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But constant, he were perfect! That one error


Fills him with faults; makes him run through all th' Sc. IV

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Enter Outlaws, with the DUKE and THURIO. OUTLAWS. A prize, a prize, a prize!

VAL. Forbear, forbear, I say! it is my Lord the


Your Grace is welcome to a man disgrac'd,

Banished Valentine.


Sir Valentine?

THU. Yonder is Silvia; and Silvia's mine.

VAL. Thurio, give back, or else embrace thy death;
Come not within the measure of my wrath:
Do not name Silvia thine; if once again,

Milan shall not behold thee! Here she stands:
Take but possession of her with a touch?
I dare thee but to breathe upon my love.
THU. Sir Valentine, I care not for her, I :

I hold him but a fool that will endanger
His body for a girl that loves him not!
I claim her not, and therefore she is thine.
DUKE. The more degenerate and base art thou,

To make such means1 for her as thou hast done,
And leave her on such slight conditions!
Now, by the honour of my ancestry,

I do applaud thy spirit, Valentine,
And think thee worthy of an Empress' love:
Know, then, I here forget all former griefs,
Cancel all grudge, repeal thee home again.
Plead a new state in thy unrivall❜d merit,
To which I thus subscribe: Sir Valentine,
1 take such pains.

I : U





Sc. IV

Thou art a gentleman, and well deriv'd;
Take thou thy Silvia, for thou hast deserv'd her.
VAL. I thank your Grace. The gift hath made me happy.
I now beseech you, for your daughter's sake,


To grant one boon that I shall ask of you.
DUKE. I grant it, for thine own, whate'er it be.
VAL. These banish'd men, that I have kept1 withal,
Are men endued with worthy qualities;

Forgive them what they have committed here,
And let them be recall'd from their exíle :
They are reformed, civil, full of good,
And fit for great employment, worthy Lord.
DUKE. Thou hast prevail'd; I pardon them and thee:
Dispose of them as thou know'st their deserts.—
Come, let us go! We will include2 all jars
With triumphs,3 mirth, and rare solemnity.
VAL. And, as we walk along, I dare be bold

With our discourse to make your Grace to smile.
What think you of this page, my Lord?

DUKE. I think the boy hath grace in him; he blushes.
VAL. I warrant you, my Lord, more grace than boy.
DUKE. What mean you by that saying?
VAL. Please you, I'll tell you as we pass along,

That you will wonder what hath fortuned.—
Come, Proteus; 'tis your penance, but to hear
The story of your loves discovered:
That done, our day of marriage shall be yours;
One feast, one house, one mutual happiness.

1 harboured.

2 conclude.

3 pageants.




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grizob Hula Quoysfood, fomno) sila dola ni Jok) bändig join as randioRACTIUP Sony bili tud


bow SCENE I. Windsor. Before PAGE's House. ata
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SHAL. Sir Hugh, persuade me not; I will make a
Star Chamber matter of it: if he were twenty Sir
John Falstaffs, he shall not abuse Robert Shallow,

SLEN. In the county of Gloster, Justice of Peace, and

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SHAL. Ay, cousin Slender, and Cust-alorum.

SLEN. Ay, and Ratolorum too; and a gentleman born, Master Parson: who writes himself Armigero; in any bill, warrant, quittance, or obligation, Armigero.da

SHAL. Ay, that I do; and have done any time these


brthree hundred years.

SLEN. All his successors, gone before him, hath done't;
and all his ancestors, that come after him, may: they
may give the dozen white luces2 in their coat.
SHAL. It is an old coat. ay gured wonci

EVANS. The dozen white louses do become an old coat
Dowell; it agrees well, passant: it is a familiar beast to
man, and signifies love.



SHAL. The luce is the fresh fish.

EVANS. The salt fish is an old coat.

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1 a title applied to priests and curates. Da
I : X 3 add armorial bearings to hereditary arms.

SLEN. I may quarter, coz?

ago on

SHAL. You may, by marrying.
EVANS. It is marring indeed, if he quarter it.? Jox
SHAL. Not a whit. od bil of now based
2 pikes.




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