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Where pleasures never end,
And troubles come no more;
I'll go and see what, joys are there.

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2 Fare you well, my friends, I must be gone. I have no home nor stay with you, I'll take my staff and travel on, Till I a better world can view.

I’ll march to Canaan's land
I’ll land on Canaan’s shore,
Where pleasures never end,
And troubles come no more;
Farewell, my loving friends, farewell.

3 Happy soul, just gone from earth to heaven, He flies to distant worlds above, No more in this poor house of clay, He dwells with God around the throne.

I'll march, &c. Where pain and death can never come.

4. We will go, like him, to see our God, And change this earth for heaven above

Come dry your tears, Christ is your friend,

He came to save poor sinful men,
I'll march to Canaan's land,
I’ll land on Canaan’s shore,
Where pleasures never end,
And troubles come no more;

In him our sorrows will soon end.

5 Travel on to blest eternity,
Where Jesus waits for us to come,
In death's dark gloom shout victory,
And rise to your eternal home.
I’ll march, &c.
Where fear and change shall be no more

6 Golden joys above, where Jesus dwells, His love is full for every saint, Fountain of life immortal flows, Through heavenly worlds without restraint. I'll march, &c. All's mine, if faithful here below.

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A"; my soul, shake off the dream,
And know thy real excellence;
Too long I’ve yielded to the stream
Borne down by appetite and sense.

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2 Awake, my thought, rouse every power,
Thy native dignity display;
Let lust and passion reign no more,
No longer own their lawless sway.

3 Thy temper meek and humble be,
Content and pleased with every state;
From dire revenge and envy free,
And wild ambition to be great.

4 Confine thy roving appetites: From this vain world withdraw thine eyes; And raise them to those pure delights, Which none can taste below the skies.

5 On wings of faith to heaven ascend,
By hope anticipate the feast;
With all thy might still upward tend,
And leave to sensual minds the rest.

HYMN 25, –S. M.
ET party names no more
The Christian world o'erspread;
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,
Are one in Christ their head.

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2 Among the saints on earth
Let mutual love be found;
Heirs of the same inheritance,
With mutual blessings crowned.

3 Envy and strife be gone,
And only kindness known,
Where all one common Father have,
One common Master own.

4 Thus will the church below
Resemble that above;
Where springs of purest pleasure rise.
And every heart is love.

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H^* ye hosts of seraph's bright?

I come to join your symphony,
Forever here to take delight

In your melodious company.
My suffrings and my toils are o'er,
I now have reached the blissful shore,
And floods of light begin to roll,
And burst upon the ravish’d soul.

O sound his praise ye heavenly choir,
He sav'd us from the burning fire.

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2 Farewell ye-fading things of time,
No more your false attraction
Can move this peaceful heart of mine,
My joys are everlasting.
lo the powers of hell,
And Jesus was my glorious shield;
Now I’ve got through the wilderness,
And glory to my great High Priest.

O sound his praise, &c.

3 Jesus looks with smiles of love,
And angels bid me welcome;
The patriarchs and prophets all
Reach forth the hand of friendship.
My christian neighbors here I find,
My kindred and my distant friends;
The song of Moses now I'll join,
While heaven and glory all cre mine,

O sound his praise, &c.

4. Now 1 see my God and King,
With grateful admiration,
His ways, his name I'll sing,
In flaming adoration.
His everlasting glory shines,
Diffusing ligut and joys divine

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