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And conquests to thy church acquires,
By eloquence, which heav’n inspires.
6 O happy, who are thus compell’d
To the rich feast by Jesus held !
May we this blessing know, and prize.
The light which liberty supplies.


Hymn 64. L. M. Longing for the Promised Spread of the Gospel. Dan. li. 45. 1 ExeRT thy pow'r, thy rights maintain, Insulted—everlasting King! The influence of thy crown increase, And strangers to thy footstool bring. 2 We long to see that happy time, That dear expected, blessed day !

When countless myriads of our race
The second Adam shall obey.
3 The prophecies must be fulfill’d,
Though earth and hell should dare oppose;
The stone, cut from the mountain's side,
Though unobserv'd, to empire grows.

4 Soon Afric's long enslaved sons,
Shall join with Europe's polish’d race,
To o in diff'rent tongues,
The glories of redeeming grace.

5. From east to west, from north to south,
Emmanuel's kingdom shall extend;
And ev'ry man, in ev'ry face,
Shall meet a brother and a friend.

Hymn 65. C. M.
The Christian Warrior Animated.

1 HARK 'tis our heav'nly leader's voice, From the bright realms above!

Amidst the war's tumultuous rage,
A voice of power and love.
“Maintain the fight, my faithful band,
Nor fear the mortal blow ;
He that in such a warfare dies,
Shall speedy vict'ry know.
“I have my days of combat known,
And in the dust was laid;
But now I sit upon my throne,
And glory crowns my head.

“This throne, this glory shall be yours,
My hands the crown shall give ;
And you the blest reward shall share,
wä. God himself shall live.”
Lord, 'tis enough, our souls are fir’d
With courage and with love ;
Vain are th' assaults of earth and hell,
Our hopes are fix’d above.
We'll trace the footsteps thou hast trod,
To triumph and renown;
Nor shun the combat and thy cross,
May we but wear thy crown.

Hymn 66. 8 lines. 7's.
Success of the Gospel.

1 SEE, how great a flame aspires,

Kindled by a spark of grace

Jesus’ love the nations fires,
Sets the kingdoms in a blaze.

To bring free grace, on earth he came,
Kindled in some hearts it is ;

O that all might catch the flame,
All partake the glorious bliss

2 When he first the work begun, Small and feeble was his day :

Now the word doth swiftly run,
Now it wins its wid’ning way :

More and more it spreads and grows,
Ever mighty to prevail;

Sin’s strong hold it now o'erthrows,
Shakes the trembling gates of hell.

8 Sons of God your Saviour praise :

He the door hath open'd wide;

He hath giv'n the word of grace,
Jesus' word is glorify'd :

Jesus mighty to redeem,
He alone the work hath wrought :

Worthy is the work of him,
Him who spake a world from nought.

4 Saw ye not the cloud arise,
Little as a human hand 2
Now it spreads along the skies,
Hangs o'er all the thirsty land

Lo! the promise for a show’r
Drops already from above;

But the Lord will shortly pour
All the spirit of his love

Hymn 67. C. M. [Tune, The True Penitent.] Revival of Religion Seen. 1 HARK' hear the sound, on earth 'tis found• My soul delights to hear Of dying love that’s from above, Of pardon bought most dear.

2 Young converts sing and, praise their King,
And bless God's holy name;
Whilst older saints leave their complaints,
And joy to join the theme.

3 Convinc'd of sin, men now begin To call upon the Lord,

Trembling they pray, and mourn the day,
In which they scorn’d his word.
4 God’s chariot rolls, and frights the souls
Of those who hate the truth;
And saints in pray’r, cry, ‘Lord draw near,
Have mercy on the youth.”
5 Pour down a show’r, of thy great pow'r,
On ev'ry aching heart;
On all who try, and humbly cry,
That they may have a part.

6 Come sinners, all, now hear God's call,
And pray with one accord
Saints, raise your songs, with joyful tongues,
To hail th' approaching Lord.

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We’re joining them who 're gone before,
We then shall meet to part no more.
3 The little cloud increases still,
The heav'ns are big with rain;

We haste to catch the teeming shower,
And all its fullness share.

4. A rill, a stream, a torrent flows :
But pour a mighty flood;
O sweep the nations, shake the earth,
Till all proclaim thee God.
Chorus. “A Saviour !” &c.

5 And when thou mak’st thy jewels up,
And set'st thy starry crown; -
When all thy sparkling gems shall shine,
Proclaim’d by thee thine own.

6 May we, a little band of love,
Be sinners, sav’d by grace;
From glory unto glory chang’d,
Behold thee face to face.
Chorus. “A Saviour !” &c.

*= Hymn 69. C. M. JMysteries of Providence. John xiii. 7. 1 God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform ; He plants his footsteps in the sea And rides upon the storm.

2 Deep in unfathomable mires
Of never-failing skill,
He treasures up his bright designs,
And works his sovereign .#
3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy, and shall break
In blessings on your head.
4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
But trust him for his grace;
Behind a frowning providence
He hides a smiling face.
5 His purposes will ripen fast,
Unfolding ev'ry hour;

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