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2 How oft my mournful thoughts complain.
And melt in flowing tears'
My weak resistance, ah, how vain'
How strong my foes and fears'
-3 O, gracious God, in whom I live,
My feeble efforts aid;
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive,
Though trembling and afraid.
4 Increase my faith, increase my hope,
When foes and fears prevail,
And bear my fainting spirit up,
Or soon my strength will fail.
5. When strong temptations fright my heart,
Or lure my feet aside ;
My God thy pow'rful aid impart, ,
My guardian and my guide.
6 Still keep me in thy heav'nly way,
And bid the tempter flee;
And never let me go astray,
From happiness and thee.

Hymn 39. C. M.
Watchfulness and Prayer.

1 O, For a heart to praise my God,
A heart from sin set free
A heart that always feels thy blood
So freely spilt for me.

A heart resign'd, submissive, meek,
My great Redeemer’s throne;

Where only Christ is heard to speak,
Where Jesus reigns alone.

3 O for a lowly contrite heart,
Believing, true and clean
Which neither life nor death can part
From him that dwells within.

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4. A heart in ev'ry thought renew’d,
And full of love divine ;
Perfect, and right, and pure, and good,
A copy, Lord, of thine. -
5 Thy tender heart is still the same,
And melts at human wo:
Jesus, for thee, distress'd I am,
I want thy love to know.

6 My heart, thou know'st can never rest,
Till thou create my peace,
Till of my Eden repossess'd ;
From ev’ry sin I cease. -

Hymn 40. C. M.
Walking in Darkness, and Trusting in God.

1 HEAR, gracious God, my humble moan,
To thee I breathe my sighs;
When will the tedious night be gone,
And when the dawn arise ?

2 My God! O could I make the claim,
My Father and my Friend'
And call thee mine, by ev’ry name
On which thy saints depend 1
3 By ev’ry name of pow'r and love,
I would thy grace entreat;
Nor should my humble hope remove,
Nor leave thy sacred seat.
4 Yet though my soul in darkness mourns,
Thy word is all my stay;
Here will I rest till light returns,
Thy presence makes my day.
5 Speak, Lord, and bid celestial peace
Relieve my aching heart;
Thy love can make my sorrow cease,
And all the gloom depart.

6 Then shall my drooping spirit rise,
And bless thy healing rays;
And change these deep complaining sighs
To songs of sacred praise. -

Hymn 41. C. M. The Contrite Heart. 1 O Thou, whose tender mercy hears Contrition's humble sigh, Whose hand, indulgent, wipes the tears From sorrow's weeping eye. 2 See low before thy throne of grace, A wretched wand’rer mourn; Hast thou not bid me seek thy face? Hast thou not said, return ? 3 And shall my guilty fears prevail, To drive me from thy feet 2 - O let not this dear refuge fail, This only safe retreat. 4 Absent from thee, my guide, my light, Without one cheering ray, Through dangers, fears, and gloomy night, How desolate my way ! 5 O shine on this benighted heart, With beams of mercy shine; And let thy healing voice impart A taste of joys divine. 6 Thy presence only can bestow $oj which never cloy; Be this my comfort here below, And my eternal joy.

so Hymn 42. C. M. Penitential Prayer. Mat. iv. 24. John v. 2–4. Mat. xx. 30–34. 1 Jesus, since thou art still to-day, As yesterday the same;

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Present to heal, in me display
The virtue of thy name.

Since thou delightest still to do
Thy needy creatures good,
On me, that I thy praise may show,
Be all thy wonders show’d.
Lame at the pool I still am seen,
Waiting to find relief;
While many others venture in,
And wash away their grief.
If thou, my Lord, art passing by,
O let me find thee near;
Jesus in mercy hear my cry,
“Thou Son of David, hear.”
See, I am waiting in thy way,
For thee, the heav'nly light;
Command me to be brought, and say,
“Sinner, receive thy sight.” -

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Importunate Prayer. Matt. vii. 7, &c.

OUR Father, thron’d above the sky,
To thee, our empty hands we spread;
Thy children at thy footstool lie,
And ask thy blessings on their head.
With cheerful hope and filial fear,
In that august and precious name,
By thee ordain'd, we now draw near,
And would the promis'd blessing claim.
Does not an earthly parent hear
The cravings of his famish’d son 2
Will he reject the filial prayer,
Or mock him with a cake of stone 2

Our heavenly Father, how much more
Will thy divine compassion rise;

And open thy unbounded store,
To satisfy thy children’s cries 2

5 Yes, we will ask, and seek and press
For gracious audience to thy seat,
Still hoping, waiting for success,
In persevering to entreat.

6 For Jesus in his faithful word
The patient supplicant has bless'd,
And all thy saints with one accord
The prevalence of prayer attest.

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Importunate Prayer Prevalent with God.

Luke xviii. 1–7.
1 THE Lord, who truly knows
The heart of ev'ry saint,
Invites us by his holy word,
To pray and never faint.

2 He bows his gracious ear;
We never plead in vain;
Yet we must wait till he appear,
And pray, and pray again.
3 Though unbelief suggest,
Why should we longer wait?
He bids us never give him rest,
But be importunate.
4 'Twas thus a widow poor,
Without support or friend,
Beset the unjust judge's door,
And gain’d at last her end.
5 And shall not Jesus hear
His chosen, when they cry?
Yes, though he may awhile forbear,
He'll not their suit deny.

6 Then let us earnest be, And never faint in pray’r;

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