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Thy love we praise,
Which knows no days,
And ever brings us nigher :
We clap our hands exulting,
In thine almighty favour :
The love divine
Which made us thine,
Shall keep us thine forever.

3 Thou dost conduct thy people
Through torrents of temptation;
Nor will we fear, "
While thou art near,
The fire of tribulation :
The world, with sin and satan,
In vain our march opposes;
By thee we shall
Break through them all,
And sing the song of Moses. .

4. By faith we see the glory
To which thou shalt restore us,
The cross despise,
For that high prize,
Which thou hast set before us:
And if thou count us worthy,
We each as dying Stephen,
Shall see thee stand
At God’s right hand,
To take us up to heav'n-

Hymn 197.
ITune, Amsbury.]
JNew Year's Day.

1 CoME, let us anew,
Our journey pursue,
Roll round with the year,
And never stand still, till the master appear :

His adorable will Let us gladly fulfil, And our talents improve, By the patience of hope and the labour of love.

2 Our life is a dream,

Our time as a stream
Glides swiftly away,

And the fugitive moment refuses to stay.
The arrow is flown,
The moment is gone;
The millennial year

Rushes on to our view, and eternity’s here.

3 O that each in the day
Of his coming, may say,
“I have fought my way through,

“I have finish'd the work thou didst give me to do.”
O that each from his Lord,
May receive the glad word;
“Well and faithfully done,

“Enter into my joy, and sit down on my throne.”

Hymn 198, 6.4.

[Tune, Hymn to the Trinity.]
Praise to Jehovah.
| CoME, thou Almighty King,

Help us thy name to sing,

Help us to praise !
Father all-glorious,
O'er all victorious,
Come and reign over us,

Ancient of days'

2 Jesus, our Lord, arise,
Scatter our enemies,
And make them fall !
Let thine almighty aid
Our sure defence be made.

Our souls on thee be stay?d:
Lord, hear our call!

3 Come, thou incarnate word,
Gird on thy mighty sword;
Our pray’r attend!
Come, and thy people bless,
And give thy word success;
Spirit of holiness,
On us descend!
4 Come, holy Comforter,
Thy sacred witness bear,
In this glad hour !
Thou, who almighty art,
Now rule in ev'ry heart,
And ne'er from us depart,
Spirit of pow'r?
5 To the great One in Three
Eternal praises be,
Hence evermore :
His sov’reign Majesty,
May we in glory see,
And to eternity
Love and adore

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Hymn 199. L. M.
[Tune, Lambeth, 1
Hope in Despair. Psalm lxxvii. 7, 10,

1 Encompass'd with clouds of distress,
Just ready all hope to resign;
I pant for the light of thy face,
And fear it will never be mine.

2 Dishearten’d with waiting so long,
I sink at thy feet with my load;
All plaintive I pour out my song,
And stretch forth my hands unto God.


Shine, Lord, and my terror shall cease;
The blood of atonement apply;
And lead me to Jesus for peace,
The rock that is higher than I.

4 Speak, Saviour, for sweet is thy voice; Thy presence is fair to behold; Attend to my sorrows and cries, And groanings that cannot be told. 5 If sometimes I strive as I mourn, My hold of thy promise to keep, The billows more fiercely return, And plunge me again in the deep. 6 Almighty to rescue thou art; *

Thy grace is my shield and my tow'r,
Come, succour and gladden my heart,
Let this be the day of thy pow'r,

Hymn 200. C. M.
iTune, Dialogue Hymn.]
Dialogue Hymn.

1 TELL us, O women, we would know
Whither so fast ye move 2

We, call'd to leave the world below,
Are seeking one above.

Men. 2 Whence came ye? say, what the place That ye are travoling from ? - Women. From tribulation, we, through grace, Are now returning home. Men. 3 Is not your native country here ? Like you not this abode 2 - Women. We seek a better country far, . A city built by God.

4 Thither we travel, nor intend
Short of that bliss to rest :
Nor we, till in the sinner's Friend

Our weary souls are bless'd.

5 Friends of the Bridegroom, we shall reign;
Saviour, we ask no more -
Hail, Lamb of God! for sinners slain
Whom heav'n and earth adore.

Hymn 201. C. M.
€hrist's JNativity.
‘SHEPHERDs rejoice lift up your eyes,
“And send your fears away :

“News from the region of the skies—
“Salvation's born to day !

2 * Jesus, the Lord, whom angels fear, * Comes down to dwell with you; “To day he makes his entrance here, “But not as monarchs do.

3 “No gold nor purple swaddling bands,
“Nor royal shining things:
“A manger for his cradle stands,
‘And holds the King of Kings.

* Go, shepherds, where the infant lies, “And see his humble throne: “With tears of joy in all your eyes, * Go, shepherds, kiss the Son.” Thus Gabriel sang, and straight around The heav'nly armies throng; They tune their harps to lofty sound, And thus conclude the song :— “Glory to God that reigns above, * Let peace surround the earth ; * Mortals shall know their Maker’s love “At their Redeemer's birth.”

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