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5 Loud let the gospel trumpet blow,

And call the nations from afar;
Let all the isles cheir Saviour know,

And earth's remotest ends draw near. 6 On all our souls let grace descend,

Like heav'nly dew in copious showers,
That we may call our God our friend,

That we may hail salvation ours.
7 Then shall each age and rank agree,

United shouts of joy to raise ;

To thee shall render back the praise.

Hymn 51.

L. M. Prayer for the Spread of the Gospet. 1 Thy people, Lord, who trust thy word,

And wait the smilings of thy face,
Assemble round thy mercy-seat,

And plead the promise of thy grace. 2 We consecrate these hours to thee,

Thy sovereign mercy to entreat;
And feel some animating hope,

We shall divine acceptance meet.
3 Hast thou not sworn to give thy Son,

To be a light to Gentile lands;
To open the benighted eye,

And loose the wretched prisner's bands? 4 Hast thou not said from sea to sea

His vast dominions shall extend ?
That ev'ry tongue shall call him Lord,

And ev'ry knee before him bend ? 5 Now let the happy time appear,

The time to fayor Sion come ;
Send forth thy heralds far and near,
To call thy banish'd children home.

Hymn 52. C. M.

On a Public Fast.
I SEE, gracious God, before thy throne,

Thy mourning people bend!
'Tis on thy sovereign grace alone

Our humble hopes depend. 2 Tremendous judgments from thy hand

Thy dreadful pow'r display ;
Yet mercy spares this guilty land,

And yet we live to pray. 3 Great God, and is our country spar'd,

Ungrateful as we are ?
O, be thine awful warnings heard,

While mercy cries, forbear! 4 How chang'd, alas! are truths divine,

For error, guilt, and shame!
What impious numbers, bold in sin,

Disgrace the christian name! 5 O, bid us turn, almighty Lord,

By thy resistless grace;
Then shall our hearts obey thy word,

And humbly seek thy face.
6 Then should insulting foes invade,

We shall not sink in fear;
Secure of never failing aid,

If God, our God, is near.

Hymn 53. L. M.

Fast Hymn. Luke v. 34, 35. 1 While God on Zion smiles in love,

And heav'nly dews distil around,
The saints rejoice, and soar above,

Nor fast, nor mourning-day is found. 2 But when the bridegroom takes his flight,

The church soon wears a sable gloom ;

The day is turn’d to dismal night,

And fasting then may well have room. 3 The bridegroom's voice here once was known,

His children walk'd in light and love :
But now, O, where has Jesus gone !

Whither has flown the heav'nly dove? 4 Our day of fasting now has come,

Well may we weep before the Lord;
We dwell like strangers, far from home,

We sigh to hear some cheering word. 5 Return, O Jesus ! quick return,

Return and cheer thy drooping vine ;
Shall we thy absence longer mourn ?

For thou art ours, and we are thine. 6 Thy work of grace, O God, revive ;

Come raise our hearts and souls above;
Make all our christian graces thrive,
And turn our fast to feasts of love.

Hymn 54. C. M. Pleading for Mercy. For a Fast Day. 1 Come, let our souls adore the Lord,

Whose judgments yet delay; Who yet suspends the lifted sword,

And gives us leave to pray. 2 Great is our guilt, our fears are great,

But let us not despair ; Still open is the,

To penitence and prayer: 3 Kind intercessor, to thy love,

This blessed hope we owe ; 0, let thy merits plead above,

While we implore below. 4 0, gracious God, for Jesus' sake,

Åttend thy people's cry;

Nor let the kindling vengeance break

Destructive from thine eye.
5 Though justice, near thy awful throne,

Atiends thy dread cohimand,
Lord, hear thy servants, hear thy Son,

And save a guilty land.

Hymn 55. C. M.

For a Time of General Sickness. 1 Death, with his dread commission seal'd,

Now hastens to his arms ;
In awful state he takes the field,

And sounds his dire alarms.
2 Attendant plagues around him stand,

And wait his dread command;
And pains, and dying groans obey

The signal of his hand.
3 With cruel force he scatters round

His shafts of deadly power;
While the grave waits its destin'd prey,

Impatient to devour.
4 Sovereign of life, we own thy hand,

In ev'ry chastening stroke ;
And while we smart beneath thy rod,

Thy presence we invoke.
5 To thee, in our distress we cry;

Lord bow thy gracious ear:
O, let thy word our life prolong,

And bring salvation near!
6 Then in the courts of righteousness,

With all the pious throng,
We will record our solemn vows,
And tune our grateful song,

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Hymn 56. L. M.

Prayer for Peace.
1 While justice waves her vengeful hand

Tremendous o'er a guilty land,
Almighty God, thy awful pow'r

With fear and trembling we adore.
2 Where shall we fly but to thy feet?.

Our only refuge is thy seat;
Thy seat, where potent mercy pleads,

And holds thy thunder from our heads.
3 While peace and plenty blest our days,

Where was the tribute of our praise ?
Ungrateful raçe! how have we spent

The blessings which thy goodness lent ! 4 [Pale famine now, and wasting war,

With threat'ning frown, thy wrath declare;
But war and famine are thy slaves,

Nor can destroy when mercy saves.]
5 Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye ;

Though loud our crimes for vengeance cry;
Let mercy's louder voice prevail,

Nor thy long-suff'ring patience fail. 6 Encourag'd by thy sacred word,

May we not plead thy promise, Lord,
That when an humble nation mourns,

Thy rising wrath to pity turns ?
7 O let thy sovereign grace impart

Contrition to each rocky heart;
And bid sincere repentance flow,

In general, undissembled wo.
8 [Fair smiling peace again restore ;

With plenty bless the pining poor :
And may a happy, thankful land,
Obedient own thy guardian hand.]

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