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4 Lightnings, that round th’ Eternal play? Thunders that from his arm are hurled! The grandeur of your God convey, Blazing, or bursting on the world.

5 From clime to clime, from shore to

shore, Be the almighty God adored. He made the nations by his power, And rules them with his sovereign word.

6 At once let nature's ample round
To God the vast thanksgiving raise;
His high perfection knows no bound,
But fills immensity of space.

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OME, my brethren, let us try,
For a little season,
Every burden to lay by,
..Come and let us reason.

2 What is this that casts you downt What is this that grieves you?

Speak and let the worst be known, Speaking may relieve you.

3 Think on what your Saviour bore
In the gloomy garden;
Sweating blood from every pore,
Crying, “O my father.”

4 See him mailed to the tree, Bleeding, groaning, dying; See, he suffer'd this for thee,

Therefore be believing.

5 Joseph took his body down,
Shrouded it in linen,
Laid it in the silent tomb,
And returned mourning. .

6 Soon he raised from the tomb,
Angels fly from glory;
O what glory shone around!
Hallelujah, glory.

7 Brethren, don't you feel the flame? Sisters, don't you love him."

Let us join to praise his name,
Let us never grieve him.

8 Soon we'll meet to part no more,
Soon we’ll be in heaven,
There to join with those above.
And forever praise him.

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2 Dost thou want peace and pardon seal’d,
Ask, for they wait to be reveal’d;
Dost thou want faith and holy fear,
Ask, for behold the blessing's near.

3 Dost thou want strength 'gainst sin to ght, Ask, and I’ll give thee heavenly might; Dost thou want light and life divine, Ask, and eternal life is thiue.

4 Wilt thou be made completely whole, Ask, and I’ll renovate thy soul; This instant ask; arise and pray; Lose not such blessings by delay. o

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ING, ye redeemed of the Lord,
Your great deliverer sing,
Pilgrims, for Zion's city bound,
Bejoyful in your King.

2 See the fair way his hand has rais'd,
How holy, and how plain!
Nor shall the simplest trav’ler err,
Nor ask the track in vain.

3 Nor ravening lion shall destroy,
Nor lurking serpent wound;
Pleasure and safety, peace and praise,
Thro' all the path are found.

4. A hand divine shall lead you on,
Through all the blissful road;
Till to the sacred mount you rise,
And see your smiling God.

5 These garlands of immortal joy
Shall bloom on every head;
While sorrow, sighing, and distress,
Like shadows all are fled.

6 March en in your Redeemer's strength;
Pursue his footsteps still;
And let the prospect cheer your eye,
While laboring up the hill.

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Y. virgins of Jesus arise;
Nor slumber like fools in your camps;
Like virgins of old that were wise,
# Take plenty of oil with your lamps.

2 The bridegroom will shortly appear,
And with a loud voice make his call;
Then if you must go to prepare:
The door will be shut on you all.

3 say not unto others give oil, [out;
Our lamps, while we slept have, gone
Not so ; that would others despoil,
And plunge darkness and doubt.

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