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4 Let ev'ry one look out in time,

FHis vessel with grace wisely fill; in season his soul then may climb, To mansions in Zion's fairhiii.

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E.T thy kingdom, blessed Saviour,
Come and bid our jarrings cease,
Come, O come, and reign forever,
God of love, and prince of peace;
Visit now thy precious Zion,
Hear the people mourn and weep,
Day and night thy lambs are crying.
Come, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep.

Sóme for Paul, some for Appollos, t Some for Cephus—none agree; Jesus, let us hear thee call us, Help us, Lord, to follow thee. Then we'll rush through what encumbers Over every hindrance leap, Undismayed by force or numbers; Come, good Shepherd feed thy sheep.

3 Lord, in us there is no merit,

We’ve been sinners from our youth,

Guide us Lord, by thy good spirit,
Which shall teach us all the truth.

On the gospel word we’ll venture,
Till in death's cold arms we sleep,

Love our Lord and Christ our Saviour,
o,£good Shepherd, feed thy sheep.

4 Come, good Lord, with courage arm us'

Persecution rages here,
Nothing, Lord, we know can harm us,
While our shepherd is so near;
Glory, glory, be to Jesus,
At his name our hearts do keap;
He both comforts us and frees us,
The good Shepherd feeds his sheep.

5 Here's the Prince of your salvation,

Saying, Fear not little flock;

I myself am your foundation,
You are built upon this rock;

Shun the path of vice and folly,
Scale the mount, although it's steep,

Look to me and be ye holy,
I delight to seed my sheep.

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6 Christ alone, whose merit saves us,
Taught by him we'll own his name,
Sweetest of all names is Jesus,
How it doth our souls inflame !
Glory, glory, glory, glory,
Give him glory, he will keep,
He will clear your way before you,
The good Shepherd feels his sheep-

HYMN 94.—H. M.
The Fountain of Life.
AIL, everlasting Springs
*Celestial Fountain hail :
Thy streams of salvation bring,
The waters never fail :
Still they endure, and still they flow,
For all our woe a sov’reign cure.

2 Blest be His wounded sides,
And blest his bleeding heart,
Who all in anguish died,
Such favours to impart,
His sacred blood shail make us clean
From ev, ry sin—and fit for God.


To that dear source of love
Our souls this day would come
And thither from above,
Lord, call the nations home ;


That Jew and Greek with rapt’rous songs On all their tongues, thy praise may speak.

HYMN 95.-L. M.
The afflicted Saint.

FFLICTED saint, to Christ draw nearThe Saviour's gracious promise hear: His faithful word declares to thee, That As thy day thy strength shall be.

2 Let not thy heart desponding say,
How shall I stand the trying day;
He has declared by firm decree,
That As thy day thy strength shall be.

3 Thy faith is weak, thy foes are strong.
And if the conflict should be long,
Thy Lord will make the tempter flee;
Still As thy day thy strength shall be.

4 If persecution rage and flame,”
Still trust in thy Redeemer's name ;
In fiery trials thou shall see,
That As thy day thy strength shall be.

5. When call'd to bear the weighty cross Of sore affliction, pain and o r

In deep distress and poverty.
Still as why day thy strength shall be,

9 When ghastly death appears in view,
Christ’s presence shall thy fears subdue;
He comes to set thy spirit free,
And As thy day thy strength shall be.

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LORY to God that I have found the pearl of my salvation; We're marching through Immanuel's. ground, up to the heavenly station; And I’m resolved to follow on, and never to forsake him, I’ll always keep the narrow way, till I do overtake him.

2 Fear not, says Christ, ye little flock,

heirs of immortal glory,

You'r built upon the surest rock, the kingdom lies before you;

Fight on, fight on, ye heirs of bliss, and tell the pleasing story,

I'm always with my little flock, and I'll bring them home to glory.

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