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Examine thy self and repent, before thou prelune to

eat of that bread and drink of that cup.

Weeks Preparation

For a Worthy receiving of the Lords Supper, As Recommended and Appointed by the CHURCH of ENGLAND:

: : Confisting of MEDITATIONS and PRAYERS for the Morning and Evening of every Day in the Week;

WITH FORMS of Exammation and Confessionof Sins

* AND :: A Companion at the Altar, Directing the Communicantin his Bebaviourand Devotions at the LORDS TABLE :

ALSO INSTRUCTIONS how to live mell,

after receiving the HOLY SACRAMENT.

To which are added A Morning and Evening Prayer for the ClosetorFamily

Ι ο Ν D Ο Ν. Printed only for W.BENT. at the Kings Arms,

Pater nofter row. .

138. g.104.

CEORGE the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britá,

France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all to whomwa those Presents shall come, Greeting : WHEREAS our "Trusty and Well be loved Edward Wickfeed, of our City of London, Bookfeller, hath humbly represented to us, That he is now, Printing a New Edition (with Improvemenes) of a Work, Entitled, The New Week's Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of

the LORD'S SUPPER, ás recommended and appointed by the Church of England, &c. In two parts.

AND whereas the faid Edebar Wicksteed has informed us, that the said Work has been perfected with great Labour, Study, aud Expeńce.** He has therefore humbly prayed Us to grant to him the lid Edward, Wicksteed, Our Royal Privilege, Licence, and AUTHORITY, for the SOLĖ Printing, Publishing, and Vending the said Work, in as ample Manter and Form as has ever been done in Cases of the like Nature, il

WE being graciously inclined to give all due Encouragement to Works that may be of Public Use ard Benefit, and especially to those of this Kind, which co greatly tend to the Advancement of Religion, and the geniral Good and Benefit of Mankind, ARE pleased to condescend to his Request, and DO by these Presents (as far as may be agrecable to the Statute in that Cafe made and provided) give and grant to the said Edward Wicksteed, his Executors, Administrators, and aligns, fül) Power, Licence, Privilege, and fole AU. THORITY, for the SOLE Printing, Publishing, and Vending the said Work, together with all and all manner of Amendments, Corrections, Alterations, and Additions of or to the fame; and Our express Will and Pleafure is, alid We do hereby strictly charge, command, and prohibit all and every Person and Persons whatsoever, within Our Dominions, that they, nor any or either of them, presume in any manner of wise to neprint, abridge, or extract the same, or any Part or Parts thereof, either in the like, or in any other Form, or Forms, Volume, or Volumes whatsoever ; OR to import, buy; vend, utter, or difrilute, any Copies thereof, or of any part or Parts thereof, that are or shall be printed or reprinted beyond the Seas, without the AUTHORITY, Calent, or Soprolation of the said Edward Wickheed, hisExecutors, Administrators. 01 Alligns, by Writing under his or their Hands and Seals first had and obtained, as they and every of them offending herein will incur our Royal indignation and Displeasure, and such other Pains and Penalties as by the Laws and Statutes of Our Realms may be in Aicted. WHEREOF the Commissioners and other Officers of our Cuftoms, the Master, Wardens, and Company of Stationers of London, and all other Officers, MiniAters, and others, whom it may concern, are to take Nocice, chat a strict Obedience be given to our Pleasure herein signified..

Givin alan firert at St. James's, &c.

AOD By bij Majefy's Commande


The Preface.

The Week's Preparation,
D Easons for publishing this New L Jaculations when we awake.

Week's Preparation Page it when we arise.
Keble's week's preparation exceed - |

ing faulty, as it abounds with many For Monday.

lewd and scandalous expressions. A meditation for the morning.
Such language fitter for a serijual lo- A prayer for the morning.

ver than a worshipper of the all| A meditation for the evening.
- pure, and all-knowving God. A prayer before examination.
Bishop Stilling fleet's testimony a- Directions concerning examinati-


gainst that way of worship. ij"

on. -

The way of worship made use of in

Keble's week's preparation has a form of Examination, viz
greatly contributed towards thel“

decay of cbriftian piety.

