perducat te ad thee to life everlasting. R. vitam æternam. R. Amen Amen. Then all say the Confiteor, as p. 35. After which the

Celebrant says: V. May almighty God V. Misereatur vestri ombare mercy on you, forgive nipotens Deus, et dimissis you your sins, and bring peccatis vestris, perducat you to life everlasting. R. vos ad vitam æternam. R. Amen.

Amen. V. May the almighty V. Indulgentiam, absoand merciful Lord grant as lutionem, et remissionem pardon, absolution, and re peccatorum nostrorum trimission of our sins. R. buat nobis omnipotens, et Amen.

misericors Dominus.

Amen. V. TURN us to thee, O V. VONVERTE nos, God, our Saviour,

Deus salutaris nosR. And turn away thy ter. R. Et averte iram tuwrath from us.

am a nobis. V. O God, come thou V. Deus, in adjutorium 10 my assistance. R. O meum intende. R. DoLord, make baste to help mine, ad adjuvandum me

festina. V. Glory. Alleluia V. Gloria. Alleluia.

In the Paschal time.
Anth. Alleluia.

Ant. Alleluia.
After the Paschal time.
Anth. Have mercy.

Ant. Miserere.

Psalm iv.
HEN I called

YUM invocarem, exauhim, the God of divit me Deus justitiæ








care :

my justice heard me;

meæ ; *in tribulatione dilawhen I was in straits, thou tasti mihi. didst set me at large. Have mercy on me ;

Miserere mei ; *et exauand now hear my prayer.

di orationem meam. Oye children of men,

Filii hominum, usquehow long will you be dull quo gravi corde ?* Ut quid of heart? * Why do you diligitis vanitatem, et quælove vanity, and seek after ritis mendacium? lies?

But know that the Lord Et scitote quoniam mirihath made wonderful his ficavit Dominus sanctum holy one;

* the Lord will suum ; *Dominus exaudihear me, when I cry out to et me, cum clamavero ad him.

Be angry and sin t not; Irascimini, & nolite pec* be sorry on your beds, for * quæ dicitis in corthe designs you form in your dibus vestris, in cubilibus hearts.

vestris compungimini. Sacrifice a sacrifice of righteousness, and hope in Sacrificate sacrificium the Lord; many say, justitiæ, & sperate in Dowho sheweth us' good mino :* multi dicunt, quis things?

ostendit nobis bona ? The light of thy counte- Signatum est super nos nance, O Lord, is stamped lumen vultus tui, Domine* upon us ; * thou hast given dedisti lætitiam in corde gladness to my heart.

In the fruit of their corn, A fructu frumenti, vini, their wine, and oil: * & olei sui ; * multiplicati they grown rich.

sunt. In perfect peace : * will In pace, in id ipsum ;* I sleep and take my rest;

dormiam & requiescam. For singularly, $ 0 Quoniam tu, Domine, Lord, in hope * thou hast singulariter in spe,* constisettled me.

tuisti me.

Psalm xxx. N

N N te, Domine, speravi, hoped, never let me be non confundar in æterconfounded : * but accord- num ;*in justitia tua libera ing to thy justice rescue me.





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+ Expl. Sin not in your anger. Or When I was abandoned and alone,

Turn to me thine ear ;* Inclina ad me aurem tumake haste to rescue me. am ;*accelera ut eruas me. Be unto me a protecting

Esto mihi in Deum proGod, and a place of re- tectorem, & in domum refuge:* that thou may'st fugii :* ut salvum me fa, save me.

cias. For my strength and my Quoniam fortitudo mea, refuge art thou alone :* & refugium meum es tu :* for the sake of thy own propter nomen tuum eduname wilt thou bring me ces me, & enutries me. out, and feed me.

Thou wilt bring me out Educes me de laquea of this snare, which they hoc, quem absconderunt have hid for me:* for thou mihi :* quoniam tu es proart my protector.

tector meus. Into thy hands I recom- In manus tuas commenmend my spirit: thou hast do spiritum meum :* reredeemed me, O Lord, the demisti me, Domine, Deus, God of trutht.


Psalm xc.
E that taketh up his UI habitat in adjuto-

abode in the aid of rio altissimi : *in prothe most high: shall re- tectione Dei cæli commomaio under the protection rabitur. of the God of heaven.

He shall say to the Lord : Dicet domino ; suscepThou art my protector, tor meus es tu, refugium and my refuge :* he is my meum; * Deus meus, speGod, in him will I hope. rabo in eum.

For it is he, who bath Quoniam ipse liberavit delivered me from the snare me de laqueo venantium; of those that hunted me :* & a verbo aspero. and from their threats.

With his shoulders will Scapulis suis obumbrabit he still cover thee :* and tibi; *& sub pennis ejus under his wings shalt thou sperabis. still hope.

His trutht shall encom- Scuto circumdabit te vepass thee with a shield:* ritas ejus ; non timebis à thou shalt not fear the ter- timore nocturno. rors of the night.

Expl. Who art always true to thy word. + Expl. The effect of his promise shall be thy shield.



Nor the arrow Aying in A sagittà volante in die, the day, nor the mischief a negotio perambulante in stalking in the dark :* nor tenebris; *ab incursu, & an assault, or the noon-day dæmonio meridiano. devils.

A thousand shall fall on Cadent a latere tuo milthy left, and ten thousand le & decem millia a dexon thy right:* but to thee teris tuis ; *ad te autem he shall not approach. non appropinquabit.

However thou shalt con- Verumtamen oculis tuis template with thine own considerabis; ** retributioeyes : and thou shalt see

nem peccatorum videbis. the reward of sinners.

Thou truly, O Lord, art Quoniam tu es, Domine, my hope :* very high hast spes mea; *altissimum pothou placed thy place of suisti refugium tuum. refuge.

There no evil shall come Non accedet ad te mato thee: *

nor shall any lum; flagellum non scourge come near thy appropinquabit tabernaculo dwelling.

tuo. For to his angels hath Quoniam angelis suis he given a charge over mandavit de te; *ut custothee:* to guard thee in all diant te in omnibus viis tuis. thy ways.

They shall bear thee on In manibus portabunt te; their hands :* lest perhaps * ne forte offendas ad lapithou hit thy foot against a dem pedem tuum. stone.

On the asp and the basi- Super aspidem & basilislisk shalt thou tread :* and cum ambulabis; thou shalt trample on the culcabis leonem & dracolion and dragon. Since he hath hoped in

Quoniam in me sperame, I will rescue him:* I vit, liberabo eum: prowill protect him, since he tegam eum,


coghath knownt my name. novit nomen meum. He shall cry out to me,

Clamabit ad me, et ego and I will hear him : *with exaudiam eum ; *cum ipso him I am in his distress: I sum in tribulatione ; eripiwill rescue him, and make am eum, & glorificabo eum. him glorious.

§ Expl. A raging pestilential air at noon-day. p Expl. Acknowledged me to be the true God, and respected my name.

* & con



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