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2 Four and twenty elders rise
From their princely station;
Cry aloud, and give to God
The praise of their salvation:
Cast their crowns before his throne,
Cry, in reverential tone,
Glory be to God alone,
Holy, holy, holy one.
5 Hark! a thrilling symphony
Seems, methinks, to seize us ;
Join we in the holy lay,
Glory, glory, glory !
Sweetest sound in seraph song,
Sweetest note on mortal tongue,
Sweetest carrol ever sung,
Jesus’ glory flow along.

Hymn 235. 10. 10. 11. 11.

The Miracles of Christ.
[Tune, Dedham.]

1 Ye neighbors, and friends, to Jesus draw near:
His love condescends, by titles so dear,
To call and invite you his triumph to prove,
And freely delight you in Jesus's love.

2 The Shepherd who died, his sheep to redeem
On ev'ry side are gather'd to him, -
The weary and burthen'd, the reprobate race :
And wait to be pardon'd through Jesus's grace.

3 The blind are restor'd through Jesus's name,
They see their kind Lord, and follow the Lamb;
The halt, they are walking, and running their race;
The dumb they are talking of Jesus's grace.

4 The deas hear his voice, and comforting word,
It bids them rejoice in Jesus their Lord :
“Thy sins are forgiv'n accepted thou art;”
Taey listen, and heav'n springs up in their heart.

5 The lepers from all their spots are made clean,
The dead by his call are rais'd from their sin;
In Jesus' compassion the sick find a cure,
And gospel salvation is preach'd to the poor.

6 To us and to them is publish'd the word:
Then let us proclaim our life giving Lord,
Who now is reviving his work in our days,
And mightily striving to save us by grace.

7 O Jesus ride on, till we are subdu'd :
Thy mercy make known, and sprinkle thy blood!
Display thy salvation and teach the new song,
To every nation, and people and tongue.

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i LovELY is the face of nature,
Deck'd with spring’s unfolding flow’rs;
While the sun shows ev'ry feature,
Smiling through descending show’rs.
Birds with songs the time beguiling,
Chant their little notes to thee;
But to see a Saviour smiling,
Is more soft, more sweet to me.
2 Soft and sweet are show’rs descending
On the parch'd, expecting plain ;
Fragrance, from the fields ascending,
Scatters health and joys around.
These, with ev'ry earthly blessing,
Loudly for thanksgiving call ;
Yet one smile from thee possessing,
* Surely far exceeds them all.
3 Morm her melting tints displaying,
Ere the sluggard is awake;
Ev’ning zephyrs gently breezing
O'er the surface of the lake.

Melting hues, and airy breezes,
All have pow'rful charms for me;

But no earthly beauty pleases,
When, my Lord, compar'd with thee.

4 Sweet is sleep to tired nature,

Sweet is labour to repose;

Sweet is life to ev'ry creature,
Sweet the balm that hope bestows.

But though spring and ev'ning breezes,
Sleep, and hope, and life to me,

All are pleasant—nothing pleases
When I’m absent, Lord, from thee,

Hymn 237. 5. 5. 11.

Sufferings and Death of Jesus. Sam. i. 13. .* iTune, Harwich.) 1. ALL ye that pass by, To Jesus draw nigh, To you is it nothing that Jesus should die & Our ransom and peace, Our surety he is, Come, see if there ever was sorrow like his. 2 The Lord, in the day Of his anger, did lay Our sins on the Lamb, and he bore them away: He dy'd to atone For sins not his own— The Father hath punish’d for us his dear Son. 3 For sinners like me, He dy’d on the tree; His death is accepted, the sinner is free : My pardon I claim, A sinner I am, A sinner believing in Jesus's name. à With joy we approve " * The o: of i.

A wonder to all both below and above :
When time is no more,
We still shall adore

That ocean of love, without bottom or shore.

Hymn 238. 6 lines 5.5. 11.
True Riches Found.

[Tune, Inveni.]

r O tell me no more
Of this world’s vain store :
The time for such trifles with me now is o'er:
A country I’ve found,
Where true joys abound;
To dwell, I'm determin'd, on that happy ground.

2 The souls that believe,
In paradise live;
And me in that number will Jesus receive:
My soul, don’t delay,
He calls thee away; -
Rise, follow thy Saviour, and bless the glad day.

3 No mortal doth know
What he can bestow, -
What light, strength and comfort: go after him, go.
And when I’m to die,
“Receive me,” I’ll cry;
For Jesus hath lov'd me, I cannot say why.

4 And now l’m in care, My neighbors may share These blessings, to seek them will none of you dare 2 In bondage, O why, * And in death will you lie, When'one here assures you free grace is so nigh f

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Guide. Psalm xlviii. 14.
[Tune, Tamworth.]
: Guide me, O thou great Jehovah,
. Pilgrim through this barren land,
I am weak, but thou art mighty—
Hold me with thy pow'rful hand :
Bread of heaven, - -
Feed me till I want no more.

2 Open now the chrystal fountain, Whence the healing streams do flow : Let the fiery, cloudy pillar, Lead me all my journey through ; Strong deliv'rers Be thou still my strength and shield. 3 Feed me with the heav'nly manna, ln this barren wilderness : Be my sword, and shield, and banner— Be my robe of righteousness: Make me conquer All my foes by sov’reign grace. 4. When I tread the verge of Jordan, Bid my anxious fears subside; Foe to death, and hell’s destruction, Land me safe on Canaan's side : Songs of praises ! will ever give to thee.

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* O My soul, what means this sadness 2 Wherefore art thou thus cast down Let thy griefs be turn'd to gladness, Bid thy restless fears be gone:

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