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The Weary Traveller. OME all ye weary travellers, J. Now let us join and sing, The everlasting praises, Of Jesus our great King. We’ve had a tedious journey, And tiresome 'tis true ; But see how many dangers, The Lord has brought us through.

2 At first when Jesus found us,

He called us unto him,

And pointed out the danger,
Of sailing into sin.

The world, the flesh and Satan,
Would prove a hurtful snare,

Unless we did reject them
By faith and humble prayer.

3 But by our discbedience, With sorrow we confess, We have had long to wander In a dark wilderness, Where we might long huve fainted, in that enchanted ground, * But now and then h cluster Of pieasant grapes we found.

4 The pleasant fruits of Canaan,

Give life and joy and paace,

Revive our drooping spirits,
And love and strength increase.

"To own our Lord and Master,
And run at his command,

And hasten on our journey
Uuto the promised land.

5 In faith,and hope, and patience,

We often do rejoice,

And Jesus and his people,
Forever are our choice.

In peace and consolation,
We now are going on.

The pleasant road to Canaan,
Where Jesus Christ has gone.

9 Sinners why stand ye idle,

While we thus march along,

Has Jesus never told you
That you are going wrong,

We're sorry thus to leave you,
We'rather you would go;

Come try a bleeding Saviour,
And see what love can do.

7 Now to the King immortal,

Be everlasting praise,

For in his holy service,
We long to spend our days,

Till we arrive at Canaan,
The glorious would above,

With everlasting wonder,
To sing redeeming love.

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Servants of God always safe. OW are thy servants bless'd, O How sure is their defence: [Lord, Eternal wisdom is their guide, Their help Omnipotence, 3

2 In foreign realms, and lands remote,
Supported by thy care:
Thro' burning climes they pass unhurt,
And breathe the tainted air.

3 When by the dreadful tempest borne;
High on the broken wave, 39
They know thou art not slow to hear,
or impotent to save.

4 The storm is laid—the winds retire,
Obedient to thy will :
The sea that roars at thy command,
At thy command is still.

5 In midst of dangers, fears and death,
Thy goodness we'll adore ;
We'll praise thee for thy mercies past,
And humbly hope for more.

6 our life, while thou preserv'st that life.
Thy sacrifice, shall be;
And death, when death shall be our lot,
Shall join our souls to thee.

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FOUNTAIN in Jesus which runs

always free,

For washing and cleansing such sinners as we ?

Our sins, though like crimson, made white as the wool,

No lackoo fountain, but always is sull.

2 All things now are ready, he invites us to come,

The supper is made by the Father and Son;

Rich bounties, rich dainties, here we may receive,

A living forever, if we will believe.

3 The guests which were bidden, refused

the call;

For they were not ready nor willing at all

To be stripp'd of their honor, and part with their store,

For a feast that was given and made for the poor.

4 If they are not ready, and wish to delay, My house shall be filled the Father doth

say : The highways and hedges, the halt and the blind, Shall come and be welcome, the supper is mine.

5 He decks us with jewels, and rings of rich kind; A garment unt woven, but richly refin'd;

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