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be given to our blessed Redeemer? O let all who love him, all who love the church and mankind, pray for his smiles on this feeble attempt, that it may be succeeded to these divine purposes.

O thou Almighty and most merciful God, who performest all things for thy people, be pleased to glory thyself and thy Son, Jesus Christ, in granting these most desirable and happy effects, for his sake. AMEN.

So prays, and so will pray your souls' well wisher, your aged brother and friend, in the kingdom and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ.


North-Haven, November 20M, 1803,

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Walter, Austin & Co. (New-Haven,

Conn.) having become Agents for several Paper Mills, can generally furnish to order, any quantities of Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Foolscap Writing Paper; Folio and Quarto do.; Superroyal and Medium Printing do. (various qualities); Brown and Blue Wrapping do. Press Papers, &c.

Blank Account Books, by the 100 reams or less, very cheap.

W. A. &. Co. have constantly on hand a general assortment of BIBLES, SCHOOLBOOKS and STATIONARY, at wholesale and retail, which will be sold as cheap as at any store in Connecticut. They have always a great variety of SPECTACLES, calculated for every age and fancy.

New-Haven, Oct. 1810,

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