Many bonest and well-meaning chri- 2 our neighbour. 19

stians have been thrown into de- l. 3

towards one's self. 22

Spair by it.

. il 4 - if a child.


It has served to bring Religion into

if a parent,

ridicule and contempt, and to bar-

if a brother or fifter.

den the wicked and unthinking

if a wife.

part of mankind against the firil

if a husband. ,

efforts of reformation,

if a servant, no 2

The love of God, as taught by Ke-

ifa maiteror mistress. 29

ble's week's preparation, very

- if a magistrate.

different from that taught us byl

A profesion of godiy sorrow for

Cbrifi bimself, and by St. Yoon. ivl. Morday evening.

The prayers and meditations in this Ejaculations,


New "Week's Preparation arel A prayer of resignation to the will
such as can be warranted from of God.

the word of God itself.

A prayer to conclude our devorior

Bihop Fleetwood's testimony a-! for every day. .

gainst the manner of worship Ejaculations at going to bed. 27

made use of in Keble's week's


For Tuesday.

An account of this work,

VA meditation for the morning. 28

The duty of frequent communicat- a prayer for the morning.


VIA meditation for the evening.

The obligations for preparing our | A prayer for the evening.

felves for the Lord's supper. vi
The communion office must be For Wednesday.
carefully attended to,

viilA meditation for the morning.

The usefuiness of actual prepara- A confession of sins.


viji A prayer for God's mercy

Dr. Waerlard's commendation of A meditation for the evening.

the Weck's Preparation, vüi A prayer for the evening.

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For Thursday.

the exhortation, 107

- A meditation for the morning.

the confession,

| A prayer for the morning.

- the absolution. 110

A meditation for the evening. 66

- the humiliation,

A prayer for the evening.

- the consecration, 114

For Friday.

A prayer after confecration. 115

A prayer when the priest is receive

A meditation for the morning,

70 ing the bread and wine 117

A prayer for the morning. 74 A prayer before receiving. 117

A meditation for the evening. 771 A prayer just before receiving the

A prayer for the evening. -


For Saturday. Directions concerning the receiving

A meditation for the morning. 83 the brcad.


A prayer for the morning. 861 A prayer after the bread. 119

A meditation for the evening. 87

before the cup. 120

A prayer for the evening. 90 Directions concerning the receiving

For Sunday.

the cup.


A meditation for the niorning. A prayer when you have received

A prayer for the morning. 951

e both kinds.


Ejaculations when first come intol A thankigiving when retired from


971. the Lord's table.


A nraver before or after the gravers A short prayer when the communi-

of the church,

Slon-service is ended.


A prayer after sermon.

Instructions how to live well after


Directions before receiving. joil a worthy receiving the holy sa-

The Companion for the Altar.



: A prayer after you have returned

Ejaculations before you leave your **




101 Directions for a christian behaviour

Ejaculations vihen you approach the

in the afternoon on the day we



receive the blessed facrament of

Directions concerning the Offertory: the Lord's supper. 133, 134

A prayer at of uring our alıns. 105 A morning prayer. - 135

Direcions concerning the prayer An evening prayer. - - 139

for the church militant. 1061 A general thankfgiving -

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Published by the same Author,
· The New Week's Preparation ; Part the Se-
cond : Consisting of Meditations, Prayers, and Hymns, suitable for
every Day in the Week, after receiving the Lord's Supper. In which
hosé Doubts and Scruples which are apt to disturb and render the
Minds of devout Comınunicanis uneasy, are clearly stated, and finally
removed. Price is.

Printed for W. BENT, Pater noster row, London.

The Two Parts bound together, price 28. conmon, or 25. 6d.
hack calf,

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