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Jesus, thou source of all my joys,
Thou ruler of my heart,

How could I bear to hear thy voice,
Pronounce the sound, “depart 1"

The thunder of that awful word,
Would so torment my car,

'Twould tear my soul asunder Lord,
With most tormenting fear.

What, to be banish'd from my Lord,
And yet forbid to die!

To linger in eternal pain,
And death forever fly.

O wretched state of deep despair,
To see my God remove,

And fix my doleful station where
I must not taste his love?

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Y God, the spring of all my joys,

M The life of my delights,

The glory of my brightest days,
And comfort of my nights,

3. In darkest shades, if thou appear,
My dawning is begun ;
Thou art my soul's bright morning stas,
And thou my rising sun. -

S The op'ning heavens around me shine
With beams of sacred bliss,
If Jesus show his mercy mine,
And whisper I am bis.

4. My soul would leave this heavy clay,
At that transporting word,
Run up with joy the shining way,
To see and praise my Lord.

s Fearless of hell and ghastly death,
I’d brake through every foe;
The wings of love and arms of faith
Would bear me conqu'rer through.

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O' old, O Lord, by cliff or stream, In glen or mount, thy name was prais'd, €reation's works the primal theme , , of shepherds, as to heaven they gaoA nobler song 'twas their's to raise, From Judah’s plains and Bathlehem’s hills— . The star prophetic meets their gaze Th? angelic shout their choros fills.

“Jesus the Son of God is born '''

A Saviour lives, to rule and bless— o To cheer the sainting and forlorn And lead in paths of righteousness.

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4 That Christ is ours—his word our guide ; His bright example be our aim; * The life he lived, the death he died, Circle with grace the Christian name.

5 Not ours, our Heavenly Father's will, Dimly to read in nature's frame—

* Not ours to worship on the hill, Or in the vale, by cliff or stream.

6 The Word Divine to us is given—
To us a Messenger is sent—
This day reeords in sight of Heaven
The holy ties we here camept.

7 Teach us in mutual love to live,
In holy faith and heavenly joy ;
Help us, O God, at once to give
Our willing minds to thine employ.

8 Aid us at last—our duty done—
Our hopes all bright—our souls Serene
Calmly to meet life's setting sun,
And triumph in earth's closing scene.

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H ARK' hark —the notes of joy
Roll o'er the heav'nly plains,
And seraphs find employ
For their sublimest strains;
Some new delight in heav'n is known;
Loud sing the harps around the throne.

2 Hark! hark! the sounds draw high,
The joyful hosts descend;
Jesus forsakes the sky,
To earth his footsteps bend;

He comes to bless our fallen race;

He comes with messages of grace

3 Bear, bear the tidings round;
Let every mortal know
What love in God is found,

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What pity he can show; § Ye winds that blow, ye waves that rohl, Bear the glad news from pole to pole

4 Strike, strike the harps again,
To great Immanuel's name
Arise. ye sons of men,
And all his grace proclaim;
Angels and men, wake ev'ry string,
'Tis God, the Saviour's praise we sing.

HYMN 146.—L. M.

ROM all that dwell below the skies,
Let the Creator's praise arise
Let the Redeemer's name be sung
Through every land, by every tongue.
Unceasing are thy mercies, Lord :
Unchanging truth attends thy word;
Thy praise shall sound from shore to

shore, Till sun shall rise and set no more,

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