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2 O what a privilege is this,

That we obtain'd so rich a grace!
We're taught the path to endless day-
We're taught to read, to sing, and pray.

3 To God let highest praise be giv'n;

Hark! how the echo sounds from heav'n :
Come, let us with the angels join-
Glory to God, good will to men.

4 Lord, thou hast said, in sacred page,

That children are thy heritage :
Accept them, bless them with thy grace,
Till they above behold thy face.

5 Let blessings in abundance flow

On all around us here below;
May we our benefactors meet,
Around Jehovah's blissful seat.

To God let highest praise be givin.;
Hark! how, &c.


Hymn 145. C. M.
Sunday School.

1 Once more we keep the sacred day,

That saw the Saviour rise;
Once more we tune our infant song
To him that rules the skies.

Girls.: 2 What numbers vainly spend these hours,

That are to Jesus due ;
Children and parents, how they live!
And how they perish too!

3 But we, a happier few, are taught

The ways of heav'nly truth;

We hail once more the plan of love,
That pities wand'ring youļh.

4 Our foolish hearts are prone to err;
Too oft we find it,

O may the God of grace forgive,
And better hearts bestow.

Boys. 3 Teach is the way, while here, we learn

To read thy holy word ;
Bless all the kind instructions giv'n,
And make us thine, O Lord.

8 Praise to our God, and thanks to those

Who thus the poor befriend;
While the rich benefit, we reap,

On them the blessing send.

Hymn 146. S, M.
Sunday School.

1 LORD, in the days of youth,

way we in grace improve;
And learn the word of sacred truth,
The Saviour's dying love !

2 Our moments haste

With ev'ry heaving breath;
And swiftly hastens on the day,
When we must sink in death.

3 While some are never taught

The way of God with care ;
We bless the Lord that we are brought
To this thine house of pray’r.

Lord, give us ears to hear,
And hearts to understand ;

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In trouble may we find thee near
A Saviour close at hand!

5 Through life's dark, rugged road,

Thus far we're kept by thee:
May beav'n at last be our abode,
Thy glory there to see.

6 Blest be our God who lives,

And reigns with boundless sway;
Richly our benefactor gives :
We'll praise him all the day.

7 Beyond the azure sky,

We'll praise thee more and more ;
And through a long eternity,

A God in Christ adore. Hal. Amen.

Hymn 147.

L. M. Exemplary Deportment. 1 BEHOLD the sons and heirs of God,

So dearly bought with Jesus' blood !
Are they not born to heavenly joys ?

And shall they stoop to earthly toys ? 2 Can laughter feed th' immortal mind?

Were spirits of celestial kind
Made for a jest, for sport, for play,

To wear out time and waste the day? 3 Doth vain discourse or empty mirth

Well suit the honours of their birth?
Shall they be fond of gay attire,

Which children love, which fools admire ? 4 What if we wear the richest vest? Insects and birds are better drest

; This flesh, with all its gaudy forms, Must drop to dust and feed the worms.

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$ Lord, raise our hearts and passions high,

Touch our vain souls with sacred fire,
Then with a heav'n-directed eye,

We'll pass these glittring trifles by. 6 We'll look on all the toys below,

With such disdain as angels do;
And wait the call that bids us rise,
To mansions promis'd in the skies.

Hymn 148. L. M.

Uncharitable Judgment.
1 ALL-SEEING God, 'tis thine to know

The springs whence wrong opinions flow;
To judge from principles within,

When frailty errs, and when we sin. 2 Who among men, high Lord of all,

Thy servants to his bar may call ? Decide of heresy, and shake

A brother o'er the flaming lake ?
3 Who with another's eye, can read ?

Or worship by another's creed?
Believing thy command alone,

We humbly seek and use our own. 4 If wrong, forgive ; accept, if right,

Whilst faithful we obey our light;
And, cens'ring none, are zealous still

To follow as to learn thy will.
5 When shall our happy eyes behold

Thy people fashion'd in thy mould ?
And charity our lineage prove,
Deriv'd from thee, O God of love?
Hynin 149.

L. M. Christian Fellowship. Acts ii. 42. 1 Ye diff'rent sects, who all declare,

"Lo, here is Christ, or Christ is there ! »

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Your stronger proofs divinely give,

And shew me where the christians live ? 2 Your claim, alas! ye cannot prove;

Ye want the genuine mark of love :
Thou, only thou, thine own canst know,

For sure thou hast a church below. 3 Scatter'd o'er all the earth they lie,

Till thou callest them with thine eye!
Draw by the music of thy name,

And charm into a beauteous flame. 4 For this the pleading Spirit groans,

And cries in all thy banish'd ones;
Love, greatest of thy gifts, impart,

And make us of one mind and heart. 5 Join ev'ry soul that looks to thee,

In bonds of perfect charity:
Now, Lord, thy glorious fulness give,
And all in all for ever live.

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Hymn 150. S. M.

Love to the Brethren. 1 BLESS'd be the lie that hinds

Our hearts in christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.
Before our fathers throne

We pour our ardent prayers
Our fears, our hopes, our arms, are one,

Our comforts and our cares. 3 We share our mutual woes,

Our mutual burdens hear;
And often for each other flows

The sympathizing tear.
4 When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain;

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