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Hymn 190. C. M.

..A Pillar in the Heavenly Temple. Rev. iii. 12.

1 All hail, victorious Saviour, hail!
I bow to thy command;
And own that David's royal key
Well fits thy sov’reign hand.

2 Open the treasures of thy love, And shed thy gifts abroad; . . Unveil to my o eyes The temple of my God. 3 There as a pillar let me stand, On an eternal base; Uprear'd by thy almighty hand, And polish’d by thy grace. 4 There deep engraven let me bear The title of my God; And make the new Jerusalem, As my secure abode.

5 In lasting characters inscribe
Thy own beloved name;
That endless ages there may read
The great Immanuel's name.

Hymn 191. S. M.
Sanctified Affliction. Rev. iii. 19.
1 How gracious and how wise
Is our chastising God!
And O, how rich the blessings are,
Which blossom from his rod |
2 He lifts it up on high,
With pity in his heart,
That ev'ry stroke his children feel,
May grace and peace impart.
3 Instructed thus they bow,
And own his sov’reign sway;

They turn their erring footsteps back
To his forsaken way.

4 His cov’nant love they seek,
And seek the happy bands,
That closer still engage their hearts
To honour his commands.

5 Dread Father we consent,
To discipline divine;
And bless the pains that make our souls
Still more completely thine.

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The Influences of the Spirit Experienced.
John xiv. 16, 17.

1 DREAD Lord, and shall thy spirit rest
In such a wretched heart as mine !
Unworthy dwelling, glorious Guest!
Favour astonishing, divine !

2 When sin prevails, and gloomy fear,
And hope almost expires in night,
Lord, can thy spirit then be here, -
Great spring of comfort, life and light?

3 Sure the blest comforter is nigh,
'Tis he sustains my fainting heart;
Else would my hopes forever die,
And every cheering ray depart.

4. When some kind promise glads my soul,
Do I not find his healing voice,
The tempest of my fears control,
And bid my drooping powers rejoice

5. Whene'er to call the Saviour mine,
With ardent wish my heart aspires;
Can it be less than power divine,
Which animates these strong desires 2

6 And when my cheerful hope can say, I love my God and taste his grace,

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Lord, is it not thy blissful ray,
Which brings this dawn of sacred peace?

7 Let thy kind spirit in my heart

For ever dwell, O God of love,
And light and heav'nly peace impart,
Sweet earnest of the joys above.

Hymn 193. 6.8, 4.

Covenant God. Ps. iii. 6. Acts vii. 32.

4. The God of Abra’m praise,
Who reigns enthron’d above,
Ancient of everlasting days,
And God of love.

2 Jehovah great, I AM,
By earth and heav'n confess'd :
I bow and bless the sacred name,
For ever blest.

3 [The God of Abra'm praise,
At whose supreme command,
From earth I rise, and seek the joys
At his right hand.] -
4 I all on earth forsake—
Its wisdom, fame, and pow'r;
And him my only portion make,
My shield and tow’r.
5 The God of Abra'm praise,
Whose all-sufficient grace
Shall guide me all my happy days
In all his ways.
3 He calls a worm his friend!
- He calls himself my God!
And he shall save me to the end,
Through Jesus’ blood.

7 He by himself has sworn;
I on his oath depend;

I shall, on eagle’s wings upborne,
To heav'n ascend.

8 I shall behold his face;
I shall his pow'r adore;
And sing the wonders of his grace
For ever more.

Hymn 194, 5, 6. [Tune, Harwich.] 1 'Tis sweet to recline On the bosom divine, And experience the comforts peculiar to thine 3 While born from above, And upheld by thy love, With singing and triumph to Zion we move.

2 The goodness in vain
We attempt to explain,
Which found and accepted a ransom for man :
Great surety of mine,
Thou didst not decline
To concur with the Father's most gracious design.

3 To Jesus, our friend,
Our thanks shall ascend,
Who saves to the uttermost, and loves to the end:
Our ransom he paid,
In his merit array'd,
We attain to the glory for which we were made,
4 All ye that pass by,
To Jesus draw nigh;
To you is it nothing that Jesus should die
Our ransom and peace,
Our surety he is ;
Come, see if there ever was sorrow like this
5 May the blood that he spilt,
Wash our souls from their guilt,
Thus fit us for heaven and glory bestow :

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Our harps shall be tun'd,
The Lamb shall be crown'd
And glory to God and the Lamb shall resound.

Hymn 195. 8.4.
[Tune, Harmony.]
The Believer’s Rest.

1 “THERE is a calm for those who weep, A rest for weary pilgrims found;

And while their mould'ring ashes sleep

Low in the ground:—

2 “The soul, of origin divine,
God’s glorious image, freed from clay,
In heav'n's eternal sphere shall shine,
A Star of Day.

3 “The sun is but a spark of fire,
A transient meteor in the sky:
The soul, immortal as its sire,
Shall never die.”

Hymn 196. 7. 4.
[Tune, Melton Mowbray.]
Dying Stephen.
1 HEAD of the church triumphant,
We joyfully adore thee!
Till thou appear,
Thy members here,
Shall sing like those in glory;
We lift our hearts and voices,
With blest anticipation,
And cry aloud,
And give to God,
The praise of our salvation.

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