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And still, through ev'ry age shall own,
Jehovah here hath fix’d his throne,
And triumph in his mighty name.

5 Long as the moon her course shall run,
Or man behold the circling sun,
May'st thou o'er fair Columbia reign;
Still crown her counsels with success,
With peace and joy her borders bless,
And all her sacred rights maintain.

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1 Is this a theme of mirth 2 who can rejoice,
That time, important time, so swiftly flies,
And scorn reflection’s monitory voice,
The friendly pow'r, that woos us to be wise?

2 Forever, ye departed months, adieu !
What heart, that knows your value, can be gay?
What heart, that asks reflection's conscious view,
How many hours fled unimprov'd away ?

3 Yet oft her warning voice, ere yet they pass'd, Cried, “seize the precious minutes, make them thine;” Ah! how wilt thou account for so much waste Of treasure, lent for purposes divine 2

4 O, let my heart her needful dictates hear,
To her the solemn midnight hour I give,
And ask, while musing on the finish'd year,
How I have spent the time, and why I live *

5 Jesus, to thee, to thy atoning blood,
To thy unsullied righteousness F fly;
O thou, my Judge, my Saviour, and my Lord,
Instruct me how to live, and how to die.

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1 SEE how the disobedient son
His Father and his house forsakes,
And, bent on luxury and lust,
To foreign lands his journey takes.

2 His substance spent—his health decay’d,
Without a friend to help his wo:
In hope, in fear, he now resolves
Back to his father's house to go!

3 Far off the father spies his son—
His bowels with compassion move;
He runs and clasps him round his neck,
And welcomes with a kiss of love.

4 “Father, I own,” the suppliant said,
“My sins against both heav'n and thee
“Unworthy to be call'd thy son,
“Now like a servant deal with me.

5 “Bring the best robe and clothe my son,” The father graciously commands; “Provide with shoes his tott'ring feet— - -, -- - - - * to an in - “With rings of of deck his hands .

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6 “A feast—a sumptuous feast prepare—
“Pleasure through all my house shall reign,
“My son was lost, but now is found—
“My son was dead, now lives again.”

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1 Bertold the gloomy vale !
Which thou my soul must tread,
Beset with terrors fierce and pale,
That leads thee to the dead.

2 Ye pleasing scenes adieu, Which I so long have known;

My friends a long farewel to you,
For I must pass alone.

3 And thou beloved clay,
Long partner of my cares,
In this rough path art torn away,
With agony and tears.
4 But see a ray of light,
With splendors all divine,
Breaks through those doleful realms of night,
And makes its horrors-shine.
5 Where death and darkness reigns,
Jehovah is my stay;
His rod my trembling feet sustains;
His staff defends my way.

6 Dear Shepherd lead me on,
My soul disdains to fear;
Death's gloomy phantoms all are flown,
Now life's great Lord is near.

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1 Loko, a toy feet in dust 1 lie,
And knock at mercy’s door; -
With humble heart and weeping eye,
Thy favour I implore.
2 On me, O Lord, do thou display
Thy rich, forgiving love;
O take my heinous guilt away,
This heavy load remove.

3 Without thy grace, I sink opprest.
, Down to the gates of hell;
O give my troubled spirit rest,
And all my fears dispel.
4 'Tis mercy, mercy, I implore,
O may thy bowels move :

Thy grace is an exhaustless store,
And thou thyself art love.

5 Should I at last in heav'n appear,
To join thy saints above;
I'll shout that mercy brought me there,
And sing thy bleeding love.

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Hymn 291. L. M. On Admission of Mew Members. Gen. xxiv. 31.

1 KINDREd in Christ, for his dear sake,
A hearty welcome here receive ;
May we together now partake
The joys which only he can give.

2 To you and us, by grace ’tis giv'n,
To know the Saviour's precious name;
And shortly we shall meet in heav'n,
Our hope, our way, our end the same.

3 May He, by whose kind care we meet,
Send his good spirit from above;
Make our communications sweet,
And cause our hearts to burn with love.

4 [Forgotten be each worldly theme,
When christians meet together thus ;
We only wish to speak of him
Who liv'd, and died, and reigns for us.
5 We’ll talk of all he did and said,
And suffer'd for us here below ;
The path he mark’d for us to tread,
And what he's doing for us now.]
6 Thus, as the moments pass away,
We’ll love, and wonder, and adore;
And hasten on the glorious day,
When we shall meet to part no more.

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1 JESUs, full of all compassion,
Hearthy humble suppliant's cry-;
Let me know thy great salvation ;
See Llanguish, faint, and die.
2 Guilty, but with heart relenting,
Overwhelm'd with helpless grief—
Prostrate at thy feet repenting—
Send, O send me quick relief!

3 Whither should a wretch be flying,
But to him who comfort gives 2
Whither, from the dread of dying,
But to him who ever lives?

4 On the word thy blood hath seal’d,
Hangs my everlasting all;
Let thine arm be now revealed,
Stay, O stay me, lest I fall !
5 In the world of endless ruin,
Let it never, Lord, be said,
“Here's the soul that perish'd, suing
“For th” exalted Saviour's aid so
6 Sav’d—the deed shall spread new glory
Through the shining realms above;
Angels sing o story,
All enraptur'd with thy love.

Hymn 293. C. M.

The Saviour's Commission.

1 HARK, the glad sound ! the Saviour comes 1
The Saviour promis'd long ;
Let ev'ry heart prepare him room,
And ev’ry voice a song.

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