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With holy joy or guilty dread
We all shall soon appear :
Our caution’d souls prepare
For that tremendous day,
And fill us now with watchful care,
And stir us up to pray:

2 To pray and wait the hour,
That awful hour unknown,
When rob’d in majesty and power,
Thou shalt from heav'n come down :

Th’ immortal Son of Man,
To judge the human race,
With all the Father's dazzling train,
With all thy glorious grace.
3 To damp our earthly joys,
To increase our gracious fears,
For ever let th’ archangel's voice
Be sounding in our ears,
The solemn midnight cry,
“Ye dead, the j. is come ;
“Arise and meet him in the sky,
“And meet your instant doom!”
4 O may we thus be found
Obedient to thy word,
Attentive to the trumpet’s sound,
And looking for our Lord!
O may we thus ensure
A lot among the blest;
And watch a moment to secure
An everlasting rest

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On Devastation by Fire. 1 WEARIED by day with toils and cares, How welcome is the peaceful night!

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Sweet sleep our wasted strength repairs, And fits us for returning light.

Yet when our eyes in sleep are closed,
Our rest may break ere well begun;
To dangers, ev'ry hour expos'd,
We neither can foresee nor shun.
'Tis of the Lord that we can sleep,
A single night without alarms;
His eye alone our lives can keep
Secure amidst a thousand harms.

For months and years of safety past,
Ungrateful we, alas ! have been:

Though patient long, he spoke at last,

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And bid the fire rebuke our sin.

The shout of fire a dreadful cry,
Impress'd each heart with deep dismay;
While the fierce blaze and red’ning sky,
Made midnight wear the face of day.
The throng and terror, who can speak!
The various sounds that fill'd the air!
The infant’s wail, the mother’s shriek,
The voice of blasphemy and prayer ?
But pray’r prevail'd, and sav'd the town,
For they, who lov'd the Saviour's name,
Were heard, and mercy hasted down
To check the rage—to stop the flame.
O may the scene be ne'er forgot!
Lord still increase thy praying few ;
Were cities left without a Lot,
Ruin, like Sodom's, would ensue.

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Lord of the earth, and sea, and skies,
All nature owns thy sovereign power;

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At thy command the tempests rise,
At thy command the thunders roar.

We hear with trembling and affright
The voice of heav'n, tremendous sound !
Keen lightnings pierce the shades of night,
And spread their horrors all around. -

What mortal could sustain the stroke,
Should wrath divine in dreadful storms,
Which our repeated crimes provoke,
Descend to crush rebellious worms

These dreadful glories of thy name With terror would o'erwhelm our souls; But mercy dawns with kinder beam, And guilt and rising fear controls.

O let thy mercy on my heart, -
With cheering, healing radiance shine;
Bid ev'ry anxious fear depart,
And gently whisper, “thou art mine.”
Then, safe beneath thy guardian care,

In hope serene my soul shall rest;
Nor storms nor dangers reach me there,
In thee, my God, my refuge, blest.

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In a Thunder Storm.
LET coward guilt, with pallid fear,
To shelt’ring caverns fly,
And justly dread the vengeful fate
Which thunders through the sky.

2 Protected by that hand, whose law

The threat'ning storms obey,
Intrepid virtue smiles secure,
As in the blaze of day.

3 In the thick cloud's tremendous gloom,

The lightnings horrid glare,

It views the same all gracious power
Which breathes the vernal air.

4 Through nature's ever varying scene,
By #. ways pursu'd ;
The one eternal end of heav'n
Is universal good.

5 With like beneficent effect,
O'er flaming ether glows;
As when it tunes the linnet's voice,
And blushes in the rose.

6 When through creation's vast expanse,
The last dread thunders roll,
Untune the concord of the spheres,
And shake the guilty soul.

7 Unmov’d may we the final storm
Of jarring worlds survey,
That ushers in the tranquis morn
Of everlasting day. -

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1 GREAT God, in characters of flame,
We read the terrors of thy name;
'Tis guilt provokes these dire alarms,
And sets th’ Omnipotent in arms.

2 O may the world thy judgments own, And humbly bow before thy throne! That pow'r which rocks asunder parts, Can break e'en adamantine hearts'

3 Of riches we will boast no more,
No more to earth entrust our store,
That in an instantaneous grave
Resumes the gold and gems it gave.

4 Our hopes shall now ascend on high, And seek a treasure in the sky;

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The mines above are rich and pure, And shall through endless years endure.

Hymn 117. C. M.
On Earthquakes.

ALTHough on massy pillars built,
The earth has lately shook;

It trembles under human guilt,
Before its Maker's look. .

Swift as the shock amazement spreads,
And sinners tremble too;

What flight can screen their guilty heads,
If earth itself pursue 2

But if these warnings prove in vain,

Say, sinner, canst thou tell How soon the earth may quake again,

And open wide to jí; *

Repent before the Judge draws nigh;
Or else, when he comes down,

Thou wilt in vain for earthquakes cry,
To hide thee from his frown.

But happy they, who love the Lord,
And his salvation know ; -

The hope that’s founded on his word, .
No change can overthrow.

Should the deep rooted hills be hurl’d,
And plung’d beneath the seas,

And strong convulsions shake the world,
Your hearts may rest in peace.

Jesus, your Shepherd, Lord, and Chief,
Shall shelter you from ill;

And not a worm, nor shaking leaf,
Can move but at his will.

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