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For you the secret tear is shed,
O, shed yourselves a tear !

We pray that you may early prove,
The spirit's power to teach;

You cannot be too young to love
That Jesus whom we preach.

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HAppy is he, whose early years
Receive instruction well ;

Who hates the sinner's path, and fears
The road that leads to hell.

Our youth, devoted to the Lord,
Is pleasing in his eyes,

A flower when offer'd in the bud
Is no vain sacrifice.

'Tis easier work, if we begin
To fear the Lord betimes;

While sinners, who grow old in sin,
Are harden’d in their crimes.

It saves us from a thousand fears,
To mind religion young;

With joy it crowns succeeding years,
And renders virtue strong.

5 To thee, Almighty God, to thee,
Our hearts we now resign ;
*Twill please us to look back and see
That our whole lives were thine.

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; We'll do thy work, we’ll speak thy praise,

Whilst we have life and breath;

Thus we're prepar'd for longer days,
Or fit for early death.

Hymn 139. L. M.
Early Piety. Mat. xii. 20.

1 How soft the words my Saviour speaks :
How kind the promises he makes?
A bruised reed he never breaks,
Nor will he quench the smoking flax.

2 The humble poor he wont despise,
Nor on the contrite sinner frown;
His ear is open to their cries,
He quickly sends salvation down.
3 When piety, in early minds,
Like tender buds, begins to shoot,
He guards the plants from threat'ning winds,
And ripens blossoms into fruit. " " ' '.
4 With humble souls he bears a part
In all the sorrows they endure; "
Tender and gracious is his heart,
His promise is for ever sure.
5 He sees the struggles that prevail,
Between the pow’rs of grace and sin;
He kindly listens while they tell
The bitter pangs they seel within.

6 Though press'd with fears on ev'ry side,
They know not how the strife may end;
Yet he will soon the cause decide,
And judgment unto vict'ry send.

Hymn 140. C. M. Christ's Condescending Regard to Little Children. Mark x. 14. 4 SEE Israel’s gentle shepherd stand, With all-engaging charms; Hark, how he calls the tender lambs, And folds them in his arms

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“Permit them to approach,” he cries,
“Nor scorn their humble name ;

“For 'twas to bless such souls as these
“The Lord of angels came.”

We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands,
And yield them up to thee;

Joyful, that we ourselves are thine,
Thine let our offspring be. *

Ye little flock, with pleasure hear,
Ye children, seek his face ;

And fly with transport, to receive
The blessings of his grace.

If orphans they are left behind,
Thy guardian care we trust;

That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,
If weeping o'er their dust.

Hymn 141. C. M.
Youth Invited to Love Christ.

YE hearts with youthful vigor warm,
In smiling crowds, draw near;
And turn from ev’ry mortal charm,
A Saviour's voice to hear. -
He, Lord of all the worlds on high, -
Stoops to converse with you ;
And lays his radiant glories by,
Your friendship to pursue.

“The soul that longs to see my face,
“Is sure my love to gain;

“And those that early seek my grace,
“Shall never seek in vain.”

What object, Lord, my soul should move,
If once compar'd with thee ? -

What beauty should command my love, :
Like what in christ J see ?

5 Away, ye false, delusive toys,
Vain tempters of the mind!
'Tis here I fix my lasting choice,
And here true bliss I find.

eHymn 142. C.M. On the Education of Children and Youth. 1 Boss'd is the man, whose heart expands, At melting pity's call, And the rich blessings of his hands, Like heavenly manna, fall. 2 Mercy, descending from above, In softest accents pleads; O. may each tender bosom move, When mercy intercedes : 3 Be ours the bliss, in wisdom's way . To guide untutor'd youth; -And lead the mind that went astray, To virtue and to truth. 4 Children our kind protection claim, And God will well approve, When infants learn to isp his name, / And their Creator love.

5 Delightful work! young souls to win,
And turn the rising race
From the deceitful paths of sin,
To seek redeeming grace.
6 Almighty God! thy influence shed,
To aid this good design; -
The honours of thy name be spread,
And all the glory thine.

== o Hymn 143. L. M. "Sunday School. Congregation. 1 GREAT God, accept our songs of praise, Which we would to thy honour raise;

Bless our attempts to spread abroad The knowledge of our Saviour God. Children. Next to our God, our thanks are due To those who did compassion shew, In kindly pointing out the road, That leads to Christ, the way to God. - Congregation. We claim no merit of our own ; Great God, the work is thine alone! Thou didst at first our hearts incline, To carry on this great design. Children. Now we are taught to read and pray, To hear God's word, to keep his day; Lord, here accept the thanks we bring— Our infant tongues thy praise would sing. Congregation. With those dear children, we'll unite; Their songs inspire us with delight; Lord, while on earth we sing thy love, May angels join the notes above. Children. Great God, our benefactors bless, * Congregation. And crown thy word with great success; OUn. O may we meet around thy throne, To sing thy praise in strains unknown.

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Sunday School.
O what a pleasure 'tis to see
Christians in harmony agree,
To teach the rising race to know
They’re born in sin, expos'd to wo!

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