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Nor would l urge a speedier flight,
To my celestial home.

Where thou determin'st mine abode,
There would I choose to be;

For in thy presence death is life,
And earth is heav'n with thee.

Hymn 125. C. M.

Old Age. Isaiah xlvi. 4. My flying years, time urges on ; What's mortal must decay; My friends—my youth's companions gone, Can I expect to stay ? Can I exemption plead, when death Projects his awful dart? Can med'cine then prolong my breath? Or virtue shield my heart? Oh! no—then smooth, O Lord, the hour; On thee my hope depends; s"Woo me with almighty pow'r, hile dust to dust descends. Then shall my soul, G gracious God! (While angels guard the way,) With rapture haste to thine abode, To dwell in endless day. Through heav'n, howe'er remote the bound, Thy love I'll then proclaim; And join the choir of saints that sound Their great Redeemer's name.

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And is a father dead?

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Behold, a family bereav'd,
And weeping for their head

What sorrow swells the widow’s breast !
How moving are her tears'

Gone is the friend, who shared her heart,
The friend, who sooth'd her cares.

The children mourn a father's death,
And feel a mother's pain;

Then sorrow moves a mother's heart,
She sees, and weeps again.

Ye mourning friends, approach your God,
His grace can give relief;

The hand which wounds can also heal,
And soften ev'ry grief.

He bids the widow trust in him,
And he's the orphan's friend ;
He'll hear the cry of broken souls,
And peace and comfort send.
Let faith and hope assuage your grief,
And be your hearts resign'd;
For all who wait upon the Lord, -
Shall consolation find. o

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On the Death of a Father. Though nature's voice you must obey, Think, while your swelling griefs o'erflow, That hand which takes your joys away, That sovereign hand can heal your wo. And while your mournful thoughts deplore The father gone, remov’d the friend With heart resign'd, his grace adore, On whom your nobler hopes depend. Does he not bid his children rise, Through death's dark shade, to realms of light?

Yet when he calls them to the skies,
Shall fond survivors mourn their flight 3
4 His word, (here let your soul rely)
Immortal consolation gives;
Your heav'nly Father cannot die,
Jesus, the friend, forever lives.
5 O be that dearest friend your trust,
On his almighty arm recline;
He, when your comforts sink in dust,
Can give you blessings more divine.

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Reanimation.—A Hymn for the Humane Society,

1 WHo, from the gloomy shades of night,
When the last tear of hope is shed,
Can bid the soul return to light,
And break the slumber of the dead :

2 No human skill that heart can warm,
Which the cold blast of nature froze;
Recal to life the perish’d form ;
The secret of the grave disclose.
3 But thou, our saving God, we know,
Canst arm the mortal hand with power
To bid the stagnant pulses flow,
The animating heart restore.
4 Thy will, ere nature's tutor'd hand
Could with young life these limbs unfold;
Did the imprison'd brain expand,
And all its countless fibres told.
5 As from the dust thy forming breath
Could the unconscious being raise;
So can the silent voice of death
Wake at thy call in songs of praise.
6 Since twice to die is ours alone,
And twice the birth of life to see;

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O let us suppliant at thy throne,
Devote our second life to thee.

- * -
Hymn 129. C. M.
JMorning Song.

1 WHEN all the mercies, of my God,

My rising soul surveys;

Why my cold heart art thou not lost,

In wonder, love and praise?

Thy providence my life sustain'd,
And all my wants redrest,

Whilst in the silent womb I lay,
And hung upon the breast.

3 To all my weak complaints and cries

Thy mercy lent an ear,
Ere yet my feeble thoughts had learnt.
To form themselves in prayer.

4 Unnumber'd comforts on my soul

Thy tender care bestow'd,
Before my infant heart conceiv'd
From whom those comforts flow’d.

5 When in the slippery paths of youth

With heedless steps I ran,
Thine arm, unseen, convey’d me safe,

And led me up to man.
Through hidden dangers, toils, and deaths,

It gently clear'd my way;
And through the pleasing snares of vice,
More to be sear'd than they.

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Thy goodness I’ll pursué;
And after death, in #. worlds,
The pleasing theme renew.

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Hymn 130. S. M. JMorning Song. I BEhold the rising sun Pursues his shining way : And wide proclaims his Maker's praise, With ev'ry bright'ning ray. w 2 Thus would my rising soul * Its heav'nly parent sing; And to its great original The humble tribute bring.

2 Serene I laid me down
Beneath his guardian care ;
I slept, and I awoke, and found
My kind preserver near ! .

4 Thus does thine arm support *
This weak, defenceless frame :
But whence these favours, Lord, to me,
So worthless as I am 7

5 O how shall I repay
The bounties of my God 7
This feeble spirit pants beneath
The pleasing, painful load.

6 Blest Saviour, to thy cross
I bring my sacrifice ; -
By thee perfum’d, it shall ascend
With fragrance to the skies.

Hymn 131. S. M.

Evening Hymn.
1 THE day is past and gone,
The ev’ning shades appear,
O may we all remember well
The night of death draws near.

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