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3 Before him thy protection send, O love him, save him to the end; Nor let him, as thy pilgrim rove

. Without the convoy of thy love.

4 Enlarge, inflame, and fill his heart;
In him thy mighty pow'r exert;
That thousands yet unborn may praise
The wonders of redeeming grace.

Hymn 76. S. M.
JMinister Going a Journey.

1 [Since we are call'd to part
From our beloved friend,
We take our leave as one in heart,
And him to God commend.]
2 Go with thy servant, Lord,
His ev’ry step attend;
All needful help to him afford,
And bless him to the end.

3 Preserve him from all wrong,
Stand thou at his right hand;
To keep him from the sland’rous tongue,
And persecuting band.
4 May he proclaim aloud,
The wonders of thy grace;
And do thou to the list’ning crowd
His faithful labours bless.
5 Shine on his works below,
With ever gracious beams;
Till thou in heav'n his crown bestow,
Adorn'd with brighter gems.
6 We for his journey pray,
Nor may our praying cease;
That God would bless him in his way,
And bring him back in peace. "

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7 Farewel, dear pastor, go—
We part with thee in love;
And if we meet no more below,
O may we meet above.

- Hymn 77. L. M.
Prayer for a Sick Minister. John xi. 13.

1 O Thou, before whose gracious throne,
We bow our suppliant spirit down :
View, the sad breast, the streaming eye,
And let our sorrows pierce the sky.

2 Thou know'st the anxious cares we feel,
And all our trembling lips would tell;
Thou only canst assuage our grief,
And §. wo-fraught heart relief.

3 With pow'r benign, thy servant spare,
Nor turn aside thy people’s prayer;
Avert thy swift descending stroke,
Nor smite the shepherd of the flock.

4 Restore him sinking to the grave;
Stretch out thine arm, make haste to save ;
Back to our hopes and wishes give,
And bid our friend and father live.

5 Bound to each soul by tend’rest ties,
In ev'ry breast his image lies;
Thy pitying aid, O God, impart,
Nor rend him from each bleeding heart.

6 Yet if our supplications fail,
And pray'rs and tears can nought prevail.
Be thou his strength, be thou his stay,
And guide him safe to endless day.

Hymn 78, C. M.
Death of a Minister.

1 His master taken from his head, Elisha saw him go;

And in desponding accents said,
“Ah! what must Israel do 7”

2 But he forgot the Lord, who lifts
The beggar to the throne;
Nor knew that all Elijah's gifts,
Would soon be made his own.

3 What—when a Paul has run his course,
Or when Apollos dies—
Is Israel left without resource 2
And have we no supplies 7

4 Yes, while the great Redeemer lives,
We have a boundless store;
And shall be fed with what he gives
Who lives for evermore.

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2 To thee, when mortal comforts fail, Thy flock, deserted, flies; And on th’ eternal shepherd's care, Our cheerful hope relies. 3 When o'er thy faithful servants’ dust. Thy dear assemblies mourn, In speedy tokens of thy grace, O, lsrael’s God, return. 4 The pow'rs of nature all are thine, And thine the aids of grace; Thine arm has borne thy churches up, Through ev'ry rising race. 5 Exert thy sacred influence here, And here thy suppliants bless,

And change to strains of cheerful praise,
Their accents of distress.

6 With faithful heart and skilful hand,
May this thy flock be fed;
And with a steady growing pace
To Zion's mountain led.

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For the Ordination or Settlement of a JMinister.
Eph. iv. 11, 12.
1 FATHER of mercies, in thy house,
Smile on our homage aud our vows ;
While with a grateful heart we share,
These pledges of our Saviour's care.

2 The Saviour, when to heav'n he rose
In splendid triumph o'er his foes,
Scatter'd his gifts on men below,
And wide his royal bounties flow.

3 Hence sprung th’Apostle's honour’d name,
Sacred beyond heroic fame ;
Hence dictates the prophetic sage,
And hence the Evangelic page.

4 In lowlier forms, to bless our eyes,
Pastors from hence, and teachers rise ;
Who, though with feebler rays they shine,
Still gild a long extended line.

5 From Christ their varied gifts derive,
And fed by Christ their graces live;
While guarded by his potent hand,
"Midst all the rage of hell they stand.

5 So shall the bright succession run
Through the last courses of the sun ;
While unborn churches, by their care,
Shail rise and flourish large and fair.

7 Jesus, our Lord, their hearts shall know, The spring, whence all these blessings flow ;

Pastors and people shout his praise,
Through the long round of endless days.

Hymn 81. C. M.
.After the Charge. Heb. xiii. 17.

1 LET Zion's watchmen all awake,
And take th' alarm they give;
Now let them from the mouth of God
Their solemn charge receive.

2 ”Tis not a cause of small import
The pastor's care demands;
But what might fill an angel’s heart,
And fill'd a Saviour's hands.

3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord
Did heav'nly bliss forego;
For souls which must forever live
In raptures, or in wo.
4 May they, that Jesus whom they preach,
Their own Redeemer see ;
And watch thou daily o'er their souls,
That they may watch for thee.

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Praise to God for a Gospel Minister after the Decease of Another.

1 To thy great name, O Prince of Peace,
Our grateful songs we raise:
Accept, thou Son of Righteousness,
The tribute of our praise.
2 In widow’d state these walls no more
Their mourning weeds shall wear;
Thy messenger shall joy restore,
And ev'ry loss repair.
3 Thy providence our souls admire,
With joy its winding trace;

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