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He loves our importunity,
And makes our cause his care.
Hymn 45. 7's.
[Tune, Falmouth.]
Importunity. Gen. xxxii. 26.
1 Lord, I cannot let thee go,
Till a blessing thou bestow;
Do not turn away thy face,
Mine 's an urgent, pressing case.
2 Dost thou ask me who I am 7
Ah, my Lord, thou know'st my name!
Yet the question gives a plea,
To support my suit with thee.
3 Thou did'st once a wretch behold,
In rebellion blindly bold,
Scorn thy grace, thy pow'r defy,
That poor rebel, Lord, was I.
4. Once a sinner near despair,
Sought thy mercy-seat by pray’r;
Mercy heard and set him free, 2
Lord, that mercy came to me.
5 Thou hast help'd in ev’ry need,
This emboldens me to plead ;
After so much mercy past,
Canst thou let me sink at last !

6 No-I must maintain my hold, 'Tis thy goodness makes me bold; I can no É. take, When I plead for Jesus' sake. Hymn 46. 10's. [Tune, Walworth. Bridgewater Col.] Prayer for the Latter Day Glory. | Lord of all worlds, incline thy bounteous ear, Thy children's voice in tender mercy hear; Bear thy blest promise, fix’d as hills, in mind, And shed renewing grace on lost mankind ;

O let thy spirit like soft dews descend 3

Thy gospel run to earth's remotest end. 2 Let Zion's walls before thee ceaseless stand,

Dear as thine eye, and graven on thy hand

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From earth's far regions Jacob's sons restor Oppress'd by man, and scourg’d by thee no mo Enrich'd with gold, adorn'd with heav'nly grad Truth their sole guide, & all their pleasure praid

3 Then satan's kingdom shall from earth retire,
Dead forms dissolve, and furious zeal expire;
The Beast’s fell throne shall darkness dire surround,
Mohammed's empire tumble to the ground;
The dreams of infidels in smoke decay,
And all the foes of heav'n shall fleet away.

4 In barren wilds shall living waters spring, Fair temples rise and songs of transport ring: The savage mind with sweet affection warm, And light and love the yielding bosom charm: From sin’s oblivious sleep the soul arise,

And grace and goodness show'r from balmy o:

5 Then shall mankind no more in darkness mo
Then happy nations in a day be born; -
From east to west thy glorious name be one,
And one pure worship hail th’ eternal Son:
Remotest realms one spotless faith unite,
And o'er all regions beam the Gospel's light.

Hymn 47. 8, 8, 6.
[Tune, Supplication.]
The Lord's Prayer. Mat. vi. 9–13,

1 OUR Father, whose eternal sway,
The bright angelic hosts obey,
O, lend a Pof ear !
When on thy awfus name we call,
And at thy feet submissive fall,
O, condescend to hear !

2 Far may thy glorious reign extend,
May rebels to thy sceptre bend,
And yield to sovereign love;
May we take pleasure to fulfil
The sacred dictates of thy will,
As angels do above.

3 From thy kind hand each temp'ral good,
Our raiment and our daily food,
In rich abundance come ;
Lord, give us still a fresh supply ;
If thou withhold'st thy hand, we die,
And fill the silent tomb.

4 Pardon our sins, O God, that rise,
And call for vengeance from the skies;
And while we are forgiv'n,
Grant that revenge may never rest,
And malice harbour in that breast
That feels the love of heaven.

Protect us in the dang'rous hour,
And from the wily tempter’s pow'r,
Q, set our spirits free;
And if temptation should assail,
May mighty grace o'er all prevail,
And lead our hearts to thee.
G Thine is the pow'r, to thee belongs
The constant tribute of our songs,
All glory to thy name !
Let ev'ry creature join our lays,
In one resounding act of praise,

Thy wonders to proclaim.

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Exhortation to Prayer. 1 WHAT various hindrances we meet, In coming to a mercy-seat Yet who that knows the worth of prayer, But wishes to be often there 2

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2 Pray’r makes the darken'd cloud withdraw,
Pray’r climbs the ladder Jacob saw,
Gives exercise to faith and love,
Brings ev'ry blessing from above.

Restraining pray’r, we cease to fight;
Pray’r makes the christian's armor bright;
And Satan trembles, when he sees
The weakest saint upon his knees.

4 While Moses stood with arms spread wide,
Success was found on Israel's side;
But when through weariness they fail'd,
That moment Amalek prevail’d. -
5 Have you no words? ah, think again,
Words flow apace when you complain,
And fill your fellow-creature's ear
With the sad tale of all your care.
6 Were half the breath thus vainly spent,
To heav’n in supplication sent;
Your cheerful song would oft’ner be,
“Hear what the Lord has done for me.”

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Hymn 49. L. M.
Prayer for the Success of Missions.


1 INDULGENT God, to thee we pray,
Be with us on this solemn day;
Smile on our souls, our plans approve,
By which we seek to spread thy love.

2 Let party prejudice be gone,
And love unite our hearts in one;
Let all we have and are, combine
To aid this glorious work of thine.

3 [Point us to men of upright mind,
Devoted, diligent, and kind;
With grace be all their hearts endow’d,
And light to guide them in the road,

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With cheerful steps may they proceed,
Where'er thy providence shall lead;
Let heav'n and earth their work befriend,
And mercy all their paths attend.]

Great let the bands of those be found
Who shall attend the gospel sound;
And let barbarians, bond and free,
In suppliant throngs resort to thee.

Where Pagan altars now are built,
And ..f. or human, spilt,
There be the bleeding cross high rear'd,
And God, our God, alone rever'd.

Where captives groan beneath their chain,
Let grace, and love, and concord reign;
The aged and the infant tongue,
Unite in one harmonious song.

Hymn 50. L. M. God Entreated for Zion. Isaiah lxii. 6, 7.

INDUlgent Sovereign of the skies,
And wilt thou bow thy gracious ear?
While feeble mortals raise their cries,
Wilt thou, the great Jehovah, hear?

How shall thy servants give thee rest,
Till Zion's mould'ring walls thou raise 3
Till thy own pow'r shall stand confess'd,
And make Jerusalem a praise,

For this a lowly suppliant crowd
Here in thy sacred temple wait;
For this we lift our voices loud
And call, and knock at mercy’s gate.
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye,
And view the desolation round;
See what wide realms in darkness lie,
And hurl their idols to the ground.

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