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HYMN 69.-L. M.
The voice of God in his works.

T HE spacions firmament on high,
With all the blue ethereal sky
And spangled heavens, a shining frame.
Their great original proclaim. .

Th’ unwearied sun from day to day
Doth his Creator's power display;
And publishes to every land,
The work of an Almighty hand.


Soon as the evening shades prevail,
The moon takes up the wondrous tale;
And nightly to the listening earth
Repeats the story of her birth.
Whilst all the stars which round her
And all the planets in their turn,
Confirm the tidings as they roll,
And spread the truth from pole to pole.

5 What though, in solemn silence, all Move round this dark terrestrial ball; What though no real voice nor sound, Amidst their radiant orbs are sound.

6 In reason's ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice; Forever singing, as they shine—

“The hand that made us is divine.”

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My rising soul surveys: Transported with the view I’m lost In wonder, love and praise.

2 Thy povidence my life sustained,
And all my wants redressed,
When in the silent womb I lay,
Or hung upon the breast.

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s To all my weak complaints and cries
Thy mercy lent an ear,
Ere yet my feeble thoughts had learnt
To form themselves in prayer.

4 Unnumbered coinforts on my soul
Thy tender care bestowed,
Before my infant heart conceived
From whou, those comforts flowed.

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5. When in the slippery paths of youth
With heedless steps Iran,
Thine arm, unseen, conveyed me safe,
And led me up to man.

6 Through hidden dangers, toils, & death,
It gently cleared away;
And through the pleasing snares of vice,
More to be feared than they.

2. When nature fails, and day and night
Divide thy works no more;
My ever grateful heart, O Lord!
Thy mercies shall adore.

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Ao. my soul, to hymns of praise

'To God the song of triumph raise;
Adorned with Majesty, divine,
What pomp, what glory, Lord are thine,

2 Light forms his robe,".. and round his - head

The heavens their ample curtain spread;
See on the wind's expanded wings
The chariot of the King of kings.

3 Around him ranged in awful state,
Dark, silent storms attentive wait;
And thunders ready to fulfil
The mandates of his sovereign will.

4 From earths low margin to the skies,
He bids the dusky vapors rise!
Then from his magazines on high,
Commands th' imprisoned wings to fly.

& The lightning's palid sheet expands,

And showers descend on surrowed lands; While down the mountain's channeled

side The torrent rolls in swelling pride.

* Till spent its wild impetuous force,
And settled in its destined course,
It waters all the fruitful plains,
And life in various forms sustaina.

7 Thus clouds, and storms, and fires obey
Thy wise and all-controlling sway;
And while thy terrors round us stand,
We see a sither's bounteous hand.

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AR from mortal cares retreating,
Sordid hopes and vain desires,
Here our willing footsteps meeting,
Every heart to heaven aspires.
From the sount of glory beaming.
Light celestial cheers our eyes;
Mercy from above proclaming
Peace and pardon from the skies. .

2 Who may share this great salvation ?

Every pure and humble mim ;

Every kindred, tongue, and nation,
From the dross of guilt refined,

Blessings all around bestowing,
God withholds his care from none;

Grace and Mercy ever flowing
From the fountain of his throne, wo

3 Every stain of guilt confessing, Deed unrighteous, thought of sin.


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