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* Now may the King descend,
And fill his throne of grace;
Thy sceptre, Lord, extend,
While saints address thy face:
Let sinners feel thy quick’ning word,
And learn to know and fear the Lord.

S Descend celestial Dove,
With all thy quick’ning powers;
Disclose a Saviour’s love,
And bless the sacred hours;
Then shall my soul new life obtain,
Ner Sabbath's be indulg'd in vain. .

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ROM the regions of love,
Lo! an angel descended,

And told the blest news
How the babe was attended;

Go, Shepherds and visit
This wondrous stranger,

- With wonder and joy

See your Christ in the manger.

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We'll praise him again,
When we pass over Jordan.

2 Glad tidings I bring
To you and each nation;
ğ. tidings of joy,
Now behold your salvation;
When sudden a multitude
Raise their glad voices,
And Shout the Redeemer,
While heaven rejoices.

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4. Enraptur'd I rise
With delight and desire,
Such love so divine,
Sets my soul all on fire;
Around the blest throne
Hosannas are ringing,

O when shall I join them And ever be singing!

5 Triumphantly ride
In thy charriot victorious,
And conquor with love;
O Jesus all glorious!
Thy banner unfurl:
Let the nations surrender
And own thee their Saviour.
Their King and defender.

HYMN 111.-7 & 6.
Encouragement to Christians.

HE won’drous love of Jesus,
From doubts and fears he frees us

With pitying eyes he sees us

A toiling here below; Through tribulation driven. We make our way to heaven; By consolation given,

Rejoicing on we go.

2 Companions now distressed, By Satan sore oppressed, Cheer up, you'll be delivered,

Your Captain is at hand; z In every trying hour

He'll save you by his power,

And bring you safe to heaven,
To Canaan's hāppy land.

3 O! yonder is the glory,
It is but just before you,
And there we’ll tell the story
Of Christ's redeeming love;
And there we shall forever
Drink of the flowing River,
Forever and forever
Surround the throne above.

4 All in the blooming garden
• Of Eden, gained by pardon;
Beyond the floods of Jordan
We'll praise the great I AM;
And sing the song of Moses,
While Jesus sweet composes,
The song that never closes,
Sing praises to the LAMB.

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I 'LL sing a song which doth belong To all the people round me;

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Y'Al spread the fame of Jesus' name,
And tell how Jesus found me.
*Twas in distress and wickedness,
These words he spake unto me,
“O sinner, come, in me there’s room,
Oh how these things run through me.

was like Paul, who was call’d Saul, In bitter persecution: I did disdain being born again; I call’d it all delusion, I fought the saints witheut restraint, Too proud to cry for mercy. Conviction strong did come along; Oh how these things did pierce me,

3 l did not know which way to go,

My sins were like a mountain,

All fill'd with woe, the tears did flow,
My head was like a fountain.

I thought 1’d been so long in sin,
I could not be forgiven;

Then Jesus came, O bless his name!
And fill'd my soul with heaven.

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