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To leave my dear friends, and, with neighbors to part, And go from my home, affects not my eart, Like the thought of abstaining myself for a da From that blest retreat, I have chosen to pray; I have chosen to pray.

2 Dear bower where the pine and the pop

lar leaves spread,

And woven their branches a roof o'er my head;

How oft have I knelt on the ever-green there,

And poured out my soul to my Saviour in prayer;

To my Saviour in prayer.

3 The early shrill notes of a lov’d nightingale That dwelt in the bower, I observ’d as my bell; It called me to duty while birds in the air; Sung anthems of praises as # went to prayer; As I went to prayer.

4 How sweet were the zephyrs, perfum’d
by the pine,
The ivy, the balsam and the wild eglan-
tine; -
But sweeter, O sweeter, superlative were
The joys that I tasted in answer to

In answer to prayer.

5 For Jesus my Saviour oft deigned to
And blest with his presence my humble
Oft filled me with raptures and blessed-
ness there,
Inditing in heaven's own language my
Own language my prayer.

6 Dear bower I must leave you and bid
you adieu,
And pay my devotions in parts that are

new, - Well knowing my Saviour resides every where, And can in all places give answer to prayer; Give answer to prayer.


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THQU, who ruls’t the stormy deep, And bidst the billows rise; By thy command the heaving deep Ne'er meets the lofty skies. .

2. By thy good will our trusty bark
Rides o'er the stormy wave;
Thy boundless blessings, Lord we mark,
And trust in thee to save.

3 Throughout the voyage of life, do thou
Thy boundless mercies send;
In thee we trust—to thee we bow—
The seaman's God and friend.

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W HEN morn awakes our hearts,

To pour the early prayer;

When toil-worn day departs.
And gives a pause to care;

When those our souls love best
Kneel with us in thy fear,

To ask thy peace and rest—
Our God, our Father, hear !

2. When worldly snares without.

And evil thoughts within,

Of grace would raise a doubt,
Or lure us back to sin;

When human strength proves frail,
And will, but half sincere;

When faith begins to fail—
Our God, our Father, hear!

3 When in our cup of mirth

The drop of trembling falls,

And the frail drops of earth
Are crumbling round our walls;

When back we gaze with grief,
And forward glance with fear;

When faileth man's relief—
Our God, our Father, hear!

4 And when death’s awful hand
Unbars the gate of Time,
Eternity's dim land
Disclosing, dread, sublime;
- When flesh and spirit quake
Before thee to appear—
O, then for Jesus' sake,
Our God, our Father, hear!

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HRIST hath a table richly spread. ...a
With living;water, wine and so

Come, all ye needy, come and buy,

If you would live with Christ on high.

2 His blood was shed for you and me,
When he expired upon the tree;
See what the Saviour did endure,
To make his great salvation sure.

3 And since in Adam all have died,
In Christ we may be justified;
All who repent and do believe,
Eternal life they shall receive.

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Ho, that heavenly grace,
How it exalts the saint!

Though he may often seem abas'd,
The spirit does not faint.

2 The scripture says, if we would be
Exalted by the Lord,
We must have true humility
To make our passions chord.

3 To Jacobs God I now will seek
For purity of soul;
Lord make me holy, humble meek,
And all my heart control.

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