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That when the blessed time shall come
Of quitting Babylon and Rome,
They may be ready to restore
Their own fifth monarchy once more.
Mean-while be better arm'd to fence
Against revolts of providence,
By watching narrowly, and snapping,
All blind sides of it, as they happen:
For if success could make us saints,
Our ruin turn'd us miscreants ;
A scandal that would fall too hard
Upon a few, and unprepar’d.
These are the courses we must run,
Spite of our hearts, or be undone,
And not to stand on terms and freaks,
Before we have secur'd our necks.
But do our work as out of sight,
As stars by day, and suns by night ;


1425 1430


All license of the people own,
In opposition to the crown ;
And for the crown as fiercely side,
The head and body to divide.
The end of all we first design’d,
And all that yet remains behind,
Be sure to spare no public rapin,
On all emergencies that happen;
For ’tis as easy to supplant
Authority, as men in want ;
As some of us, in trusts, have made
The one hand with the other trade;
Gain'd vastly by their joint endeavour,
The right a thief, the left receiver ;
And what the one, by tricks, forestall’d,
The other, by as sly, retail’d.
For gain has wonderful effects,
T' improve the factory of sects ;

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The rule of faith in all professions,
And great Diana of th’ Ephesians ;
Whence turning of religion's made
The means to turn and wind a trade;
And tho' some change it for the worse,
They put themselves into a course,
And draw in store of customers,
To thrive the better in commerce :
For all religions flock together,
Like tame and wild fowl of a feather:
To nab the itches of their fects,
As jades do one another's necks,
Hence 'tis hypocrify as well
Will serve t' improve a church, as zeal;
As persecution or promotion,
Do equally advance devotion.
Let bus'ness, like ill watches, go
Sometime too fast, sometime too flow;

1466 1465


For things in order are put out
So easy, ease itself will do 't:
But when the feat 's design'd and meant,
What miracle can bar th' event?
For 'tis more easy to betray,
Than ruin any other way.
All possible occasions start,
The weightiest matters to divert;
Obstruct, perplex, distract, entangle,
And lay perpetual trains, to wrangle ;
But in affairs of less import,
That neither do us good nor hurt,
And they receive as little by,
Outfawn as much, and outcomply,
And seem as scrupulously just,
To bait our hooks for greater trust.
But still be careful to cry down
All public actions, tho' our own ;

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The least miscarriage aggravate,
And charge it all upon the state :
Express the horrid'st detestation,

1485 And pity the distracted nation ; Tell stories scandalous and false, l’ th' proper language of cabals, Where all a subtle statesman fays, Is half in words, and half in face ;

1490 As Spaniards talk in dialogues Of heads and shoulders, nods and shrugs: Intrust it under solemn vows Of mum, and silence, and the rose, To be retail'd again in whispers,

1495 For th’ easy credulous to disperse.

Thus far the statesman--when a fhout,
Heard at a distance, put him out;
And strait another, all aghast,
Ruth'd in with equal fear and haste,


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