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2 In blessing thee with grateful songs,
My happy life shall glide away;
The praise that to thy name belongs
Hourly with lifted hands I’ll pay.

3 Abundant sweetness while I sing,
Thy love my ravish’d soul o'erflows,
Secure in thee, my God my King,
Of glory that no period knows.
4 Thy name, O Lord upon my bed
Dwells on my lips and fires my thoughts,
With trembling awe in midnight shade
I muse on all thy hands have wrought.

§ In all I do I feel thine aid,

Therefore thy greatness will I sing, O God who bidst my heart be glad

Beneath the shadow of thy wing.

6 My soul draws nigh and cleaves to thee; Then let or earth or hell assail,

Thy mighty hand shall set me free,
For whom thou sav’st he ne’er shall fail.

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1 God of my life, through all its days
My grateful tongue shall sound thy praise;
The song shall wake with dawning light,
And warble to the silent night.

2. When anxious care would break my rest,
And grief would tear my throbing breast;
Thy tuneful praises, rais'd on high,
Shall check the murmur and the sigh.

3 When death o'er nature shall prevail,
And all the powers of language fail;
Joy through my feeble eyes shall break,
And mean those thanks I cannot speak.

But when the final conflict’s o'er,
My spirit chain’d to flesh no more,
With what glad accents shall I rise
To join the music of the skies!

Soon shall I learn th” exalted strains,
Which echo through the heavenly plains;
And emulate with joy unknown,
The glowing seraph's round thy throne,
This cheerful tribute will I give,
Long as a deathless soul can live;
A work so vast, a theme so high,
Demands a whole eternity.

Hymn 16. L. M.
Praise to God.

ETERNAL pow'r, whose high abode, Becomes the grandeur of a God: Infinite lengths beyond the bounds Where stars revolve their little rounds. Thee, while the first archangel sings, * He hides his face behind his wings, And ranks of shining thrones around Fall worshipping, and spread the ground. 3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do? We would adore our Maker too : From sin and dust to thee we cry, The Great, the Holy, and the High! Earth from afar has heard thy fame, And worms have learnt to lisp thy name : But O, the glories of thy mind Leave all our soaring thoughts behind. God is in heaven, and men below, Be short our tunes, our words be few ; A sacred rev'rence checks our songs,

And praise sits silent on our tongues.

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* ALMIGHTY Maker, God, How wond’rous is thy name ! Thy glories how diffus’d abroad, Throughout creation’s frame. 2 Nature in every dress Her humble homage pays, And finds a thousand ways t” express Thy goodness and thy praise, 3 In native white and red, The rose and lily stand, And free from pride their beauties spread, To show thy skilful hand. 4 The lark mounts up on high With unambitious song, And bears her Maker's praise on high, Upon her artless tongue. 5 My soul would rise and sing To her Creator too; Fain would my tongue adore my King And pay the worship due. 6 But pride, that busy sin, Spoils all that I perform ; Curs'd pride that creeps securely in, And swells a wretched worm. 7 Create my soul anew, Or all my worship's vain; This sinful heart will not be true, Till it be form'd again. 8 In joy then let me spend The remnant of my days ; And to my God my soul ascend, In sweet perfume of praise.

Hymn 18, 7's
The Christian's Song.

%ateful notes and numbers bring,

While Jehovah's praise we sing;

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord,
* thy glorious name ador'd.

Men on earth, and saints above,
Sing the great Redeemer's love;
Hood, thy mercies never fail;
Hail, celestial goodness, hail : -

Though unworthy, Lord, thine ear

Our humble hallelujah's hear,

Purer praise we hope to bring,
hen with saints we standań sing.

Lead us to that blissful state, here thou reign'st supremely great!

Hook with pity from thy throne,

Send the Holy Spirit down.

While on earth ordain'd to stay,

Guide our footsteps in thy way 5 ill we come to reign with thee,

And thy glorious greatness see.

Then with angels we'll again
Wake a louder, louder strain;
There in joyful Songs of praise,
We'll our grateful voices'raj

There no tongue shall silent be,
There all j join sweet harmony;
That thro’ heavons all spacious round;
Thy praise, O God, may ever sound.

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1 CoME, and let us sweetly join,
Christ to praise in hymns divine,
Give we all with one accord,
Glory to our common Lord;

2 Hands and hearts and voices raise,
Sing as in the ancient days,
Antedate the joys above,
Celebrate redeeming love.

3 Strive we, in affection, strive,
Let the purer flame revive,
Such as in the Martyrs glow’d,
Dying champions for their God.

4 We like them may live and love,
Call'd we are their joys to prove;
Sav'd with them from future wrath,
Partners of like precious faith.

5 Sing we then in Jesus' name,
Now as yesterday the same,
One in ev'ry age and place
Full for all of truth and grace.

6 We, for Christ, our master, stand,
Lights in a benighted land:
We our dying Lord confess;
We are Jesus’s witnesses.

7 Witnesses that Christ hath dy'd,
We with him are crucify'd:
Christ hath burst the bands of death,
We his quick’ning Spirit breathe.

8 Christ is now gone up on high;
(Thither all our wishes fly o
Sits at God's right hand above;
There with him we reign in love.

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