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But we shall still be join’d in heart,
And hope to meet again.
5 This glorious hope revives
Our courage by the way,
While each in expectation lives,
And longs to see the day.

$ From sorrow, toil and pain,
And sin, we shall be free ;
And perfect love and friendship reign
Through all eternity.

- Hymn 151. L. M. Christ's Address to the Church at Ephesus. Rev. ii. 1–7.

1 Thus saith the Lord to Ephesus,
And thus he speaks to some of us,
“Amidst my churches, lo, I stand,
And hold the pastures in my hand.

2 * Thy works to me are fully known,
Thy patience, and thy toil I own;
Thy views of gospel truth are clear,
Nor canst thou other doctrine bear.

3 “Yet I must blame, while I approve :
Where is thy first, o fervent love?.
Dost thou forget my love to thee,
That thine is grown so faint to me?

4 “Recall to mind the happy days,
When thou wast fill'd with joy and praise;
Repent—thy former works renew,
Then I'll restore thy comforts too.

5 “Return at once, when I reprove,
Lest I thy candlestick remove;
And thou, too late, thy loss lament,
l warn, before I strike; “Repent.”

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Hearken to what the spirit saith
To him who overcomes by faith; -
“The fruit of life's unfading tree,
In Paradise his food shall be.”

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Christ's Address to the Church at Smyrna. Rev. ii. 11.

THE message once to Smyrna sent,
A message full of grace;
To all the Saviour's flock is meant,
In every age and place.
Thus to his Church, his chosen bride,
Saith the great FIRST and LAST,
Who ever lives, though once he died ?
“Hold thy profession fast.

“Thy works and sorrow well I know,
Perform'd and borne for me;

Poor though thou art, despis'd and low,
Yet who is rich like thee ?

“I know thy foes, and what they say,
How long they have blasphem’d;
The synagogue of Satan, ..
Though they would Jews be deem'd. ,
“Though Satan for a season rage,
And prisons be your lot :
I am your friend, and I engage
You shall not be forgot.
“Be faithful unto death, nor fear
A few short days of strife; -
Behold the prize you soon shall wear,
A crown of endless life.”
Hear what the Holy Spirit saith
Of all who overcome;
“They shall escape the second death,
The sinners awful doom '''

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Christ's Address to the Church at Sardis.
Rev. iii. 1–6.
1 WRITE to Sardis, saith the Lord,
And write what he declares ;
He, whose Spirit, and whose Word, -
Upholds the seven stars: -
All thy works and ways 1 search,
Find thy zeal and love decay’d ;
Thou art call'd a living church,
But thou art cold and dead.

2 “Watch—remember—seek, and strive,
Exert thy former pains: -
Let thy timely care revive,
And strengthen what remains:
Cleanse thy heart, thy works amend,
Former times to mind recall;
Let my sudden stroke descend,
And smite thee once for all.

Yet I number now in thee,
A few who are upright;
These my. Father’s face shall see,
And walk with me in white :
When in judgment I appear,
They for mine shall stand confess'd,
Let my faithful servants hear,
And wo be to the rest.”

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Christ's Address to the Church at Philadelphia.
Rev. iii. 7–13.
1 Thus saith the holy One, and true,
To his beloved faithful few ;

“Of heav'n and hell I hold the keys,
To shut or open as I please.

2 “I know thy works, and I approve,

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Though small thy strength, sincere thy love;
Go on my word and name to own,
For none shall rob thee of thy crown.

“Before thee see my mercy's door
Stands open wide to shut no more ;
Fear not temptation’s fiery day,
For I will be thy strength and stay.
“Thou hast my promise, hold it fast;
Thy trying hour will soon be past:
Rejoice—for lo! I quickly come,
To take thee to my heav'nly home.
“A pillar there no more to move,
Inscrib'd with all my names of love ;
A monument of mighty grace,
Thou shalt forever have a place.”
Such is the conquerors’ reward,
Prepar'd and promis'd by the Lord;
Let him who hath the ear of faith,
Attend to what the Spirit saith.

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Christ's Address to the Church at Laodicea,
Rev. iii. 14–20.
HEAR what the Lord, the great Amen,
The true and faithful Witness says:
He form'd the vast creation’s plan,
And searches all our hearts and ways.

To some he speaks, as once of old,
“I know thee—thy profession’s vain :
Since thou art neither hot nor cold,
I'll spurn thee from me with disdain.
“Thou boastest ‘ I am wise and rich,
Increas'd in goods, and nothing need,’
And dost not know thou art a wretch,
Naked, and poor, and blind, and dead.

“Yet while I thus rebuke, I love, " .
My message is in mercy sent;
That thou may'st my compassion prove.
I can forgive, if thou repent.
“Would'st thou be truly rich and wise,
Come buy my gold in fire well tried;
My ointment, to anoint thine eyes, v
My robe thy nakedness to hide. -
“See, at thy door I stand and knock;
Poor sinner shall I wait in vain 7
Quickly thy stubborn heart unlock,
That I may enter with my train.

“ Thou canst not entertain a King,
Unworthy thou of such a guest'
But I my own provision bring,
To make thy soul a heav'nly feast.”
Hymn 156. 7's.
Self Examination.
1 'Tis a point I long to know,
Oft it causes anxious thoughts:–
Do I love the Lord, or no?
Am I his, or am I not ?
2 If I love, why am I thus *
Why this dull, this lifeless frame 2
Hardly sure can they be worse,
Who have never heard his name.
3 Could my heart so hard remain,
Pray’r a task and burden prove—
Ev'ry trifle give me pain—
If I knew a Saviour’s love?
4 Yet I mourn my stubborn will,
Find my sin a grief and thrall;
Should I grieve for what I feel,
If I did not love at all ! .

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